Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks?

Chicken is one of the most commonly used protein to feed to dogs. However, there are so many parts of the chicken that dogs can eat and cannot. Can dogs eat chicken necks? Here you will find the answer to this question and so much more and how you can incorporate it into your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Necks?

Yes, dogs can eat chicken necks. This answer may surprise you, but if you feed your dog chicken necks in the raw form, they will be safe for your dog.

When the chicken neck is in its raw form, it is actually softer than when it is cooked. When the bones are soft, your dog can break them down and pass them easier.

You should not give your dog cooked chicken necks for a variety of reasons. One being that the bones become brittle when cooked, and they can splinter off and cause your dog issues.

Are Chicken Necks Safe for Dogs?

Yes, if you decide to feed your dog chicken necks, it is completely safe if done in the raw form. The bones are soft when they are raw, and your dog shouldn’t have issues digesting it. Bigger dogs will have an easier time digesting chicken necks than smaller dogs.

Obviously, anytime you give your dog anything, you should watch out for signs of choking. Make sure you take away things your dog is struggling to eat.

Benefits of Chicken Necks for Dogs

There are many benefits of feeding your dog chicken necks. Some of them include a better diet, rich in calcium, and improving your dog’s dental health. Below you will learn more about each of these benefits.

Complete Diet

Dogs that incorporate raw food into their diet are typically very healthy. Raw diets are very good for dogs as it is very comparable to what your dog’s ancestors would eat. Raw diets are foods that contain raw means, bones, vegetables, fruits, and a small amount of dairy. This is a great diet for dogs but will take some time and planning.

Rich in Calcium and Fat

Chicken necks are full of calcium. On average most chicken necks contain 900 mg of calcium. Dogs need calcium every day especially older senior dogs. So if your dog is not getting enough calcium, they definitely will after they eat a chicken neck.

Chicken necks also contain a lot of fat; this can be a good and bad thing. It is good in the way that the high protein and fat content will give your dog great energy. If you have a highly active dog, then this will be a great option. The only negative is that high fat will not be ideal for dogs that are overweight.

Improved Dental Health

You may not know this, but when your dog eats chicken necks, it can actually improve its dental health. This is because when your dog crushes the soft bones in its mouth, it rubs against the teeth and helps remove stuck-on plaque. While your dog can have other ways of removing plaque from the teeth, this is a far more natural method.

Chicken Necks For Dogs

Can Dogs Digest Chicken Neck Bones?

Yes, dogs can safely digest chicken neck bones. However, it is important to keep it in its raw form. When it is raw and not cooked, the bones will actually be softer. And your dog can chew the bones down to smaller pieces, and it can pass easier.

If you were to feed your dog cooked chicken necks, it would be very difficult to pass. Cooked bones become very brittle, and they can splinter or break apart. These sharp pieces can cause obstructions inside of your dog’s digestive tract. So let me stress to you to feed your dog chicken necks in either the ray or dehydrated form.

Can You Feed Dogs Frozen Chicken Necks?

Yes, you can feed your dog frozen or fresh chicken necks. If it is frozen, you can save it for your dog on those hot summer days. This would be an easy way to help your dog cool off as well as keep busy gnawing on bones.

If you have an older dog who may not have the best dental health, I recommend only giving your dog fresh chicken necks. The frozen ones can be hard for an older dog’s teeth.

How Do You Feed a Puppy Chicken Necks?

Unfortunately, puppies should not eat raw chicken necks at a young age for a few reasons:

  • Puppies that try to eat chicken necks or the bones of the chicken necks might be a potential choking hazard.
  • The increased calcium inside of the chicken necks can also be bad for growing puppies. Puppies that are eating formulated puppy food would not need the extra calcium as this can cause issues with their growth.
  • Puppies have very small teeth, and it will not be good for your puppy’s small teeth to chew and crunch on bones. So wait until your puppy has their adult teeth before letting them chew on chicken necks.
Are Chicken Necks Safe For Dogs

Can Puppies Eat Dried Chicken Necks?

No, puppies should not eat dried chicken necks until they are older. This is because there will still be bones inside of it even when it is dehydrated. Also, sometimes dehydrated can make the bones more brittle and sharp.

Dehydrated or dried chicken necks are a treat you can give your adult dog. The best ways to dry the chicken necks in by slowly air drying or making It freeze-dried.

Keep in mind sometimes the dehydrated bones can become brittle and create sharp pieces. So if you truly want to feed your dog chicken necks, do it in the raw form.


So can dogs eat chicken necks? Yes, now you know you can safely feed your dog chicken necks in the raw form. This is a very protein and calcium-rich piece of chicken. If you prefer to feed your dog a raw diet, I definitely suggest going to your local butcher and letting your dog try a chicken neck. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever given this treat to your dog.

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