All About the German Shepherd Lab Mix aka the Sheprador

German Shepherd Lab Mix

The German Shepherd Lab mix dog is more commonly known as the German Sheprador, and it’s a cross between the stock German Shepherd and a Golden Labrador Retriever dog.

This makes for a lovable pet as it typically takes the best characteristics of both its parents. These dogs are full of energy and love to play, making them great family dogs.

The breed can learn commands and tricks easily as they are easy to train. With consistent training, your dog will be able to be trained to do so many different things. By combining the two most popular dog breeds, you know you are going to get a pretty perfect dog!

Here you will find comprehensive information about the German Shepherd Lab mix from its history, appearance, diet, exercise, and much more. Read all about this mix here.

German Shepherd Lab Mix History

Before you can truly examine the history of this mixed designer breed, you need to learn about the history of this breed’s parents.

Breeders started to breed these two popular dog breeds together sometime in the late 1900s, most likely around the 1980s or 1990s. 

When you make a mix, you can sometimes fix genetic issues with the dog breeds health. This can also help to get the best traits out of both breeds into the mixed breed. 

This is a really popular mixed breed that people really like to have as a pet. 

German Shepherd

Let’s first talk about the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is actually the second most popular dog breed in the United States.

As you may already know, the German Shepherd dog comes from Germany. This dog breed was developed to do a variety of different jobs such as herding, guiding, watchdog, and much more.

The German Shepherd dog breed was developed in the later 1800s and early 1900s. The breed was accepted in the American Kennel club in the 1900s, and this breed started to work in other roles such as a police and military dog.

This breed can be very aggressive and protective of family members and people the dog knows. One way to make your German Shepherd nicer is through training. 

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever was first developed in Newfoundland, which is located in Canada. The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States.

Hunters first used this breed to have the dog go and retrieve the waterfowl. 

The breed eventually made its way across the water to Europe, being used as a hunting dog for regular game after being shot. 

This dog breed has very impressive intelligence, which means it is very smart. This intelligence makes the breed very easy to train, and that is why the breed is used today for people who therapy, training, or even to help people with disabilities.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Infographic

Sheprador Appearance

This hybrid dog’s appearance is similar to a Labrador with a sleek, lean body, short-haired coat, floppy ears, and long-short haired tail.

Their coloring is distinctly similar to that of a stock German Shepherd, and they are typically tan with a black saddle.

However, some of these dogs have a completely tan colored coat with distinct black circles around their eyes. Their eyes are a dark, almost black color, and they have very expressive faces.

Sheprador Temperament

The Sheprador is one of the friendliest and most playful dogs that a family could own. The common traits it takes from its Labrador side are its loyalty, love of human contact, and mild temperament.

Whereas the traits it takes from the German Shepherd are its love of exercise, playfulness, protectiveness, and its ability to sniff and track.

The mixture of energy and gentleness in this dog is the perfect combination for families with young children.

Shepradors like to chew just like a Labrador, and they need toys to chew on and play with to prevent them from chewing and destroying household objects and shoes.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Coat

This will really depend on what traits your dog gets from what parents. Most likely, your Sheprador will have a shorter coat like the Labrador Retriever. A lot of dogs that are made up of this mix of combinations have this shorter coat. 

The Sheprador does have a double coat, which means this dog breed will shed and shed a lot. The coat will still feel very soft and fluffy, but if you are an allergy suffer, you may not like the amount of hair that will be shredded from this dog. 

The coat is typically straight so your dog shouldn’t get many knots or tangles.

What colors do they come in?

There are a variety of colors that your mixed breed dog may come in. They may even have two color combinations. some include:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • White
  • Gray
  • Golden
  • Chocolate

German Shepherd Labrador Mix Size

The size of the Sheprador varies but in general, these are big dogs and a female typically weighs about 35-45lbs (15-20kg) and a male Sheprador weighs approximately 45-55lbs (20-2gkg).

German Shepherd Lab Mix

Sheprador Health Problems

These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia; however, if you exercise your dog regularly and keep it at its ideal weight, it will have fewer health problems.

This dog has a life expectancy of about 10-14 years, and a female typically gives birth to a litter of 4-6 puppies.

Life Expectancy of a German Shepherd Lab Mix

Both the German Shepherd and the Labrador have quite a long life expectancy. 

When the two breeds are combined together, they make a mixed breed that will live between 10 and 14 years. This breed will enter the stage of being a senor after seven years. 

Of course, life expectancy will all depend on the health of your dog. If you are ever concerned, you can ask a veterinarian.

Living Conditions

These dogs are energetic and need places to run, so having an enclosed backyard is ideal if you want to keep this dog.

If the Sheprador is left alone for too long, it gets bored and starts to become mischievous, chewing, and destroying objects around the house.

It also likes to dig holes in the yard, so if your garden has prized plants and flowers, it is recommended to fence these off from the dog while it’s still young.

The best kind of family for this dog is an active young family who spends a lot of time in the outdoors.

German Shepherd Labrador Mix Exercise

If not exercised or stimulated, this dog grows to be mischievous, and it will also be prone to illnesses such as hip dysplasia and arthritis.

It needs to be walked twice daily, and as it is an intelligent breed, it needs to be stimulated with different toys and outdoor games to keep it occupied and mentally aware.

Sheprador Feeding

As you may already know, the Sheprador is a very large dog breed, so it is going to need a lot of food each day to keep your dog sustained. 

You will want to feed your dog three cups of high-quality dog food throughout the day. The food should be broken up into cup sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Depending on the type of dog food you purchase will reflect the price you pay per day to feed your dog. The average cost is between $1.50 and $2.00 a day to feed a Sheprador.

Make sure you get your dog food that has a high-quality protein source, such as chicken, beef, or even from a fish source. 

If you are ever in doubt or unsure about what to feed your dog, you can always consult a veterinarian. 

Sheprador Grooming

These dogs have thick hair, and when brushed on a regular basis, their coats have a healthy shine to them. Shepradors usually shed their coats twice a year, and to keep them in good condition, a shedding blade needs to be used to get rid of the dead hair.

German Shepherd Lab Mix

These dogs are known to have a slight discharge out of their eyes at times and to get rid of it use a damp Kleenex and wipe it away from the eye to avoid irritation and infection.

These dogs have transparent nails, and it is difficult to see where to clip them, so this job is best left to the vet or a professional groomer; however, you can help keep the nails trim by exercising the dog on hard concrete surfaces.

Remember to check your Sheprador regularly to look for any concerning signs such as a sore, redness, r anything that looks unusual. Don’t let concerning things to be put off; make sure you see a veterinarian or a groomer when necessary. 

German Shepherd Labrador Mix Training

This is a very intelligent mixed breed, and both breeds that make up this one have impressive listening and training qualities.

Labs like to please their owners, and they listen very well to different commands. When they are given a reward after they do something correctly in training, they respond really well and like that type of training. 

So if your dog takes more of the Lab’s traits, you may find success in this method.

The German Shepherd can be a bit bossy or assertive when learning how to train. Always do positive reinforcement when teaching this breed because they do not like feeling dominated.

You will want to start your training off slow and keep practicing until the skill is mastered. Always have early socialization planned to teach your dog at a young age; that way, your dog will learn to be friendly around other dogs and people. 

The German Shepherd Lab Mix will most likely learn commands and training quickly, but you will want to keep practicing these skills to master them. Of course, if you want your dog to learn therapy techniques, you will need a professional and spend many hours training. 

Sheprador Puppies

When shopping for a Sheprador, you will want to find a breeder that you will be able to trust to give you a happy and healthy puppy. Many professional breeders will offer to show you pictures of the parents of the puppy. Sometimes some will even give you a tour of their kennel.

A Sheprador puppy can range in cost. They can range from $300 to $2,000. This, of course will be determined by the breeder you decide to choose. Some breeders charge more because they have famous or champion bloodlines on one of their breeds of dogs. 

Just remember, if you are ever in doubt about a breeder that you should go with your gut and find a new breeder.

If that seems like too much, you can always go the adoption route and help give a dog a good home without the expensive fee for purchase. 

Sheprador Litter Size

Since this is a rather large breed, the female will be able to yield more puppies at one time. You can expect to have between six and ten puppies in a litter.

The puppies will grow very large quickly because this is a large mixed dog breed.

Remember to take the time to train your puppy, give it a high-quality puppy food, and of course, a lot of love. 


The Sheprador is ideally suited for families with children who have a lot of time to dedicate to this dog. This dog needs an outlet for all its energy, and if it is suppressed, it can lead to the dog being destructive.

As it is a fiercely protective dog, it will also act as the perfect guard for the house, warning its owners of any potential threat.

Close relatives of the Sheprador

Here are a few of the dog breeds that make up and are closely similar to the Sheprador mixed breed:

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  1. I also have a black lab german Sherperd mix and she is the greatest pet ever. very energentic and also the nicest dog in the world.

  2. We love our big sweetie! She fits these descriptions perfectly. Very fun, energetic and properly protective of our child! #sheprador

        • i lost my lab/ shepherd 3/16/15,7 yrs. old.she was a very loving girl..i think her heart gave out.i will miss her very much!!!she was very freindly if she new you,very protectective if not.what is the average life of the breed?she was very active at 118 lbs.,7 yrs. old.she enjoyed playing with my daughters chug[pug-chawwa] that is 7 mon. old.

  3. So informative! We have a chocolate lab (male) and German shepherd (female), both very loving and energetic 24/7! I cannot wait for our family to grow!

    • My sweet dog is getting so old, and she lost her sister this year. One of your puppies may be just the thing to perk her up..whenever. Love my dog. Best dog ever. best combo ever! Best!


    • Yes, mine is always barking and running other dogs out the yard or getting into attack stances when he sees a strange dog. However, he rarely barks at people.

      • Yes, mines is a 6years old girl and always attacking and barking other dogs. She is very strong 59 pounds and I’m a tiny female owner with 80 pounds. Lately I don’t know how to take a walk with her. I feel so awful sometimes whenever she sees the other animal.
        Does anyone have any good advice?

  5. Our Shepherd/Black Lab mix is well above this weight range. He just broke 120 pounds, and yes, he’s been DNA tested. Every breed has anomalies; his mother (the Shepherd) was HUGE.
    However, he is a really great dog. Smart, strong, sweet, and eager to please in every way. He’s been such a love and a blessing to our family!

  6. I have a female black sheprador pup, (mom was sheprador, dad was pure bred black shepherd accidental litter) she is currently 13 weeks old and weighs in at 25 lbs. Super lean, energetic, very loving and extremely intelligent. I’m expecting her to be on the larger side, her mother was about 60 lbs and father (a true german shepherd) was about 90 lbs. She is in training as a service dog. She is awesome.

  7. these dogs are the best l have a cross german lab she is a year old and she wont leave my side the kids love her and my wife adores her shes part of us and has had 6 pupps same cross labs german shepard let me tell you these dogs are very loyal loveing careing indervidials best ever dogs

  8. I have a 9 month old German Shepard/Lab mix and he is so sweet and loving when he wants to be. 🙂 He love to run and play but also LOVES to cuddle. Love this breed of dog!

  9. We have a 11 week old black lab/german shepherd mix and he’s hiper but loves to bite and nip constantly. Other than that he’s a great dog.

    • No, a small apartment would not be a good environment for this breed. They need a lot of room to run and play as they can be very high energy and will gain weight quickly(among other health issues) if they are not excersized properly. They are also big chewers and can get destructive if they consistently have too much pent up energy.

      • Any dog can be good in an apartment if you give it the proper exercise. So if you’re willing to dedicate two-three hours a day to working out your dog than sure they’d do great. What’s generally more important than the space is the lifestyle.

  10. I have a black lab /mix with German Shepard and I love her. She was a rescue dog. I got her when she was just 3.5 months old now she is 8 months. She is loving, protective, and every active. If she gets bored she starts to be mischief and starts to pick with us by pulling on our clothes and jumping on us.

  11. I have a shepherdor. Her name is Bella. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. We are best friends. My wife is the disciplinary for I can’t punish her. She is very smart and energetic. She loves people and loves to mingle. Everyone in the neighborhood knows her

  12. I have had my sheprador for two days, and I am quickly falling head over heels in love with my baby! The lady who gave her to me said she is between 2-4 months, but closer to two months. I wish there was a way I could know for sure exactly how old she is. She is extremely energetic and wiggly! Lol She is almost solid black, and looks almost completely like a Laborador. The only shepherd I can see in her is a slightly dark brown above her eyes, and that little characteristic “cheek mold” that German shepherds have. She definitely needs training, and I am going to check with some trainers at Petco and Best Friends to see what they can offer.

  13. My pup is 19 weeks and 23.6lbs. I think he is going to be a little guy. So cute though. He has the labrador coat with the shepherd colors and a really dark face.

  14. My Thoka is almost three now. She has the best of both breeds. She is a big baby. Her biggest weakness is she is afraid of everything striped sheets, ranch dressing, tote bags, birds, the list goes on and on. I didn’t get her for protection so it isn’t an issue with me.

  15. Our female is nearly 18 months, mother was a German Shepard and father was a Lab/gun dog cross. She’s wonderful with children and other dogs, but has had lots of socialization with other dogs. Extremely active, gets plenty of exercise so lean and not carrying any weight at all (sometimes I’d like her to have a little padding, in case she’s ill and off food). Currently weighs 25Kg (55lbs) and holding steady at that for last 4 months. Loves nothing more than chasing a tennis ball.

  16. I have a lab and German shepherd mix he is my baby I’ve had him for 3 yrs now, he is so loyal to me and my Husband very obedient, eager to please, very protective of us and close family, he has a Sister she is all black I know she’s Lab but don’t know wat she mixed with she is the same way very loyal, she aims to please very protective especially with my Husband, my dogs are the best thing that happened to me I love them to death. People say they mutts but I bet noone will try to hurt us!!

  17. We recently just lost our Bailey dog. She was a chocolate lab shepherd mix. I found her in the yard laying as she did as puppy. she was 10. The best dog I have ever owned. Super smart very energetic. We trained her very easily never strayed and was great with kids. She showed protection when weiry but never harmed anyone, her bark was much worse than her bite. A very faithful companion and we are having a difficult time with her being gone. if I could clone her I would. Knowing that there are actually people who breed pups like Bailey makes me happy for once we are ready I would most definitely go for this breed again. Missing her terribly

  18. We are looking for a Lab German Shepherd puppy mix. If anyone knows of a person I can adopt or buy from. Heart broken from loosing our male German Shepherd.

  19. I have a one year old named Tucker. He is seriously the most amazing dog I have ever had! He’s extreamly loving and loyal. He’s very protective but has never tried to bite anyone. He is very very energetic. We played fetch for 3 hours without him getting tired. He is the best cuddle buddy and loves everyone! He’s also great with cats!

  20. Our girl, .Raven, 10, is a black Shephard black lab mix. My now 16 yr old son rescued her from a cardboard box 9.5 years ago.
    I cannot put into words just how incredible Raven has been: so smart, obedient w / really no formal training, loyal &! oh so protective. She’s always slept w/ my son until he left for school. Now, she guards the hallway outside my door. A quiet unassuming dog, a peaceful demeanor, always alert but also on guard. I call her our Sentinel.
    So we got lucky! I’ve always had dogs in my world , a few AKC, but more mutts
    Mutts rule! Go to a shelter & adopt, or ck your local Walmart :))

  21. Our girl, .Raven, 10, is a black Shephard black lab mix. My now 16 yr old son rescued her from a cardboard box 9.5 years ago.
    I cannot put into words just how incredible Raven has been: so smart, obedient w / really no formal training, loyal &! oh so protective. She’s always slept w/ my son until he left for school. Now, she guards the hallway outside my door. A quiet unassuming dog, a peaceful demeanor, always alert but also on guard. I call her our Sentinel.
    So we got lucky! I’ve always had dogs in my world , a few AKC, but more mutts
    Mutts rule! Go to a shelter & adopt, or ck your local Walmart :))

    Raven was in a box outside a Walmart, my son had to have her.
    We scooped her up , paid $$$ at the vet to help her. She fit in perfectly w/ our yellow & black labs.
    They were older & Raven jumped right in, & helped us transition from the loss of older dogs.

  22. Hi there-
    Not sure if anyone atill commenting on here or not. I have a male black lab/German Shepard. He is 5 months old today. Does anyone know if their ears stand? He stands them on his own occasionally. He is more German Shepard looking so thought it would be cute if stood. I wasn’t sure if it was possible bc mixed breed or not. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks 🙂

  23. just lost my 7 yr. old 3/16/15.loved her alot. great dog,best friend.she loved to play with my daughters 8 month old chug.she was small at 118 lbs.very friendly and very protective .try to find average life of the breed.cannot sleep,using the web trying to find out if normal for their heart to give out at her age.seen her go think that is what took her before i could get to vets. office.she was a very good in peace laila,love you&will miss you ery much!!!

  24. Hello,
    I have a 9 month old shep/lab mix, and despite repetitive attempts to give her exercise, she is scared of almost everything outside and bolts back for the house. I try to motivate her with food and toys but nothing seems to work.

    Just wondering if anyone else has this issue:

  25. give your dog time and love even if bad just put her on lesh for a min keep a lesh on here in the house for a few mins when she does something good let her go even if its just sitting shell want instinct
    will make her want to expore more mine 5 mouths and ears are almost up kind floppy at top i started giving them alittle help with painters tape comes off easy dont hurt dog they can take off just keep doing it they will stop i figure if the ears re already 70 percent up its ok to help i would never force a dog with floppy ears just a tip

  26. Had a German shepherd/black lab mix (between 1960-1969) he died of heart worm… very traumatic for me since I grew up with him. He was a fun companion (looked a lot like a shepherd) my mom really disciplined him as pup so he turned out very obedient & rarely barked… could have been a military or seeing dog… easily!

  27. I recently rescued a few of these from a farm. They are pretty cool dogs, the problem so far is that their face is skinny (the puppies were malnutritioned when I got them), I wonder if their face will fill up more. I like to look at a pretty dog, with a nice head. Im worried that their face will look like a wiener dogs face. As far as their ears, so far they are drooped down, I hope their ears will stand up like a shepherd. Because shepherds hear very well, but dogs with droopy ears do not hear as well as the pointy ear ones from my experience. We will see how things go, I expect my dogs to be tip top, good appearance, and good skills. I think wiener dogs are not pretty. I dont want to spend the rest of my life looking at a dog that I dont like to look at. But this article above shows me some hope. The best dog I ever owned was a german shepherd pitbull mix. Wow, what a dog that is. She was like a mountain lion in athletic ability, full of life and energy and beauty, she was black with brindle legs, but as soon as I trimmed her fur with clippers, it revealed a beautiful brindle color. So she transformed from a predominately black dog to a almost dutch shepherd looking dog. Her ears were pointed like a shepherd and they could move in all directions like a cat. Even when she was sleeping her ears would be listening. I think that is the number one dog mix, shepherd/pit bull.


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