Where to Find Beauceron Puppies for Sale

Has your search for Beauceron puppies for sale fallen short from the lack of availability? If you said yes, then I am here to help you by recommending a variety of breeders that have Beauceron puppies for sale.

Keep reading on to learn how much a Beauceron costs and the breeders we have recommended for you to check out.

Beauceron Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Beauceron puppy cost?

The Beauceron is a purebred dog breed, so it will be more expensive than some mixed breeds. You can expect to pay around $1,000 to $2,500 for a Beauceron puppy.

Keep in mind that is an estimated cost, and some breeders may actually charge more. Do not worry, as I have given you four reputable breeders to choose from, and you can price compare.

If you still feel like that is out of your budget, you can go the rescue route and look to see if there are any Beauceron’s in your area. This dog breed can certainly be rare to find in a rescue, so you may have to search for a while.

Beauceron Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Beauceron Breeder

Below is a list of reputable Beauceron breeders that have Beauceron puppies for sale.

Joie De Vie Beaucerons

This is a family breeding practice located in the beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. When breeding the Beauceron breed, this family’s goal is to follow the standard set by the American Kennel Club.

They breed for standard, temperament, and looks when it comes to their Beauceron dogs. All of the dogs and puppies are raised right inside of their home.

Puppies start a variety of things a few weeks after their born, such as potty training, socialization with many family members, and enrichment activities such as new sounds and experiences. It is very important that you continue to use this socialization and experience method once you get your puppy home.

The breeder is here to support and help every dog owner that purchases one of their puppies. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact the breeder to get some guidance.

If you’re interested in owning a puppy from them, you can fill out a puppy application to be considered. They are registered with the AKC making them a very reputable breeder to choose from.

See what Beauceron puppies they have for sale here: http://www.joiedeviebeaucerons.com/index.html

Svajone Kennels

This mother-daughter team that runs Svajone Kennels is located right outside of Portland, Oregon. They both work very hard to put out high-quality Beauceron puppies along with some other dog breeds.

Pregnant females and puppies are looked after 24/7 and displayed on a live video feed that owners who have claimed puppies get to see. All puppies are raised with the puppy culture program.

If you’re interested in getting a puppy, they request that you fill out a puppy questionnaire that way, the owners can get to know you more. Based on your answers, they place the puppy’s personalities with the new potential owners.

They do request a deposit since you get to the point of reserving a puppy. This deposit costs $250. Their puppies start at $2,500. They will ship the puppy to you by your nearest airport if you cannot come to pick the puppy up in person.

They have an upcoming litter page where you will find a few planned litters each year. TO get more specific details and to reserve, a puppy of your own, go here: https://www.svajonekennels.com/

Paws & Bones

Wanderlust Beaucerons

This woman who runs Wanderlust Beaucerons is located in North part of Fort Worth, Texas. She acquired her first Beauceron and began going to shows and sport competitions with her dog. There she met someone who gave her a lot of valuable information about the dog breeding world.

Now she has a breeding operation with a partner/mentor and plans on having more and more litters. All dogs get health tested to ensure their show quality and that there are no genetic defects.

Puppies come with a limited registration and, in some cases, with a full registration if discussed with the breeder. Puppies get well-loved and cared for until they go home to a new owner.

Dogs do not stay in a kennel all day, only when the breeder goes out to keep the dogs from getting into things. When she is home, dogs are allowed to walk around freely, sleeping in her bed or on the couch. Each puppy gets socialized around other dogs, cats, and a variety of livestock.

You will need to place a non-refundable deposit to secure a spot for a potential body. To place a deposit, you will need to contact the breeder here: http://www.wanderlustbeaucerons.com/

Beaucerons Des Monts Du Lac

The owners of this breeding operation have been breeding since 1997 and have had over 45 litters of puppies over all those years. The dogs this owner, owns have won extensive rewards in both the United States and Europe.

One of their dogs has even won the American Kennel Clubs Best in show competitions making history that day. So, they have some very impressive dogs that they have had and raised.

You can view pictures on their website of their male and female Beaucerons to get an idea of what the puppies might look like.

They have current litters set for later this year and will have a reservation list later. Make sure that you contact the owner to find out the process of reserving a puppy from a future litter, as well as deposit information.

You can check out this kennel here: https://www.beauceron-north-america.com/

Beauceron Rescue

Beauceron Rescue

Another great way to acquire the Beauceron dog breed is by checking with local rescues around you to see if they have any Beauceron puppies for sale or adult dogs.

The American Beauceron Club has its own rescue part of their club. Their goal is to find each dog a permanent home where they will flourish and be happy. The adoption fee for their dogs is $300, which is definitely cheaper than getting a Beauceron from a breeder.

All dogs that come into the rescue facility get checked over by a vet to get spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

This is a great way to save the life of a dog in need. Even if you do not want to adopt, you can still leave a donation to the rescue to help them out with their medical and food expenses for the dogs.


Did you find my article helpful in finding where you can find Beauceron puppies for sale? Good, I am glad that you did. If you own a Beauceron, let us know in the comments below.

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