Where to Find Sarplaninac Puppies for Sale in 2023

Sarplaninac Puppies for Sale

Originally bred in places like Macedonia and Serbia, the Sarplaninac was created to guard livestock. These dogs feature large, strongly built bodies and are commonly described as reliable, independent, and protective but not snappy.

They are known for their calmness, even to strangers; however, they will attack the moment they feel a threat to their flock.

If you are looking for a rare, Molossar-type dog that is perfect for guarding your home or livestock flock, then the Sarplaninac is a great option. Below you will find answers to some common questions and recommendations of breeders with Sarplaninac puppies for sale.

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How Much Does a Sarplaninac Puppy Cost?

Regarding the price, you may want to begin saving because these dogs are rare and can cost a bit. The average Sarplaninac price can range from hundreds to thousands, depending on where you get the dog.

A pregnant Sarplaninac female can have one litter every year, and it can be anywhere from three to five puppies in a litter. If you are buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, it can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000.

Sometimes you can find this breed cheaper, but you must trust the breeder and the puppy’s parents. The price could even be higher if the breeder has gone above and beyond by getting the puppy microchipped and supplies to get you started.

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Are Sarplaninac Dogs Good Pets?

Yes, the Sarplaninac will make a wonderful pet and family companion. They work mostly watching over the farm and the livestock but will also be a loyal companion to their owners. However, since the breed does have protective instincts, it can bark at strangers or people it doesn’t know.

Overall, the Sarplaninac will become a very loving family member and be a great work dog and pet. The breed may not be as affectionate as other dog breeds, but it will make a great pet.

Sarplaninac Puppy

Sarplaninac Breeders

You will have several options when looking for Sarplaninac breeders in the USA. All of the breeders below have Sarplaninac puppies for sale. Some reputable breeders are:

Kell Sarplaninac Kennel

This kennel operates just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and began in 2004 when the owner, Alan Kell, began looking for a livestock guardian. What he found was the large Sarplaninac breed that he instantly fell in love with.

This breeder has been working with the Sarplaninac dog breed for over ten years, and the breeder says it was one of the best decisions he made choosing this dog breed. You can get the puppy you purchase from this breeder shipped to you. However, you must wait until the puppy is old enough to travel to get it shipped.

Today, he breeds Sarplaninac puppies for sale and has litters from time to time. You can contact him via his website at Kell Sarplaninac Kennel. This will be your best way to acquire about the process of how you can get your dream Sarplaninac.

Sarplaninac Puppies For Sale With Mom

Shar Mountain Kennels

All the Shar Mountain Kennel dogs live in a beautiful mountain view home in Pennsylvania. All the dogs get accustomed to being around other animals. These dogs are naturally livestock guarders, so they help look after the neighbor’s goats and sheep. They are also accustomed to chickens and other animals running around.

This breeder ensures their dogs are in the best health possible before they breed. Once they know their dogs are healthy, they can start planning their Sarplaninac litters.

They do have litters of puppies quite often, so you must talk to them about availability. You can contact them here: Shar Mountain Kennels.

Frontier Guardians

This breeder spent many years looking for the perfect guardian to protect livestock and the farm from predators. This breeder uses the Sarplaninac and the Caucasian dog breed to help watch over their sheep and lambs.

They want to help other families with issues with predators as they do by providing them with a reputable dog to scare off predators. The best way to express your interest in getting a puppy from this breed is by filling out their contact us form or emailing.

When you send an email, you can ask any questions you may have for the breeder and inquire about upcoming litters of puppies. This is a very knowledgeable family that knows a lot about this breed. You can check them out here: Frontier Guardians.

Sarplaninac Puppy For Sale

Sarplaninac Rescue

If you cannot contact a Sarplaninac dog breeder, you can always check at local dog rescues, as they get all types of dogs. Sometimes you can do the amazing thing of adopting a dog that needs a home. There is one rescue I know of that gets a Sarplaninac dog from time to time, but it can be rare.

One rescue that rehomes various dog breeds is the Mastiff To Mutts rescue. They work on the east-coat area to rehome and rehabilitate these needy dogs. In addition, they look for new potential homes for these amazing dogs.

You can contact the rescue here: https://www.mastiffstomutts.org/animals/browse. They also get other dog breeds, so you can check them out and help a dog needing a home.

Ultimately, the best place to obtain a Sarplaninac puppy is from a reputable breeder. Occasionally, you will find puppies for sale; some even re-home retired breeding dogs. Therefore, finding one will take some time and patience, but it is achievable.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a Sarplaninac puppy, the list of reputable breeders above is a great starting point for your search. These breeders have a proven track record of producing healthy, well-adjusted puppies and are dedicated to preserving the breed’s unique characteristics and traits.

It is important to do your own research and due diligence when selecting a breeder, as there are, unfortunately, many unethical breeders out there who prioritize profit over the welfare of their dogs. Choosing a reputable breeder ensures your new furry companion will be a happy and healthy addition to your family.

If you have ever seen a Sarplaninac or own one, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. These majestic dogs have a fascinating history and are beloved by many for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts. With the right care and training, a Sarplaninac can make a wonderful companion and guardian for the right family.


What is a Sarplaninac dog?

A Sarplaninac, also known as a Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog, is a large breed of livestock guardian dog originating from the Sar Mountains of the Balkans.

What is the temperament of a Sarplaninac?

Sarplaninacs are typically calm, confident, and loyal dogs fiercely protective of their family and territory. They had a strong work ethic and were bred to guard livestock so that they could be independent and territorial.

How big do Sarplaninacs get?

Sarplaninacs are a large breed, with males typically weighing between 110-140 pounds and standing 25-30 inches tall at the shoulder. Females are slightly smaller, weighing between 80-110 pounds and standing 23-27 inches tall.

Do Sarplaninacs shed a lot?

Yes, Sarplaninacs have a thick, double coat that sheds seasonally. Regular brushing can help to reduce shedding and keep their coat healthy.

Are Sarplaninacs easy to train?

Sarplaninacs are intelligent dogs but can be independent and stubborn. They require firm and consistent training from an experienced owner.

Do Sarplaninacs have any health issues?

Like all breeds, Sarplaninacs can be prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia, bloat, and eye problems. Reputable breeders will screen their dogs for these issues and provide health guarantees for their puppies.

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  1. Recently had to have our Sar put down, it was a sad day for us. Our girl was named Sasha, weighed 130 lbs very large but gentle and loyal. We rescued her when she was a puppy and spent ten years being protected by her. Hope to find another someday, just prefer a smaller version that will fit in our car (a legacy outback).


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