Where to Find Pyredoodle Puppies for Sale

People absolutely love designer dog breeds, and the Pyredoodle is one of them. The Pyredoodle combines a Great Pyrenes and a Standard Poodle together to create this fabulous hybrid. This will not be a tiny hybrid by any means; the end result will create a very large dog.

You may be wondering for do you find Pyredoodle puppies for sale? Here in this article, I will link you to some very reputable breeders who have and produce Pyredoodle puppies. You will be so glad to get into contact with one of them to acquire your dream dog.

Pyredoodle Puppies For Sale

How Much do Pyredoodle Puppies Cost?

A Pyredoodle is considered a designer mixed breed dog, so it was created on purpose. Designer dog breeds tend to cost more than purebreds sometimes. You can expect to spend between $700 to $2,500 for a Pyredoodle puppy. Of course, the price will flocculate by breeder depending on bloodlines, care given, etc.

Pyredoodle Puppy For Sale

Reputable Pyredoodle Breeders

Now that you know that you want a Pyredoodle, it’s time to find a reputable breeder to give you a high-quality puppy. Below you will find four Pyredoodle breeders who can get you your dream dog.

Royalty Kennels

Maranda and her husband Loren run Royalty Kennels together. They feel so blessed to be able to call raising and breeding dogs their job. They are both big animal enthusiasts, having been raised with various animals throughout their lives.

This couple’s goal is to provide customers with very happy, healthy, and wonderful family companions. Every puppy gets very well socialized by everyone in the family. This couple’s kids really help out with that part, making your dog very well-rounded when it goes home to you.

Before puppies go home to their new owner, this breeder spends a lot of time getting the puppies used to a variety of things. First, they get exposed to the outside world, allowing the dogs to explore and roam around. They also get to interact with other animals on the property. The owner also takes puppies on car rides to get them used to that too.

Each puppy comes with a two-year health guarantee to ensure your dog won’t develop and health concerns, and this will give you peace of mind. Puppies come to you with their first shots and dewormed. Puppies range in price, starting at $700 and going up from there. You will need to place a deposit to hold your spot for a puppy.

To learn more about future litters, you can go here: https://royaltykennel.com/home

Quality Pyredoodle Pups

The owner of Quality Pyredoodle Pups now has two locations where her dogs are bred, one in Sherman, Texas, and the other in Anza, California. This makes it very convenient for customers depending on where they live, as they won’t have to travel as far.

Puppies are born in the breeder’s home and given a great start to life. They get an extreme amount of love, attention, and care to nurture them to become great family companions. Each litter is planned out accordingly to ensure the type of quality they will get.

Mama and papa dogs get checked by a veterinarian to ensure they are in top quality health before breeding. All dogs are fed a very nutrient-dense food that keeps them healthy. Once puppies are born, they are also looked over by their local veterinarian. When the puppies are old enough, they get their first shots and dewclaws removed.

When you decide that you want to purchase a Pyredoodle puppy from this breeder, you will need to send an email. Once you discuss what you’re looking for from the breeder, they will then decide if you are approved or not. Once approved, you will place a $250 deposit on a future litter.

There is so much information on this breeder website that you can view. You will find a lot of cute pictures of their dogs and past litters. You will also find information on future litters too. Check it all out here: https://www.qualitypyredoodlepups.com/

Large Dog Silhouettes

Cariad Doodles

This is a small family-owned breeding operation that is located in the beautiful state of Texas. The family’s home resides on a five-acre farm. They breed the following breeds the Bernedoodle, Cavapoo, and Pyredoodle.

Of course, like other breeders, we have talked about the goal for this family is to create healthy, high-quality Pyredoodles that will be a wonderful family companions. All puppies get raised on the puppy culture program, which means they learn through experiences through life and play. With the help of the owner’s children, puppies get very well socialized and used to children.

Since this breeder has a few different dog breeds it works with, you will find that the breeder has multiple litters of puppies each year. There is a contact us form located on the bottom of their website that you can use to get your name and email out to the breeder. This tells the breeder you want more information about their beautiful dogs.

Explore the breeder’s site here https://www.cariaddoodles.com/ and gush over the adorable pictures of their dogs and puppies. Puppies range in price from $2,000 to $3,500.

JJ Puppies

Our last but not least breeder that has Pyredoodle puppies for sale is a mother and daughter team. They started their breeding operation in 2020 because of their passion for dogs and their passion for wanting to give people high-quality companion dogs.

When you purchase a dog from them, they give you a guarantee that you’re not only purchasing a dog but a best friend for life. All dogs are raised inside of their home until they can move on to their new owner.

Puppies are guaranteed to be happy and healthy at the time of adoption. They are looked over by a professional veterinarian and given their first shots before going to you. Once the Pyredoodle puppies for sale are eight weeks old, they can go to their new homes.

The best way for you to get one of their puppies is first by contacting the breeder. You can tell the breeder what you want, and they can put you down for a future litter. After that, a deposit can be made to ensure your spot. Then you will finalize any paperwork and contacts before picking up your best friend.

Check out additional information here: https://jjpuppies.com/

Pyredoodle Rescue

Pyredoodle Rescue

Are you wanting a Pyredoodle now and can’t wait months for a puppy? If you said yes, you may acquire your dream dog quicker by purchasing through a rescue. Rescues are also just a great way to get an older dog if you aren’t necessarily looking for a puppy.

The National Pyr Rescue is a great place to look as they have purebred Great Pyreneese dogs and sometimes mixes. They have young, adult, and even senior dogs available and surely something for everyone. However, you do have to fill out an application to even be considered as an adoption placement.


When you think about the Pyredoodle dog breed, does it check all of the boxes that you want in a dog? If it does, I hope you found my article helpful in giving you the resources to get a Pyredoodle puppy. Also, remember that all of the breeders above have frequent litters and Pyredoodle puppies for sale.

Please connect with us in the comments below and let us know if you are getting a Pyredoodle or if you already have one.

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