How to Find Wolfadoodle Puppies for Sale

The Wolfadoodle takes on wonderful traits from both the Irish Wolfhound and the Poodle. Those are the two dog breeds that make up this hybrid dog breed. You may not know about this breed, but it is very sought-after. Here you will find some really awesome breeders who can get you Wolfadoodle puppies for sale.

Wolfadoodle Puppies For Sale

What are Wolfadoodles?

The Wolfadoodle is a hybrid dog breed that means it was made by combining two purebred dog breeds. Those two breeds are the Irish Wolfhound and the Poodle. These are both very friendly dog breeds that make great family companions. The Wolfadoodle will inherit those great traits.

How Big Do Irish Wolfadoodles Get?

Your Irish Wolfadoodle’s size will depend on the parent dog breeds. So, look at the weight of both parents and estimate the weight from there. Generally, you can expect your Irish Wolfadoodle to weigh around 75 to 110 pounds.

How Much Does a Wolfadoodle Puppy Cost?

Wolfadoodle puppies are actually quite expensive. This is a hybrid designer dog breed that was created with a purchase. This breed was created for people who want a dog but need an allergy-friendly one. Depending on the breeder you choose, they will range in price, but they will be priced from $2,500 to $3,500.

Wolfadoodle Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Wolfadoodle Breeder?

Here you will find three very reputable breeders in the Wolfadoodle space. All of these breeders that I am recommending below have litters of Wolfadoodle puppies for sale.

Native Doodles

The breeders at Native Doodles first decided to breed doodles was due to family members that suffered from severe allergies. Doodles are known to be hypoallergenic, so when their family got their first Sheepadoodle, they didn’t have common allergy symptoms. However, they couldn’t just have one dog, so the next day, they went back to get the brother of the dog they purchased.

Now they want to help other families who have allergies get their dream dog. They raise Poodles, Old English Sheepdogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Irish Wolfhounds, and Mini Australian Shepherds. This is where you can get Wolfadoodle puppies for sale.

All the dogs get to roam around as they please. They have a 2,000 square foot dog house that they reside in. This house and the family’s home are located on 10 acres in Oklahoma City. This breeder is fully licensed, and all of their dogs get health tested before they ever breed, and they give their dogs and the puppies they care for the best and healthiest life possible.

The best way to get your Wolfadoodle puppy is by emailing the breeder and letting them know you would like to be added to the waitlist. When you get on the waitlist, you must send in a deposit of $350. This gets you on the list for the specific breed you are looking to get. Then, when puppies are available, you will be notified. Their Wolfadoodle puppies range in price from $3,300 to $3,500.

This breeder has various litters coming up, so if you are truly interested, I would get in contact with the breeder as soon as possible. Check out even more information here:

High Bred Hybrids

The next breeder that I would like to recommend is from High Bred Hybrids. This breeder has all of their dogs living inside of their home with them. All of their breeding dogs are AKC registered, and they know the linage of where their dogs are from.

All of their dogs get expert care and are fed a high-quality dog food. When their dogs are expecting, they get exceptional care, and the breeder is there every step of the way with the birth. This breeder does require a deposit like so many others, and they will be $400. The price of their Wolfadoodle puppies for sale cost $3000.

They will also offer stud service, but that will be something that will need to be discussed with the breeder. You can email the breeder to get specific information on when the breeder will be having their next litter of puppies. This breeder has a contact us page that you can go to. That is a great way to get in contact with the breeder. Check that out here:

Paws & Bones 2

Fat Baby Farms

Fat Baby Farms is located in southeast Tennessee, and this breeder breeds Irish Wolfadoodles, Sheepdoodles, Pyredoodles, Standard Poodles, and the Great Pyrenees. This breeder believes in raising their dogs in very holistic ways by naturally weeing their dogs from their mother’s milk as well as feeding their dog a nutritionally rich raw diet.

I am not sure how many litters of puppies this breeder has per year, but they have quite a few dogs, so I would estimate around one to two litters. Currently, there is no updated information on their next litter. However, there was info about a litter that just recently happened.

This breeder has information on their dogs and lots of photos of their current dogs and past puppies. You can check those out as well as contact the breeder to find out their policies and how long it will be until their next litter of puppies. Contact the breeder here:

Wolfadoodle Puppy With Mom

Wolfadoodle Rescue

I was not able to find a specific rescue that only takes in Wolfadoodles. Therefore, my best advice to you would be to either check an Irish Wolfhound rescue or a Poodle rescue that may have one of these hybrid dog breeds.

If you would like to check one of those out, I recommend the Irish Wolfhound Club of America. You can contact someone in their rescue section and see if they have or if they have ever gotten a Wolfadoodle before in their rescue.


Overall, this is a very wonderful dog breed that will make a perfect family companion. This breed combines the best traits from both parent dog breeds. I hope you are able to get your own Wolfadoodle puppies for sale one day from one of these breeders.

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