How to Find Bandog Puppies for Sale

The Bandog or Bandogge is an older mixed breed dog that was developed a long time ago to watch over owners and keep away robbers or intruders. This breed was created by breeding a Mastiff and an American Pit Bull Terrier together. These are very muscular dogs that look scary but have a sweet nature to them around their owners.

If you are interested in getting Bandog puppies for sale, I recommend checking out the breeders I recommend below. These breeders can help you get your dream Bandog.

Bandog Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Bandog Cost?

Bandog puppies for sale can be quite expensive. For a high-quality Bandog puppy from a breeder, you should expect to spend between $1,800 to over $3,000. The breeders selling these dogs are not only giving you a dog but also a companion that will keep you safe.

What Two Breeds Make a Bandog?

Bandogs are mixed breed dogs that will either be comprised of the American Pit Bull Terrier and a Mastiff or even an American Bulldog and a Mastiff together. Any type of Mastiff would work, but generally, the English Mastiff or the Neapolitan Mastiff are used. Additionally, many Bandogs are bred together to create a more common Bandog.

Are Bandogs Good Family Pets?

Yes, Bandogs are excellent family companions. This breed is designed t be all about family, and it will have natural instincts to protect you and your loved ones. These dogs were first used long ago to guard after family members on farms while they worked. It was a lot scarier back in the day because you didn’t know who would come onto your farm or what kinds of animals might be around. This breed stood guard, protecting the family. Your Bandog today will still have those traits as well as a very loving personality. Bandogs can do great around children and adults.


Where Can I Find a Reputable Bandog Breeder?

If you are interested in getting an obedient guard/protection dog when you are most likely interested in a Bandog. Bandogs are great big dogs that are excellent family companions and protection dogs. Here you will find some breeders who can help you get Bandog puppies for sale.

American Sentinel K9

The first breeder that I would like to recommend to you is the one running American Sentinel K9s. This breeder has been working in the dog space for the past thirty years. He got captivated by the Bandog for its great protection instincts and guard dog capabilities. He has studied many different fields and is very knowledgeable when it comes to training, animal behavior, obedience, and breeding.

This breeder’s goal is to produce the highest quality Bandogs in the world and help their clients find the right dog for them. All dogs get tested for their health and performance. In addition, this breeder offers a health guarantee that you can read more about on their website.

There are a variety of breeding’s happening as well as future breeding’s planned. Puppies do require a deposit to be placed for holding and reserving your puppy. As of right now, the deposit is $1,000 unless otherwise stated.

There are a variety of awesome pictures, videos, and a wealth of information on this breeder’s site. This is definitely a breeder I recommend looking into if you want Bandog puppies for sale. You can find more info here:

Andante Bandog

The next Bandog breeder I have to share with you is running a global Bandog breeding program. The breeding program this family has been passed down three generations. They have some of the rarest bloodlines in the world and are located all over the world.

While this breeder has a great site with a backstory about them, pictures of their dogs, and pictures of past puppies, there isn’t a whole lot of information. Additionally, there aren’t specific litter announcements on the website, so I suggest contacting the breeder through their contact us page.

There you will be able to send the breeder a message asking when the next litter might be, prices, and information on how to get one of their Bandog puppies for sale. You can do all of that here:

Blasco Family

The last but not least breeder I have to share with you is the one running Blasco family. This breeder currently breeds the American Bulldogs and Bandog Mastiffs. The breeder produces high-quality dogs that are healthy. These dogs can be family companions, work in home defense, and be your personal protection dog.

This breeder does not work of a waiting list. Normal procedure for this breeder is to email prospective buyers on their email list. You will get a puppy announcement, and then it is first-come, first-serve. If you want to get one of the Bandog puppies, there will be instructions on there on how to get one. Most likely, you will place a deposit on that dog.

Puppies cannot go home to their new owner until they are 10-12 weeks old. However, you can have your dog shipped to you, and you can work with the breeder on that option. Pricing for puppies is between $1,800 to $2,500.

The best way to reach this breeder is through email or the contact us section on their website. The breeder doesn’t do much calling as they live in an area that does not get very good cell reception. Email will be the best form of communication. You can view more about this breeder here:

Bandog For Sale

Bandog Rescue

Unfortunately, rescues for mixed breed dogs are very hard to come by. You can usually find a rescue for a variety of different purebred breed dogs but not mixes. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any rescues that have Bandogs available.

Since this is a rather unique dog breed, I suggest purchasing from a breeder, not from a rescue. Breeders can help you get your dream dog that is healthy and one that possesses the traits you are looking for in your Bandog. In addition, you will likely get your dream dog much faster by going through a breeder.


Have you ever seen a huge Bandog before? Please share your experience in the comments below. Even though they look scary, they will be a good family companion and watchdog on a farm or in the city. I hope this article was useful to you in your search for Bandog puppies for sale.

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