Where to Find Whippet Puppies for Sale

Whippet Puppies For SaleThe Whippet dates back to the 1600s but was not entirely known until the 1800s where it has been said to be produced from the Greyhound and some sort of Terrier to create the Whippet we know today.

The Whippet is part of the hound group, and many people back in the 1800s referred to the breed as a poor man’s Greyhound. This breed was used for hunting rabbits as well as other small game, and it was very fast as well.

Since this breed has incredible speed, it started becoming popular to see in dog racing. This breed even made the list of the top ten fastest dog breeds in the world.

Today people still use this breed for shows, racing, and companionship. The Whippet has a very docile temperament and prefers spending its evenings on the couch with its owners.

Here I will show you where to begin your search to find Whippet puppies for sale.Where To Find Whippet Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Whippet Cost?

Remember the Whippet is a purebred breed and purebred costs far more than mixed breeds. You will usually see Whippet puppies priced between $1,000 to $2,500.

There is a huge difference between these two prices, but why? Well, the price will vary from breeder to breeder.

Each breeder will charge a different price based on their breeding experience, the pedigree of their upcoming puppies, reputation, and the price can even be determined by where the breeder is located.

A breeder that lives in a big city may have a higher demand for their puppies, and the cost of goods may be more reflected in the price of the dog.

Not only should you save for the cost of the puppy, but you will also need to save money each year for food costs, veterinarian visits, shots, etc.

Are Whippets Expensive?

All dog breeds are expensive, but some are more expensive than others, depending on various factors.

The Whippet can be quite expensive to purchase. They can range in price from $1,000 to $2,500 just on a puppy. You will already know that if you read the paragraph above this one.

There are also costs associated forever when owning a dog. You have the cost of food, shelter, toys, vet bills, and even shots. If you want your dog to become a show dog or even a racing Whippet, there will be additional costs too.

By no means is this a cheap dog breed to own. You will need to consider all of these factors before finding a Whippet puppy for sale.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Whippet Puppy Breeder?

It can be particularly challenging to find a breeder who is trustworthy and reputable. Here are a few breeders we have found that sell Whippet puppies.

Phoenix Whippets

The owner of this kennel has been showing and doing competitions with Whippets since 1999. She stopped to take a few years off when she had her children and then pursued the competition in 2012.

This is a fairly new breeder that has just started breeding in 2019. They breed for purposeful breeding and follow the American Kennel Club guidelines.

If you are interested in upcoming litters and getting a puppy from this breeder, you must fill out a puppy application so that they can get you the best dog.

All of their puppies are raised right in their home and given so much love and attention. They get used to sounds and stimulation from all around them.

If you want to learn more you can check out their webpage here: http://www.phoenixwhippets.com/

Disa Whippets

The Whippet journey began for this family in 2008, where they got their first Whippet where they thought it would just be a companion dog but turned into much more.

They explored the world of straight racing, lure coursing, and conformation competitions. The family is located about thirty minutes away from Atlanta, Georgia.

All of the puppies grow up inside of their home, where they get plenty of socialization, love, and attention. They do have a waitlist that they use to give people puppies from their litters.

Their waitlist may have a lot of people on it, so if you want a puppy, you will need to get on the list.

They also ask that you fill out one of their puppy applications to even be considered to get one of their puppies.

You can find even more information here: https://www.disawhippets.com/


Chyscott has been around since 1975 where Larae received her first Scottish Terrier. She fell in love with the breed and beca,e going to dog shows and breeding.

Today she and her two daughters run the kennel and breeding. Not only do they breed Scottish Terriers, but they also own and breed Whippets, which is what made them get on our list.

Over the years, they have had litters of both purebred breeds. They just finished with a breeding a few months ago, so you will need to contact them with more specific information on upcoming litters.

You can learn more about the history and hoe this kennel started here: https://chyscott.com/home

Whippet Rescue

Locate a Whippet Rescue

A rescue is a wonderful to help a dog in need and to find a specific dog breed that may be challenging to get as a puppy. The Wrap stands for Whippet Rescue and Placeent. This facility’s goal to rehome Whippets in need.

They have a page on their site showing the current Whippet’s available for adoptions and need rehoming. They also ask for volunteers that the dogs that need adoption can stay with until they get rehomed.

There have a list of their fees and services when you adopt. All the dogs that come into their care get spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed.

Another easy rescue tool is the Whippet Rescue which acts as a directory for the entire country. There is an interactive map of each state, and you can click on your state to see if there are any nearby Whippets in need of rescue.

They have purebred Whippets as well as mixes. Getting a rescue dog instead of a puppy from a breeder is a much more affordable way to acquire a breed.

Plus, it also means you are saving the life of a dog and giving it a happy, loving home for its remaining years of life.


Do you own a Whippet, or are you looking for Whippet puppies for sale? Let us know in the comments below.

I hope you found this article extremely helpful in your search for a new puppy or foster dog. Remember, it can be a long haul wait to get that beautiful puppy, but in the end, it will be totally worth it!

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