Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?

Have you ever wondered if male dogs have nipples? Well, they actually do have nipples, but why do male dogs have them? Find out the answer to these interesting questions as well as health concerns with male nipples.

Do Male Dogs Have Nipples

Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?

Yes, male dogs have nipples, just like the females. Obviously, their nipples are not able to produce milk the ones the female dog has.

Nipples form on mammals during the gestation period before the gender is even developed. Female dogs will milk in the mammary tissue, and the males will not.

The number of nipples on a male dog can vary, with some dogs only having eight and others having up to ten.

The male dog nipples will be in the same area as the female counterparts. The nipples will create two rows going down your dog’s torso, starting at the chest and going down near the dog’s groin.

What Do Boy Dog Nipples Look Like?

The nipples on a boy dog look very similar to a female. It will look like a small bump or mole on the skin of your dog.

The nipple can feel quite rough to the touch, and many people mistake their dog’s nipple for a bug bite or some sort of pimple.

If your male dog’s nipples look swollen or abnormal, they may have something medical going on, and it would be best for you to take your dog to the vet to be looked at.

How Many Nipples Do Male Dogs Have?

Male dogs depending on the dog breeds size, can have between eight and ten nipples. Larger dog breeds typically have ten nipples.

Each nipple your dog has, has a name that is associated with it; they are:

  • First pair at the top are called cranial thoracic nipples.
  • Second pair is called caudal thoracic.
  • Third pair is called cranial abdominal nipples.
  • Fourth pair is called caudal abdominal nipples.
  • Lastly, your dog will have a pair of inguinal nipples.

The nipples on a male dog can be very hard to find, especially if your dog has a very thick long-haired coat. The nipples will also be much smaller than a female dog’s nipples.

They can either be closely resembled to your dog’s skin color or even slightly pigmented.

Why Do Male Dogs Have Nipples

Why Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?

The male dog nipple does not serve a single purpose. As you know already, the male nipple does not fill up with milk.

All mammals have nipples, and this is just our genetic makeup. Every dog will start out the same in its embryo form.

It isn’t until later that the change is made, making your dog either male or female. So, nipples are formed before that change.

Male mammals have not evolved further for the removal of nipples yet. So, for now, the nipples on male dogs and even human males will remain.

Health Concerns for Male Dog Nipples

Even though your dog will not be using its nipples, it is very important to still check them from time to time. Your dog’s nipple health can tell you a lot about your dog’s overall health.

If you see any of the changes below or anything suspicious, you will need to get your dog looked at by a veterinarian. Check out the things to look for below:

Swollen Nipples or Enlargement

If you notice your dog’s nipples seem swollen or enlarged, it can be a sign of something more serious going on, such as testicular cancer or even a tumor.

It is very important that you take your dog to the vet to be checked out to rule out any cancers or tumors.

Lumps Under the Skin

If you notice that your dog has a strange lump under the skin, it could be due to a growth on the mammary gland or even a tumor in that area. This is very common in females, but it can also affect males too just less common.

Color Changes

If the color of your male dog’s nipples changes slightly, it is likely due to just age, especially if your dog is older. This something you generally won’t have to worry about unless the color of the nipple appears to be very red and hot to the touch. That would be a sign of an infection.


Boy dog nipples should not leak or secrete anything. If it does, it is due to a medical condition such as an abscess. This could have happened for various reasons, but the most common is due to a puncture or cut to the nipple causing it to get infected.

What Do Boy Dog Nipples Look Like

Is That a Tick or a Nipple?

Many dog owners actually mistake the male nipple for a tick and try to remove it from the dog. This can cause your dog an extreme amount of pain if you pull on the nipple with tweezers. So, you may be wondering how do you tell the difference?

The most obvious sign that you have a tick instead of a nipple is you will see little tiny legs and arms on the tick.

Another way to ensure it’s not a tick and a nipple is to count your dog’s nipples. Your dog can have between eight to ten on the torso of the body. The nipples will be in two rows across from each other.

If your dog has a nipple and then something that looks like a nipple right next to each other, then it might possibly be a tick or a skin tag.

Why Does my Dog Have Nine Nipples?

It is not uncommon for people to find an odd number of nipples on them. Some dogs actually only have nine, and that is completely fine. Your dog will not be disabled in any way for only having nine since the male nipple has no function anyway.

The cause for the odd number of nipples is unknown; it was likely due to the dog breed’s size and perhaps a genetic defect. You don’t have to worry if your dog has extra or fewer nipples than supposed to.


Now you know that male dogs also have nipples, just like the females. They don’t have a function like the females do, so they are completely harmless. Just remember that you will still want to take a look once in a while to check out the area and make sure it isn’t red or swollen.

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