Where to Find Spinone Italiano Puppies for Sale

You may have already guessed by this dog breeds name that the Spinone Italiano hails from Italy. This dog breed is known as one of the oldest hunting bird dogs around. Nowadays, many people keep this dog for companion purposes, but some still use the dog breed for its amazing hunting abilities.

Have you been on the search for Spinone Italiano puppies for sale? If so, you have come to the right place because I am here to help you find your new puppy. Below you will find four recommendations of breeders who are currently breeding the Spinone Italiano.

Spinone Italiano Puppies For Sale

How Much do Spinone Italiano Puppies Cost?

A high-quality hunting dog will cost you. You can expect to spend around $1,500 to $2,000 for a Spinone Italiano puppy. However, don’t forget that there are a variety of different factors that go into determining the price of your dog.

Also, keep in mind all of the expenses your dog may require, such as food, supplies, and even veterinarian visits. Even though this may seem like a lot, this dog breed is actually rather affordable compared to other breeds.

Spinone Italiano Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Spinone Italiano Breeder

Are you looking for a beautiful Spinone Italiano puppy for sale? Below you will notice four reputable breeders that are all registered with the AKC.

Utah Spinone

A breeder and their family run Utah Spinone. Their family keeps getting bigger and bigger because every time their dogs have puppies, they become part of their family. This breeder is registered with the AKC and one of their recommended breeders for the Spinone Italiano breed.

When they breed, their goal is to create your new best friend who is healthy, has a great temperament, and a dog that can be both a companion and a hunting dog. After you purchase a dog from them, this breeder will be with you for the long term. If you have questions or even just want to update the breeder on your dog, that is completely fine.

When puppies are born, they do follow the puppy culture program, which helps create very well-rounded dogs. However, they do have a waiting list that is very important to get on. This is what the breeder goes by when they announce a new litter, and then those on the waiting list can reserve.

Before you can get on the waiting list, you must apply. This is a normal thing that most breeders do. This just allows the breeder to get to know more about you and see what you’re looking for in a Spinone Italiano puppy.

You can view even more information about this breeder here: https://utahspinone.com/

Michigan Spinone

This is another option for a very reputable breeder. I actually reviewed this breeder before with the Bracco Italiano dog breed. They are a small kennel-style breeder that is located in Michigan. All of their dogs are registered with the AKC.

They have recently acquired the Spinone Italiano dog breed, so they have only had a few litters so far. I am not sure when their next litter will be. You will need to contact the breeder directly to find out when the next litter of puppies will be.

This breeder and his family take pride in the quality of their dogs and puppies. They plan all of their breeding’s and continue to further this breed by producing quality lines. They want to give you the perfect dog to use it for hunting, companionship, or even therapy services.

When the puppies are born, they get a variety of different experiences and socialization. This makes your future dog very well-rounded and used to a variety of things. If you are interested in getting a puppy, then I definitely recommend you contact this breeder here: https://www.michiganspinone.com/

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Snowy Days Spinone

Yet another amazing family operation that started in 2011. This family was first living in Buffalo, New York but moved to Old Forge, New York, in 2015. They live on a lovely property with their children and, of course, their Spinone Italiano dogs.

The kids are very involved with the daily care of the dogs. They make sure each dog and the puppies get a lot of attention daily. All of the dogs are currently registered with the American Kennel Club and have gone to shows and various competitions.

This breeder can have anywhere from two to three litters each year. All litters are completely planned, and dogs undergo health testing for a variety of things before even breeding. This breed has pictures of all the dogs on their website with a little write-up about each one.

It doesn’t say on the website whether they have sold all the puppies from their planned litters or if they have a waiting list. So the best way for you to find out if they have any Spinone Italiano puppies for sale is by sending the breeder an email.

You can view all of that and more here: http://snowydaysspinoneitaliano.com/index.html

Mountain Valley Spinone

The final breeder that we would like to recommend to you is the one at Mountain Valley Spinone. They are another breeder that has been recommended and registered with the AKC. This breeder has anywhere between one to two litters each year of Spinone Italiano puppies.

This breeder is completely dedicated to the job of raising all of these dogs. They also provide pet services locally to their area. Their dogs have won many competitions and are also great at hunting.

To get further information about when this breed will have its next litter, you need to fill out the puppy application. This is a very important part because it is what allows the breeder to know more about you.

The breeder has a write-up and pedigree information on each of their dogs on the website. You can view all of that and more here: http://www.mountainvalleyspinone.com/

Spinone Italiano Rescue

Spinone Italiano Rescue

A lot of people wonder if you can find a Spinone Italiano from a rescue. The answer is yes; you certainly can find a Spinone Italiano through a rescue. Most purebred breeds have their own specific rescue that is dedicated to rehoming that breed.

I did find a rescue, and it is called the Spinone Rescue. I have actually talked about this rescue before. They help locate a variety of different dog breeds around the country.  They work with a lot of rescues and categorize them by state.

You will see a map of the United States, and it will tell you if there is a Spinone Italiano dog available in your state that needs to be adopted. Definitely a great resource to use if you want to adopt a dog.


Do you feel like this article helped get you started on your search for Spinone Italiano puppies for sale? I really hope it did because it’s frustrating when you can’t find a breeder that has the puppy you are dreaming of for sale. Talk with me in the comments below about this dog breed.

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