How to Find Eurasier Puppies for Sale

Not many people know much about the Eurasier dog breed as it is rare here in the United States. There aren’t many breeders here like there are in other parts of the world.

The Eurasier is a purebred dog breed that is part of a Foundation Stock Service, which helps it become a fully recognized dog breed to get breeders to further the breeds lines.

This is a beautiful medium size dog breed that has a very fluffy appearance. It is a very loyal and smart dog companion.

Below you will find some very reputable breeders that have Eurasier puppies for sale.

Eurasier Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Eurasier Puppy Cost?

Eurasier’s are a purebred breed that can be kind of expensive. You can find one from a reputable breeder priced between $1,500 to $2,500. Most breeders will fall into this range, but some could be over that price based on bloodline, title, clubs recognized, etc.

Don’t forget that your dog will have additional costs throughout its life, such as food, pet supplies, and even medical bills. Start budgeting for your dream dog and work the numbers to see if you can afford to own a Eurasier.

If the purchase price still seems like too much, you can contact a rescue to see what they have available.

Eurasier Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Eurasier Breeder

Here are some links to very reputable Eurasier Breeders that have Eurasier puppies for sale often.

Cerasi Eurasiers

This breeder got its first Eurasier in 2012. After that, the breeder became obsessed and purchased more and more Eurasier’s. This breeder started going to shows in Canada showing off the dogs. Now, this breed breeds their Eurasiers occasionally.

This breeder is located close to Victoria, Canada. They are part of the Canadian Kennel Club and the United States and Canadian Eurasier Club of America. This breeder’s goal is to preserve this dog breed by sticking to the standard guidelines.

All of the puppies that their dogs yield get raised on the puppy culture program. All puppies get raised in the breeder’s home. They stay with the mom, and the owners provide optimal care and begin training through enrichment.

The breeder highly recommends continuing with the puppy culture program throughout its life. If you want to get a Eurasier puppy from this breeder, you will want to contact them. The breeder will want you to fill out an application to make sure you are the right fit for one of their puppies.

You can check out this breeder here:

Braxena Eurasiers

The breeder that runs Braxena Eurasiers is named Rhiannon and she is located in California. She and her husband got their first Eurasier in 2008. They brought back their dog Lena from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Eventually, they acquired other Eurasier dogs and had their first litter in 2019. She and her dogs are part of the United States Eurasier Club and the one in Canada also. She is also part of the Eurasier Association UK and the well-known Natural Rearing Breeders Association.

When you decide that you want to purchase a Eurasier puppy from Rhiannon, she requests that you fill out an application. This allows her to know that you are interested, and then she gets to know a little more about you.

She has just had her first litter and plans to continue breeding in the future. If you would like to see pictures from the past litter and just some photos of her dogs, she has them on her site.

This is definitely a very reputable United States Eurasier breed to consider. You can check her out here:

Dog Bones


The breeder at Timber Spitz has been actively working with dogs for the past 60 years. When she was an adult, she started out breeding and showing the Keeshond dog breed. In 2014 she expanded and got her first Eurasier from the United Kingdom.

She took her dog to shows and got the AKC First Of Breed which made it the first-ever Eurasier recognized for conformation by the AKC. They established their first litter of Eurasier puppies in 2019.

Her dogs are part of the United States Eurasier Club, CKC, and a few other clubs. All of her dogs are raised with the puppy culture program. They plan on continuing to have more and more litters of Eurasier puppies each year.

Right now, you will not know when their next litter is unless you contact them. You can view a variety of lovely dog pictures on their website too.

Check out more information here:

Edelweiss Eurasiers

This is a family full of breeders that all work together to produce the highest quality Eurasiers. They have had Eurasier puppies for sale since 2002. They are recognized by the Eurasier Club of Canada for their dog and puppies.

This family ensures that they stick to the standards set for this dog breed. They breed to further the breed to create very high-quality dogs. All of the dogs have been health tested before they breed.

After the puppies are born, they all get a lot of attention and stimulation through play. Stimulation is very important for this dog breed. This breed needs to be stimulated through its brain, so activities that are new and toys that stimulate that neurological stimulation are great. This breeder will start this with your dog.

The best way to acquire a puppy from this breeder is first to contact them by email. The breeder will tell you the next steps, whether through application or interview, to get approved for a puppy. You can find more information here:

Eurasier Adoption

Eurasier for Adoption

Most dog breeds have their own specific rescue or organization that is dedicated to saving and rehoming dogs in need. The Eurasier Club of Canada and the United States have their own shared rescue for the Eurasier dog breed.

Whatever the reason might be, they take in any Eurasier and work to find it a safe a suitable home for the rest of its life. They have specific contact information for the United States and Canada, so you will have to contact the correct one depending on where you live.

Remember that rescues will charge a smaller fee to adopt a Eurasier dog.


Now you have an idea of how much a Eurasier will cost and have some links to reputable breeders that have Eurasier puppies for sale. If you own one or have ever seen one before, let me know in the comments below.

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