Goldador: Golden Retriever Labrador Mix

GoldadorAlthough many dog lovers prefer purebreds for pets, choosing a mixed breed can be a great choice too.

Mixed breeds often tend to be healthier pets, and for owners who love multiple breeds of dogs, a mix can bring great qualities from both breeds into the same pooch.

The Goldador is a combination of two highly popular breeds, the Golden Retriever and the Labrador.

With the Golden Retriever’s sweet temperament and the durability and energy of a Labrador Retriever, Goldadors can be ideal companions for both families and active dog owners alike.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this fascinating mix.

Goldador Infographic

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix History

The Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever are the two most popular dog breeds in the world. No one is quite sure when these two dog breeds were first bred together but it must have been in the past decade.

Let’s learn more about the history of these two popular parent breeds.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish Highlands during the 1800s, where it was used also to retrieve small game and waterfowl.

A man named Lord Tweedmouth is credited with creating this breed from a Bloodhound, Irish Setter, and a Water Spaniel to get what we know now today as the Golden Retriever.

This dog breed was recognized into the spring group category due to its wide range of skills from hunting, agility, therapy work, etc.

The American Kennel Club recognized the dog breed in the early 1900s. This is still one of the most popular dog breeds around the world today!

Labrador Retriever

You may already know some historical information about the Labrador Retriever.

If you do not, you should know that Labrador Retriever got its name from helping fishermen retrieve fish in Newfoundland, Canada.

This is where the breed was further developed to create this superior fishing dog. During the 1800s, some Englishman wanted to bring the dog breed back to England for hunting purposes.

This dog breed practically died out in England due to the higher taxes for owning a dog and new breeding laws. England saved the dog by breeding and making a lot more Labrador puppies.

They were accepted in the English Kennel Club as well as the American /kennel Club in the early 1900s. Still coming in as one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States today.

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Appearance

The appearance of a Goldador can vary from dog to dog, but they are typically double-coated, with a soft, dense layer of hair close to the skin, and a shorter, sometimes wavy overcoat.

They don’t usually inherit the long hair and heavy leg feathering of their Golden Retriever parent, though some dogs may have longer, finer fur on their ears, tail, and paws.

They can range in color from light yellow to reddish-gold and even black, depending on their Labrador parent’s genetics.

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Size

Since both the Labrador and Golden Retriever are large dogs with similar body types and weights, their offspring’s size at adulthood is usually fairly predictable.

Most Goldadors fall within the weight range of 60 to 80 pounds, and range in height from 22 to 24 inches when they’re measured at the shoulder.

Goldador Coat

The coat of your Goldador will be a short to medium length, and it will be straight. The coat will be a double coat layer. This double-layer coat actually helps your dog in so many ways.

It helps to regulate your dog’s temperature and the coat is naturally water-resistant. This mixed breed can come in a variety of colors which you will see down below.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Here are a few of the colors that your Goldador may possibly come in:

  • Cream
  • Black
  • Red Hues
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Chocolate

Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Health Problems

Although hybrids have a reputation for fewer health issues, both Labrador and Golden Retrievers have some significant health problems that can be common within their breeds.

This is why dog lovers who are thinking about purchasing a Goldador puppy should be aware of the health concerns that either breed can experience.

Goldadors may experience the following medical issues more often:

  • Hereditary hip or elbow dysplasia
  • Tendency to becoming overweight
  • Congenital eye problems
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Higher incidence of cruciate ligament injury
  • Allergies and ear infections
  • Diabetes
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (causes blindness)

Conscientious breeders will perform health clearances on a puppy’s parents for eyes, hips, elbows, and thyroid disease before breeding them together to reduce the possibility of major health problems for Goldador puppies.

Life Expectancy of a Goldador

The Labrador Retriever has a general life span of ten to twelve years. The Golden Retriever’s life span is also ten to twelve years.

Mixed breeds do tend to live longer than purebred breeds, so your Goldador may live longer than the expected range of ten to twelve years.

Each dog is different as some may live longer and some shorter.

Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever Mix

Goldador Temperament

The good-natured personality is the hallmark of this fantastic hybrid; they’re intelligent, sensitive, and have a great affinity for people, tending to be particularly affectionate and patient with children.

Goldadors make loyal and alert watchdogs but are usually too friendly to become truly effective guard dogs, excelling instead as companions, service dogs, and therapy dogs.

With the right upbringing, many Goldador owners find their dogs to be energetic and enthusiastic partners in outdoor adventures.

They can be bouncy and mouthy as puppies; however, with positive reinforcement and lots of early socialization and obedience training, they quickly learn to understand boundaries and guidelines for acceptable behavior.

Since the Goldador comes from two highly social dog breeds, they aren’t dogs who do well on their own for long periods of time.

So situations in which they’re left alone, crated, or kept tied outside for long periods of time are not appropriate for these dogs.

Goldador Grooming

The Goldador’s thick coat does require regular grooming sessions. Brushing once or twice a week will help remove dead hair from their coat, regulate temperature, and prevent hot spots; in shedding season.

However, you may need to brush your dog daily to keep their fur from overtaking your house!

Since a Goldador will happily jump in the water or roll in the mud, occasional bathing may be needed too, or at least a quick rinse after a swim in the lake.

Since both Golden Retrievers and Labradors can be prone to ear and skin infections, it’s a good idea to dry your dog’s coat thoroughly after baths and swimming, and check and clean your Goldador’s ears weekly as well.

Goldador Exercise

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Exercise

Since Goldadors are a mix of two active sporting breeds, they need daily exercise; both mental and physical!

Their keen intellect and athletic builds are meant for endurance activities like swimming and long-distance retrieving, so it’s important that your Goldador gets in at least an hour of activity daily.

Game for almost any outdoor adventure, they enjoy games of fetch, hiking, swimming, or jogging.

The Goldador’s keen intellect means that they need to exercise their mental muscles as well to remain content and happy; dog treat puzzles, games of ‘find the snack,’ and organized dog sports like agility, dock diving, and Rally–O are all well-suited to these dogs’ personalities.

Goldador Feeding

The Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever mix is quite a large mixed-breed dog so that it will need right at three cups of high-quality dog food per day.

Remember to separate the food into smaller meals to reduce the chances of bloat. This will also help keep your dog fed throughout the day.

If you will not be home to feed your dog multiple times during the day then I suggest purchasing an automatic dog feeder to help you do that.

Depending on the quality of the food you purchase will affect the price. You will likely spend between $1.50 and $2.00 on food for your dog each day.

Dry food is the best food you could feed this big dog breed. Your dog will have quite a big appetite, and it is crucial that you do not overfeed your dog.

Overfeeding after your dog has had its daily amount of dog food can lead to obesity. Feed your dog the recommended amount of food unless advised by your veterinarian to do something different.

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Training

Due to their sensitive temperaments, Goldadors respond best to consistent, reward-based training methods.

Harsh correction or punishment can cause them to be fearful or even defensive. They are quick learners, easy to housetrain, and live to please their owners.

Their combination of temperament and brainpower makes them ideal candidates for a variety of different jobs like search and rescue or assistance companions.

Goldador Suitability and Living Conditions

The Goldador doesn’t need a large amount of space, as long as they have the opportunity for lots of social interaction and exercise with their family.

They’re well suited for families with children and make good travelers, campers, and adventure partners.

For seniors, those with mobility problems or inactive owners may be less ideal owners for this active mixed breed. They tend to get along well with other pets, too, as long as they’re socialized appropriately with them from an early age.

A sweet and loyal dog with an adventurous outlook, a Golden Retriever Labrador mix is a wonderful pet!

Golden Retriever Labrador Puppy

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Puppies

It shouldn’t be difficult finding a Goldador puppy for sale because there are so many breeders that breed this popular mixed dog breed. Make sure you carefully select who you want to give you your new puppy.

Talk to multiple breeders and see which one you like the best. Make sure to ask questions about the health of the other dogs, visitation, and where the dogs are living.

The price of a Golden Retriever Labrador mix can range quite dramatically. Sometimes you can find a breeder selling this mix for a very reasonable price of $800.

Most of the time, you will see this breed priced between $1000 to $2,500.

Then there are some breeders that price their Goldadors up to $4,000.

That’s why I suggest you talk to multiple breeders to get a fair price and see what’s included with the price and why the most expensive breeder is better than the others.

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Litter Size

Both female Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers can have between six and eight puppies in a litter. If you are getting a first-generation Goldador, expect the breeder to expect this range of puppies.

If you are getting a second generation from a female Goldador then you may get the same amount of puppies per litter. You truly won’t know because it is all based on size. Some female dogs will have more or even less.

Close relatives of the Goldador

These breeds listed below are very similar to the Goldador, they are:

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