Where to Find Yochon Puppies for Sale

There is a variety of different Yorkshire Terrier mixes out there, one being the Yochon. The Yochon is a diesnger dog breed that combines a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon Frise together.

This mix will be a relatively small as it will only weigh up to 12 pounds in total. The Yochon combines both of the wonderful personalities of both parent breeds. If you love either one of these parents, then you will definitely love this mix.

Have you decided that this the dog for you? Then let me help you find Yochon puppies for sale. In this article, I will help direct you to some breeders who have Yochon puppies.

Yochon Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Yochon Puppy Cost?

Mixed breeds are not as expensive as certain purebred breeds. When you have a designer dog breed, those can range from moderately priced to very expensive. A Yochon can range from $800 to $2,000 for a puppy.

Reputable breeders can charge more based on their reputation, breeding stock, and added things that come with your puppy.

Remember that your dog will have ongoing expenses throughout its life in the way of food, supplies, vet bills, etc.

If this price for a Yochon still seems like too much or out of your budget, you can try looking for one in a rescue. Keep in mind you may spend many hours, days, or even months searching for a Yochon through a rescue, but it isn’t impossible. Rescues charge significantly less than a breeder does.

Yochon Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Yochon Breeder

It can be extremely difficult to find a Yochon breeder, so I am here to help you. Below are some reputable breeders that you can purchase a Yochon puppy from.

Rolling Meadows Puppies

This breeder is located in Southeast Iowa, where they are close to the Mississippi River Valley. Their beautiful landscape gives them the perfect place for their dogs to enjoy time outside. The breeder’s goal is to deliver and produce very sound, happy, and healthy puppies.

Before they even have a litter of puppies, they carefully choose what dogs they want to breed. They look for the quality and health of each dog to help them decide when parents should be bred together. Some of their dogs come from champion backgrounds and impressive pedigrees.

The owner tries to keep her site as updated as possible, but if you do have a specific question that you need to be answered, you can call and ask. The owner can also give you updates and plans for upcoming litters as well.

You will also want to fill out a puppy application. This is quite standard now with all breeders. They don’t want to hand out their puppies to just anyone, so it is important that you fill that out. Once you have been approved, the breeder will need your non-refundable deposit. This will reserve your puppy for you.

Check out even more information here: http://www.rollingmeadowspuppies.com/index.html

Furry Babies

This is a company which has three locations. They are a store that sells various dog breeds. I know what you might be thinking that it sounds like a puppy mill, but it certainly isn’t. They work with various breeders to supply them with a variety of different puppies.

They ensure that they get the health tested and let a veterinarian examine every dog before they even get put up for sale. This business has three locations where they have been serving the customers of Illinois.

The breeders that they work with follow strict health and safety guidelines set by the government. They give their dog a well-balanced diet and a veterinarian plan for each dog.

They have a list of the breeders they work with on their website. You can browse more about each breeder there. They have a variety of different puppies available and sometimes have Yochon puppies available.

If you want to view their other available dogs as well as additional information, you can do that here: https://furrybabiesinc.com/

Windsor Oak Farm

Windsor Oak Farm is a reputable breeder that has been providing the Washington, D.C., and Maryland area with toy dog breeds. They were known for their Yorkshire Terrier breedings but have now added even more types of dog breeds.

Windsor Oak Farm is located in New Windsor, Maryland. When you first get interested in this breeder, it is very important to fill out a contact us form. This is your direct way to contact the breeder and let them know you are interested.

They have Yochon puppies once in a while, so you will definitely want to see when they have their next litter if that is your dream dog breed.

They typically sell their Yochon puppies for $2,000. The price may go up or down based on the coloring of your dog.

Wanna learn more about this very reputable east coast Yochon breeder? Click here to learn more: https://www.windsoroakfarm.com/


Yochon Rescue

Rescues for mixed breeds are few and hard to come by. Yochons do not have their own dedicated rescue, so you will have to look to local shelters as well as parent breed rescues.

The Small Paws Rescue is a Bichon Frise rescue dedicated to rehoming and rescuing Bichons Frises in need. In the past twenty-two years that they have been operational, they have rescued over 16,000 Bichon Frises.

This is a non-profit organization that needs donations to keep the rescue going. Donations are used for the dogs, food, medical expenses, and everyday operations. They have a variety of dogs available for you to look at. They have purebred and mixes available, so you may just find a Yochon.


I hope this gave you some starting points on where to look for your dream Yochon. Yochon’s are incredibly hard to find, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to find a reputable breeder.

I hope this article helps you with these links to breeders that have Yochon puppies for sale. Let me know if you have a Yochon currently or plan on getting one soon.

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