Where to Find Stabyhoun Puppies for Sale

Have you ever heard of the Stabyhoun? If you’re scratching your head saying no, you haven’t, it’s probably because this dog breed is in the top ten list of the rarest dog breeds in the world. This is a Dutch native dog breed that was mostly seen on farms aiding the owners in various things.

Are you on the hunt for Stabyhoun puppies for sale? If the answer is yes, then look no further than here as I have recommendations on where you can get a Stabyhoun puppy.

Stabyhoun Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Stabyhoun Puppy?

I’m not sure what breeders are charging for a Stabyhoun puppy. There are not many breeders out there that even breed this rare breed; they can basically charge whatever they want if there is a demand.

You should set a budgeted amount between $1,000 to $3,000 for a Stabyhoun puppy. Most breeders will fall within this category.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Stabyhoun Breeder

Are you desperately looking for a Stabyhoun Breeder? Unfortunately, this rare breed can be very hard to come by. Here you will find three breeders that I recommend when shopping for a Stabyhoun puppy.

Stabyhoun Puppy For Sale

Kennel Fan De Wiide Mar

A woman named Lori and a man named Edward run this kennel. They have raised many different dogs throughout their life, from Border Collies, English Setters, Labrador Retriever, and the Stabyhoun. It was only about ten years ago that they were introduced to this dog breed. They got their first Stabyhoun in 2014 from a very reputable Netherland breeder.

Now, this kennel has their own breeding stock and their own litters. Their goal is to help further the dog breed while also staying within the guideline’s of the breed. They are part of the American Stabyhoun Association and the one in the Netherlands as well.

When they have a litter of puppies, they don’t seem to announce it on their website.  My suggestion to you is to email the breeder or fill out the contact us page. This will connect you with the breeder. When you are writing the breeder ask typical questions about future litters and prices.

This breeder is definitely one you should check out because there actually aren’t many breeders in the United States. You can view even more information here on their website: https://www.stabijs.com/

Trillium Point Stabyhouns

Another breeder that I was able to find is the kennel called Trillium Point Stabyhouns. They are another breeder that is part of the ASA, which stands for the American Stabyhoun Association. Their goal is to stick to conformation guidelines, maintain great temperaments, and produce the healthiest dogs around.

This breeder will usually have one to two litters of Stabyhoun puppies for sale. When the puppies are born, the breeder works exceptionally hard to give the puppies the best start to life as possible. First, the puppies begin puppy training which includes socialization as well as exposure to various noises and experiences.

Puppies get to live inside the home and receive lots of love and attention from all family members. So far, this breeder has not announced a new litter for this year. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from them, it would be good to send an email asking for further information.

Check out the breeder’s website here: https://www.trilliumpointstabys.com/

Dog Paw Prints

Fan’e Sudewyn

The last breeder that I would like to recommend to you is this one. This one is actually located in the Netherlands, so if you are international, then this would be a good option for you. Since 2004 this breeder has been trying to be the best breeder possible.

This breeder has taken a variety of classes on breeding to become an expert. The breeder of this kennel also works as a show judge, so as you can see, the breeder at this kennel really knows its stuff.

This breeder follows the standards and the rules set by the ASA. All puppies are raised inside the home, where they are taken care of and observed carefully.

The breeder makes the point to match each puppy with the correct owner based on what the owner is looking for and personality. This is a very important process, and that is why this breeder is so good at what they do.

Again, the breeder does not have information on when the next litter Stabyhoun puppies for sale will be, so you will need to send an email to find that out. You can do that here: https://www.sudewyn.nl/english.html

Stabyhoun Rescue

Stabyhoun Rescue

Unfortunately, with this being such a rare breed, I was not able to find a specific rescue whose mission is to take in the Stabyhoun dog breed and rehome it. Your best bet will be to look at your local rescues and see if they have any Stabyhoun’s available.

Honestly, I think you are going to have a very hard time finding a Stabyhoun through a rescue. If you really want this type of dog, you need to go through a breeder and purchase one that way.


When it is difficult to find your dream dog breed, it can be such a pain. I hope you found this article helpful in locating Stabyhoun puppies for sale. To be honest with you, there are not very many options when it comes to a breeder for the Stabyhoun dog breed.

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