Where to Find Mountain Cur Puppies for Sale

Mountain Cur PuppyThe Mountain Cur is a type of hunting dog developed in the United States for trailing and treeing small game like raccoons and squirrels.

These dogs are good at what they do, and make excellent pets when trained properly. However, these dogs require a job, or they can become bored and anxious.

Therefore, before bringing home a Mountain Cur puppy, make sure you do your homework. On the other hand, if you want a working dog that is good at chasing down small animals and capable of being used as a water dog also, then the Mountain cur may be the type of dog for you.

If you are concerned with where to find one of these puppies for sale, keep reading.

How Much Does a Mountain Cur Cost?

The Mountain Cur is one of the more reasonably priced dog breeds out there. Most often, you can find a Mountain Cur for sale anywhere from $300 to $500.

Now if you want a Mountain Cur that comes with special registered papers or even breeding rights you can expect to pay a lot more.

Sometimes you can expect to pay over a $1,000 if you want a stud with breeding rights.

However, if you still feel that that is just too much money to spend on a dog right now, you can always look towards adopting.

Depending on the rescue you are going to, you can get a dog from around $25 to $150.

You may even get lucky and find a mixed Mountain Cur or even a purebred Mountain Vur

Mountain Cur

Where can I find a Mountain Cur Breeder?

The truth is that there are many Mountain Cur breeders in the U.S.; many of them are found in Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky, but can be found other places also.

Below you will find a few reputable breeders where you can begin your search for a puppy:


Here at Caleb’s Why-Mountaincur kennel, they have been breeding this breed for over eighteen years.

One of their main reasons for breeding was to help improve the breed’s ability to fight off/avoid coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions.

They do have litters of puppies quite often, but many people are interested, You will have to contact them directly.

All of their puppies are raised right at their home and can be brought to their new home at eight weeks of age. You will have to make arrangements to pick up your dog.

You can check out all the information about this breeder here: http://www.wyomountaincurs.com/

Mountain State Kennels

Mountain State Kennels is located in West Virginia and they have some great bloodlines coming out of their breeding stock.

In fact, they not only breed Mountain Cur puppies, but they are also big into squirrel hunting with their dogs.

They breed not only purebred Mountain Curs but also some mixes. Their dogs are not too expensive.

To get more specific information on their next litters, you will need to contact them.

So, if you choose a puppy from this breeder, you are guaranteed a working stock cur. Check out their website at www.mountainstatekennels.com

Missouri Ozarks Original Mountain Curs

Here at the Missouri Ozarks kennel they produce the original Mountain Curs.

Their goal is not only to make an amazing dog that can hunt and tree but also to create a lovable dog for your family.

Their original Mountain Curs are OMCBA Registered, and they even have some that are NKC Registered.

They do have litters quite often, and they go down their waiting list that has been developed from their contact us page. They ask those on the list first if they are ready for a puppy.

You can contact them to get on the waiting list here: https://ozarksmtncurs.weebly.com/

Mountain Cur Dog Hunting

Mountain Cur Rescues

In the end, Mountain Curs make excellent hunting dogs. Regardless where you get your dog from, this will likely be the best raccoon and squirrel dog you’ve ever seen.

Keep in mind that if a puppy is not the right choice for you, there are many adult dogs that need homes as well; simply contact a local Mountain Cur rescue and see if they have anything you are interested in!

There is one Mountain Cur rescue I was able to find. They rescue Mountain Curs all over the United States.

You can find their website here: http://mountaincur.rescueme.org/

You can specifically choose which state you lived in and see what adoptions they have available.

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