How to Find Boykin Spaniel Puppies for Sale

The Boykin Spaniel is a newer purebred dog breed that was only just developed in the 20th century. This medium-sized dog breed was created to be a hunting dog but can excel in many different areas. Are you trying to find Boykin Spaniel puppies for sale? Here you will see some very reputable breeders for the breed.

Boykin Spaniel Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Boykin Spaniel Puppy?

For your new Boykin Spaniel puppy, the amount you pay will range per breeder. Prices will range from hobby breeders to breeders that have pedigree bloodlines and are registered with the kennel club. Expect to spend $1,200 to $3,000 for a Boykin Spaniel puppy.

Obviously, there are more expenses for dogs than just their purchase price. You will need to budget for veterinarian expenses, food, training if you are hiring someone to do this, toys, etc.

What Two Breeds Make a Boykin Spaniel?

You might find this surprising, but the Boykin Spaniel was developed in the 20th century. History says that a brown spaniel was found and showed amazing effort in hunting and retrieving.

Alexander White and Whit Boykin were so impressed with that dog that they decided to cross it with the following dog breeds the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cocker, English Springer, and the American Water Spaniel. This resulted into the Boykin Spaniel that we know today. The breed was accepted into the American Kennel Club in 2009.

Are Boykin Spaniels Good House Dogs?

Yes, the Boykin Spaniel will make for an excellent family companion. However, this breed is very active and may require potential owners to spend time outdoors exercising with them. This is definitely a huge consideration when it comes to this dog breed if you are not looking for a highly active dog breed. Also, it is important to note that if your dog is socialized properly, it will do well with children and other pets.

Boykin Spaniel Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Boykin Spaniel Breeder?

Finding a reputable Boykin Spaniel can be difficult if you are unsure where to look. This is a purebred dog breed, so it is important to find breeders who are breeding their dogs for standard and ones that are registered with a kennel club. Here you will find four breeders that have Boykin Spaniel puppies for sale.

Valley Way Kennel

Valley Way Kennel is located in Huntsville, Alabama. They breed the Boykin Spaniel as well as train them. Whenever they decide they are going to breed a dog, it first gets approved by their veterinarian. This ensures that they have the healthiest Boykin Spaniel puppies for sale as possible.

When training, they take the approach of low force along with positive reinforcement, which creates a very well-rounded dog. Not only does this breeder train the dogs, but it will also get you, the owner, involved so you know how to do things with your dog whatever that may be properly.

The Boykin Spaniel puppies for sale will be great for any family that has an interest in hunting, water fowling, and much more. If you need new information about upcoming litters of puppies, it will be important to contact the breeder through email.

Currently, no applications are being accepted until they have a confirmed litter. Then they post on social media and have an application on the webpage for potential owners to fill out. This is definitely a great option when it comes to a breeder for the Boykin Spaniel breed. Check them out here:

Thunder Gulch Boykins

This next breeder is located near Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. This is another breeder that is registered with the AKC ensuring they are breeding high-quality Boykin Spaniel puppies for sale. Typically, this breeder has one to two litters each year.

Their dogs get screened before breeding to make sure they are healthy. They are also DNA tested and microchipped. This screening process allows for the breeder to pick out the best pairings for breeding. Currently, all puppies have been sold until a new litter comes available.

The best way to stay up to date on litters is by getting in contact with the breeder and staying in touch for updates. The goal is to give you the dog you are looking for. The dogs from this breeder are the best of both worlds as they can be in the field retrieving, but they can also relax with you and your family in your home. You can find out more about this breeder here:

Dog Paw Prints

Draco Kennels Quality Gundogs

Draco Kennels is located in rural Kentucky, and the entire property is fenced in with lots of space for the dogs to play around in. This breeder’s ultimate goal is to raise the very best and most well-rounded dogs. Socialization is one of the most important things to this breeder, so all dogs and puppies get to socialize together.

The breeders also spend many hours making sure that the dogs are getting plenty of socialization. From young children, adults, and even the elderly, these dogs are getting used to a variety of different things. The Boykin Spaniel puppies for sale from this breeder can be companion dogs, gun dogs, or even service dogs.

This breeder has a couple of litters happening or planned. The breeder is currently reserving puppies from upcoming litters, and their Boykin Spaniels generally cost $1,200. You will need to ask the breeder about specific details pertaining to that litter, but a $500 deposit is usually placed to reserve your puppy or spot for one.

Again, you will definitely want to email the breeder to learn more about litters, spots, and deposits. You can view all of this and more here:

Pocotaligo Kennel

Pocotaligo Kennel is a very reputable and long-time running kennel as it was founded in 1986. They have specialized in the Boykin Spaniel dog breed. Currently, the breeder is located in Bishopville, South Carolina.

They are breeding and training dogs here, and Km will be the one that can help you train your dog for gun dog basics or anything to do with performance events. The litters of Boykin Spaniels you will find here will be registered with the AKC, UKC, and the BSS.

Puppies will come with pedigree information, tails docks, de-wormed, first vaccinations, microchipped, dewclaws removed, and much more. These puppies will cost $3,500 unless otherwise stated, and a non-refundable deposit will need to be placed to hold your puppy. This will cost $250.

Before purchasing a puppy, you will need to fill out a puppy questionnaire form. These are just some basic questions for the breeder to let them know more about you. This is another very reputable Boykin Spaniel breeder you can purchase from. Check their webpage out here:

Boykin Spaniel Rescue

Boykin Spaniel Rescue

Purebred dog breeds have their own rescues. Mixed dog breeds, it is very hard to find one. The Boykin Spaniel is a purebred dog breed which means there is a rescue out there called the Boykin Spaniel Rescue.

This rescue was founded in 2000 and has grown to 300 helpful volunteers. Their mission is to raise funds for Boykin Spaniels in need, whether this means medical or emotional needs, and then rehabilitate the dog into a new home.

If you are interested in getting a dog in need of a home, I strongly encourage you to check out this rescue. You can view their available dogs for rescue and read more about the adoption process.


Did you find this helpful in your search for a Boykin Spaniel puppy for sale? I hope so, as that was my goal to refer you to reputable sources that would be able to get you your dream dog. Do you own a Boykin Spaniel? Share about your dog or the one you are getting in the comments below.

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