Learn More About the Beagle Labrador Mix in 2023

Beagle Labrador Mix

The Beagle Lab mix is a common crossbreed dog between a Beagle and a Labrador and is also known as the Labbe, Beagador, Labeagle, and Labbe Retriever.

This high-energy ‘designer’ dog first originated in the US, and its popularity quickly spread worldwide due to its fun-loving nature. The Beagador will make an excellent family dog that will quickly be a new family member in your home. This breed will be gentle and sweet to children and other animals inside your home.

Here you will find comprehensive information about the Beagle Labrador mix. You will find information on its temperament, diet, exercise requirements, and history.

Beagle Labrador Mix History

The Beagador started gaining popularity around thirty years ago. That means somewhere around the 1990s, these two breeds were initially bred together. It is unknown who first started to breed these two dog breeds together, but many people search to get their hands on one of them. So let’s dive deeper into each parent’s breed history.

Beagle History

The Beagle has a very long history and dates back to the 1800s when they were used to aid people in hunting. They are part of the hound group and are excellent game hunters. This breed was brought to the United States before the civil war.

Many still use them today as game hunters in the country areas of the United States. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in the late 1800s. Many people love and adore the Beagle breed. You can find this breed available from many reputable breeders.

There are also other variations of the Beagle, such as the Pocket Beagle, which is a smaller Beagle, hence the name. The Beagle is also used in other mixed dog breeds, not just this one.

Labrador History

The Labrador is traditionally from Newfoundland, Canada, and this breed can be dated back as far as the 1700s. They were used as excellent water hunters and helped to get the game shot over water.

The breed almost went completely extinct because of some laws passed along with taxes on having dogs. Thankfully the breed was saved by an Englishman who brought the breed from Newfoundland to England.

Not only is this breed an excellent hunter, but also a very loveable and friendly companion. This is known as the most popular dog breed in the United States. The Labrador was accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1917.

Beagle Labrador Mix

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Beagador Appearance

The typical Beagle Labrador mix takes after both its parents in appearance and has the head of the Beagle with its tricolor coat with the colors of the Labrador.

The Labbe’s body tends to resemble that of the Beagle in height, but it is slightly longer. Its coat is very short and sleek, which it inherits from the Labrador side.

Beagador Coat

The Beagador has a smooth double coat that is short. This coat will shed quite a lot, so if you have allergies, this may not be your dog. However, if your puppy gets traits from the Labrador parent, your dog will have a water-repellant coat. In addition, the coat will be soft and will not need a lot of maintenance for it to be maintained.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Here are a few of the color options that your puppy could have:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Fawn
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Tan
  • Bluetick
  • Redtick

Beagle Labrador Mix Temperament

This dog is a lovable dog that is fiercely loyal and protective. The Beagle and the Labrador are intelligent dogs that are easily trained, and the Labbe is no different.

This playful dog is perfect for children as they are gentle and sweet. In addition, it has an outgoing personality and likes attention.

This dog is in its element when outdoors, and with its great curiosity, it likes to explore. This dog adapts well; however, it is wary of strangers and will bark when a stranger approaches the home, which makes it an excellent watchdog.


Beagador Size

This dog is of medium size, slightly bigger than the Beagle but smaller than the Labrador. It can be between 19-24 inches (48.2-60.9cm) in height and 25-40lbs (11.3-18.2kg). The size of your dog will truly depend on the parents that were bred together and their size. If you are ever worried, consult your veterinarian about your dog’s size.

Labrador Beagle Mix Health Problems

Beagle Labrador Mix

Both parents of the Labbe are prone to seizures and hip dysplasia, and the Labbe puppy may inherit these traits; however, being crossbred, they have a lower chance of suffering from major health-related problems. Here you will find short descriptions of these health issues.

Hip Dysplasia – This is a common health condition that this breed could inherit. This medical issue happens when the hip bone slides in and out of the socket. It is extremely painful and very common to happen in various dog breeds. This pain can become so bad that it causes lameness in dogs.

Elbow Dysplasia – Elbow Dysplasia is a common condition, just like hip dysplasia. This medical condition affects your dog’s elbow and will do the same joint pain as the other. In addition, sliding the bone in and out can cause extreme pain and arthritis.

Epilepsy – This is a condition where it makes it very common for your dog to develop seizures. This condition can be inherited from the Beagle parent.

Cherry Eye – Cherry eye is a condition where the dog’s third eyelid becomes inflamed. This will cause it to pop out, giving a very concerning appearance to your dog. The best way to fix this health condition is by surgically removing it.

Life Expectancy of a Beagle Labrador Mix

The Beagle Labrador Mix will live quite a long time. Mixed breeds usually live longer than purebred breeds as it breeds out any health issues. This breed should live between 10 and 15 years.


Living Conditions

The Labbe is a medium-sized dog that likes to chew when bored; therefore, keeping it in the confined spaces of an apartment is not recommended. This dog needs an enclosed yard to play in. Owners must ensure that the fencing is of good quality as this dog likes to dig and can easily dig its way under a fence.

This is a wonderful family dog breed that will do great around children. You will get traits from both parents, making a well-rounded dog. This is a playful dog breed, especially during those puppy years.

Ensure you begin to train your dog when it’s a puppy to teach it some good behavior. Sometimes puppies can be very destructive, so teaching your dog not to do that is important. Also, make sure you take your dog outside for exercise every day as the Beagle Labrador mix is a very active dog breed.

Beagador Exercise

The Labbe, just like the Labrador, is full of energy and needs a lot of daily exercises to keep it healthy and out of mischief. This dog generally loves the water like the Labrador, and a good workout could be a swim in the river.

The Labbe is an intelligent dog who likes to play games, so playing Frisbee or fetch with the dog is also recommended. Your dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, if not more. If you do not give your dog proper exercise, it can lead to very bad destructive behavior.

The Beagle Labrador mix can do a variety of different exercises. You can take your dog down to the beach, or a lake, walk around the neighborhood, to a dog park, and so much more. You can do many fun things with your dog to get your dog active and healthy.

Beagle Labrador Mix

Beagle Labrador Mix Feeding

Both the Beagle and Labrador breeds tend to overeat, so it is extremely important only to feed your Beagador the recommended daily amount of food, so they don’t eat too much. However, this issue can make the breed have overweight issues and obesity, so make sure you truly follow your veterinarian’s feeding guidelines.

Your dog should eat about three cups of high-quality food daily, broken up into smaller meals. Remember, this is a medium to a large dog breed, so it will need a lot of food to replenish the lost calories throughout the day. Depending on the dog food you purchased, you are looking at an estimated cost of $1.35 to $1.85 daily.

Food consumption for your dog is completely based on its size and weight. As you know, mixed-breed dogs’ weight and size can vary, so ensure you follow the feeding guidelines for your specific dog.

Remember to feed your dog high-quality food that balances the protein, carbs, and fats. Of course, you can always go more toward the holistic route and give your dog homemade dog food or a raw diet.

Labrador Beagle Mix Grooming

This dog has a very short coat, so it only needs to be brushed once a week to keep it looking shiny and healthy. However, its nails tend to grow long, just like the Labradors, and it is advised to have them professionally clipped or to exercise them on concrete to help wear them down.

You will want to bathe your Beagle Labrador mix once a month or as needed. The water-resistant coat shouldn’t get as dirty as other dog breeds. Ensure you use a dog-safe shampoo, not human stuff, as this can harm your dog’s skin.

Check over your dog’s coat and skin to make sure there are no sores or concerning signs. Also, check the ears to ensure they are clean and infection-free. Brush your dog’s teeth to prevent dental decay and disease.

Beagador Training

This breed needs a lot of exercises as well as training to keep this breed out of mischief. If this dog breed is left alone for long periods, this breed can get into trouble. 

The good news is the Beagador is half Labrador, and Labradors are very easy to train. Of course, you will still need to practice a lot with your dog during training, but for the most part, it should catch on very easily.

Start training your dog as a puppy with simple things like potty training. You will also want to teach your dog how to be friendly and socialize with other people and animals. After your dog masters these basic things, you can move on to harder, more challenging tasks and tricks, eventually making a well-trained dog.

Labrador Beagle Mix

Labrador Beagle Mix Puppies

The best kind of breeders are ones that love and adore every single puppy that comes into their care. They make the puppy part of their family and let them grow up in their home until it is time to come home to you.

You don’t want to purchase a puppy from a puppy mill. Instead, find a breeder with a beautiful and clean kennel that is going to allow you to see health papers and visit the kennel before purchasing a puppy. Another great thing is this mixed dog breed does not cost very much. You can expect to spend around $350 to $900.

You can also look for a Beagle Lab mix through a rescue. First, check with some local rescues, and if you can’t find one there, you can start searching in other parts of the country. If you do find this mix in a rescue, the adoption fee will be way less than from a breeder. However, finding this mix through a rescue may take a while, so if you want this breed, I suggest purchasing from a breeder.

Labrador Beagle Mix Litter Size

A female should have around 4 to 6 puppies in a litter. Most breeders usually breed just one of the parent breeds and then collaborate with another breeder to make this mixed breed. Another way you can find this breed if you cannot find a breeder is by looking at rescues to see if they have any older Beagador.


This dog needs a lot of activity, so it is suitable for families who have time and like the outdoors. Additionally, both the Beagle and the Labrador are good at tracking; therefore, the Labbe also makes a good hunting dog.

Key Takeaways

In this section of my article, I like to summarize the main things you should know about this mixed dog breed.

  • The Beagle Labrador mix is a mixed dog breed created by combining the Beagle and the Labrador. This breed is sometimes called Labbe, Beagador, Labeagle, and the Labbe Retriever.
  • This medium-sized mixed breed will be bigger than a traditional Beagle but slightly smaller than a Labrador.
  • It is said that this mixed dog breed was first created over thirty years ago.
  • The Beagador will have a short and smooth double coat. This mix will shed, so it is important to be aware of that if you have allergies to dog danger or dog hair.
  • This mixed breed is great for families with children and also without. It is a very loyal mix that will just love to be with you and your family.
  • You should be aware of some minor health conditions with this mixed breed.
  • Beagle Labrador mixes need exercise every day; if your dog does not get its required amount of exercise, it could lead to destructive behavior.
  • There are a variety of different activities you can do with your dog.
  • Feed your dog according to its weight and size. Remember to feed your dog a really high-quality food that can be a mixture of dry and wet ingredients.
  • This breed doesn’t need much grooming, but this breed does shed quite a lot, so it wouldn’t be a good breed for people who suffer from allergies.
  • Training should be simple as this is a very intelligent dog breed. Definitely start with the basics, such as potty training. Training should be done when your dog is a puppy.
  • Remember to look for your future Beagle Labrador mix from a breeder. It is always better to purchase from a reputable breeder than a puppy mill or pet store.
Beagador Mixed Breed


Below are some very common questions people have about the Labrador Beagle mix.

How Much Does a Beagle Lab Mix Cost?

The price you pay for your Beagle Lab mix will vary from breeder to breeder, but you can estimate to pay between $350 to over $900 for a puppy. Again, you may find a breeder that sells their Beagle Lab mix puppies for more. Another place you can check for a Beagle Lab mix is in a rescue. You can call various rescues and see if they have ever had or have a Beagle Labrador mix.

How Big Will a Beagle Lab Mix Be?

The Beagle Lab mix will be a medium size dog breed that will be bigger than the Beagle dog breed but slightly smaller than the Labrador Retriever. This mix can weigh between 25 to 40 pounds and span 19 to 24 inches in height. Your dog’s height and weight could vary depending on the size of the parents that were bred together.

Is a Labrador and a Beagle a Good Mix?

Yes, the Labrador Beagle mix is a great dog breed. This family companion will be great in a variety of home time and with children. This mix is very loyal, affectionate, and friendly.

Close relatives of the Beagador

Here we have a few breeds that are just like the Beagador that you can check out:

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  1. This is the best possible breed to own. They are the perfect size for a house or an apartment (35 lb). They are adorable – they look like a puppy well into old age. They have few health issues and live forever (mine is 17 and healthier than most 8 year old dogs). They are happy. I mean they are really happy all the time. They are super sweet and loyal. They love to cuddle. They are easily trainable but if you are laid back their temperament means they know what lines not to cross. They are too intelligent for their own good (my dog has figured out how to use a lever to open doors and how to get onto the kitchen counter when a chair and stool were left too close together). They are easy to play with – they pick games up easily and have tons of fun. They are good with people. My dog has never shown aggression. They will let you do whatever you want to them. I sing loudly in my dogs face (as part of our usual games) and she loves it. The only draw back is that they are very attached to their people. My dog can be left alone for up to 15 hours with no problem. But that is not something I would do often (only in emergencies). They will sit on you if you are doing sit-ups or yoga (it happens every time I forget to shut the door). They like to be around people and I work from home most days (3 days a week). If you are home they will follow you everywhere. They will not sleep in another room without a fight (that you will lose). They will lay one the bath mat while you bath. They will cry if you leave them in another room.

  2. I have a female who is super sweet that I Love so much she is a rescue. She is as smart as a whip I would not trade her for anything!!!

  3. I have two male brothers who are the sweetest most lovable and loyal pets. I had a male of this breed who passed away and I purposely looked for this breed. Great dogs!!

  4. I have a labbe and now at 15 months old he weighs 85.60 lbs he is a great dog to our daughter doesn’t like strangers. he will stay outside all day except if it’s cold.they’re spot for everything he is I hide treats in the yard and when I snap and say sniff it out he will find every last one even if my daughter hides it in the sand box or on her swing set. He trained well and is very loyal to us. He’s our baby

  5. We recently lost the most lovable Lab/Beagle mix to cancer after having her love for 13 years. We are anxious to find another dog of this mix.


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