How to Find Scottish Deerhound Puppies for Sale

Have you ever heard of a Scottish Deerhound? This is a large dog breed in the hound category used to hunt red deer. This breed looks a lot like a large Greyhound but with a different wire-looking coat.

Recently in 2021, a Scottish Deerhound named Claire won best in show at the national dog show. So, if you are interested in this dog breed, let me help you find Scottish Deerhound puppies for sale. Here I will give you some recommendations of some great breeders to get your own Scottish Deerhound.

Scottish Deerhound Puppies For Sale

How Much do Scottish Deerhound Puppies Cost?

The price of the Scottish Deerhound will range in price. It will really depend on the breeder and if they have champion dogs, registered, and imported pedigrees. Based on this, you may be able to find one for $1,500 to $2,000. Remember, each breeder is different, and some may charge more.

Reputable Scottish Deerhound Breeders

The Scottish Deerhound is a very hard dog breed to acquire from a breeder. However, below you will find three very reputable breeders and have been working and breeding the Scottish Deerhound. If you plan to get Scottish Deerhound puppies for sale, I recommend checking out these breeders below.

Scottish Deerhound Puppy For Sale

Iron Gate Hounds

The breeder running this breeding operation has quite a lot of Scottish Deerhounds. This breeder is affiliated with the AKC and is known as a breeder of merit, and they also have a breed with heart recognition.

All of the dogs compete in competitions such as Westminster. In addition, the breeder has a news section on their website where they update what their dogs are doing and what shows they have participated in.

When this breeder is breeding, their main goal is to protect and preserve this dog breed. Therefore, all litters are completely planned out in order to produce the best quality dogs. They also take into consideration their dog’s temperaments and how those will mix.

The breeder tries to match all the puppies they have available to the personality of the owners. This breeder is also available to the families who purchase their puppies throughout the dog’s life to give advice and help guide you.

The first step to let the breeder know that you are interested in purchasing one of their Scottish Deerhound puppies for sale is through email. Email the breeder or contact them through the contact us page. Ask your usual questions and see how long till the breeder has a new litter of pups. Check out the breeder here:

Big Sky Scottish Deerhound

The next breeder that I am recommending to you is the one that owns Big Sky Scottish Deerhound. This breeder has been breeding and owning the Scottish Deerhound since 1999. They have litters sparingly as they only want to breed to contribute to the breed.

All of their dogs undergo health testing before they are ever bred; this ensures that they have the best quality dogs, healthy, good temperaments, and correct conformation. The breeder has had some litters in 2021, but I am unsure when the next litter will be.

The breeder said on their website that they have litters sparingly, so you will need to contact the breeder to inquire about upcoming or future litters of Scottish Deerhound puppies for sale. If you contact the breeder, go ahead and ask some questions you may have about their dogs.

This breeder does have write-ups on the website about each of their dogs, along with photos. The breeder is part of four different clubs, with one of them being the AKC. If you want to explore the breeder’s website, you can go here:

Large Dog Silhouettes

Secret Haven Kennel

The next breeder I am recommending is south of Ottawa. The place that they live in is on 25 acres, so all of their dogs can live and run around having a good time. This breeder is also very selective when they breed, so there may not be a litter all the time.

Currently, this breeder has three different dog breeds that they are breeding. They have Scottish Deerhounds, Borzoi, and Silken Windhounds. The breeder first got their start breeding the Silken Windhound and expanded to the other dog breeds.

All of the puppies get CKC registered, microchipped, vaccinated, de-wormed, and so much more. The breeder will also be there for people who have purchased puppies to provide support through advice.

Currently, the breeder will be planning out the next litter they will be having, and it is important to contact the breeder as soon as possible, or you may be pushed to a much later litter. The fastest and best way to contact the breeder will be through email.

You will find a contact us page located on the breeder website that you can use. You can check out all of that and much more here:

Scottish Deerhound Rescue

Scottish Deerhound Rescue

Rescues are very important because they take dogs in need of a home and hopefully find them their forever home. If you want to find your dream dog through a rescue, then I recommend checking out the Scottish Deerhound Club of America.

This club is very known in the Scottish Deerhound world as they have breeders who are part of the club. The club also has its own rescue. They have volunteers that work around the United States that and you can contact your specific region to see if there are any dogs available.

If you want to rehome a dog in need of a good home, then I definitely recommend that you check out this rescue and see what dogs are available.


I know it can be difficult to find Scottish Deerhound puppies for sale as there are not a whole lot of breeders who are actively breeding their dogs. I hope that you have found this article helping in getting your dream dog. Let me know in the comments below if you are planning on getting a Scottish Deerhound.

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