How to Find Toller Puppies for Sale

Not many people have heard of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, also known as the Toller. It is the smallest dog of the Retriever dog breeds. It uses a technique called Tolling when helping owns hunt ducks in the water.

This breed is very special and often sometimes confused with the Golden Retriever because they look so similar. The big difference is that the Toller is smaller. Are you interested in owning your own Toller? Then you came to the right place because I have four breeders to recommend to you that have Toller puppies for sale.

Toller Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Toller Puppy Cost?

A Toller puppy can range from $1,000 to $3,000. Each breeder will obviously price their dogs differently based on different factors. Sometimes breeders who are registered with the AKC have their dogs priced higher because they are registered and actually won potentially AKC events.

Are Tollers Good Family Dogs?

Yes, the Toller is a great family dog. This breed has a lot of great traits that would be great for a family. This breed is intelligent, alert, friendly, and can have some high energy tendencies. If you plan on using your dog for hunting and as a family companion, you will get a great combination of both.

Reputable Toller Breeders

Here I have four reputable breeders who are all breeding Toller puppies for sale. If you are searching for this type of puppy, I highly suggest checking out these breeders. Remember that there are other breeders out there, but these are just my recommendations for you.

Toller Puppy For Sale

Cedar Creek Duck Tollers

The breeder at Cedar Creek Duck Tollers is dedicated to producing the highest quality Tollers around. They make sure their dogs are not only great hunters but also amazing family companions. This breeder has been breeding dogs for the past twenty years.

The breeder has their dogs registered with the AKC and also have performed in the conformation ring and won many AKC championships. In addition, in the past ten years, the breeder has been training hunting dogs for themselves and other people.

Not only does the breeder have Toller puppies for sale, but they also offer stud services if you have a female with breeding rights. You can also ask for training support from the breeder too. The best way to get your very own Toller puppy is by contacting the breeder and seeing when the next litter will be available.

All puppies are completely health tested and get up to date on all of their vaccinations. The puppies get socialized by all the family members in the home. The best way to let the breeder know you are interested in owning a puppy is by contacting the breeder through the contact us section of their website. You can check that out here:

Cyon Tollers

The breeder at Cyon Tollers first got into this dog breed in 2000 when a breeder Dee Nicholas introduced her to the breed. She fell in love and waited over a year for her puppy to be born. When she went to see the puppy in person, it was like the dog chose her as its person.

Today she now has six Tollers that are all her pets. She loves each one dearly, and they have a great relationship. She does breed her dogs and does it by focusing on health as the number one priority. All of the puppies are raised in the home and are watched, cared for, and loved until they go home to their new owner. This breeder also likes to keep in touch with the owners she sells the puppies to.

All of her Tollers are registered with the AKC, and she is an AKC breeder of merit. She is located on 1.5 acres of land in Davie, Florida. I am not sure how often this breeder has puppies for sale, but you can certainly contact her to find out when.

This is a great option to get your dream Toller puppies for sale. You can view the breeder’s website here:

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TNT Tollers

The last but not least breeder for us to share with you is TNT Tollers. Unfortunately, this breeder does not have a whole lot of information on their website, but they are a reputable breeder option for you to choose from.

For the past two decades, this family has been involved with the Toller dog breed and absolutely fell in love with it. The dogs are a very big part of their lives, and they are all hunting and family companions.

This breeder is located in the state of Oklahoma around the city of Edmond. Their website has pictures and descriptions of all of the dogs that they own. They strive to keep all of their dogs up to date on vaccinations, appointments, etc. Health of their dogs is one of the breeder’s number one priority. In fact, every puppy comes with a two-year health guarantee.

It looks like their dogs may have just had a recent litter, so I am unsure of when the next litter will be. Of course, you can always email the breeder to ask your questions and inquire about upcoming litters.

Explore this breeder’s site here: To get more information you may have about the Toller dog breed.

Toller Rescue

Toller Rescue

Rescues are important because some people believe in adopt don’t shop, which is a catchy way of saying you should save dogs that are in need of homes. I was able to find one rescue called Toller Rescue. It is a non-profit organization that takes in Tollers in need of new homes.

They provide shelter, medical care, and even rehabilitation until or before the dog gets adopted into its new home. This is a volunteer-based rescue of people dedicating their time to help these dogs.

If you are interested in getting a Toller through adoption, then I suggest looking into this rescue.


Now you have some sort of idea on where you can find a Toller puppy. I know searching for a breeder can be a difficult process, so that Is why I wanted to make it easy for you. You can begin your search with those breeders I recommended above, all have Toller puppies for sale. Let me know in the comment if you own a Toller.

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