Where to Find Chinook Puppies for Sale

In the year 1965, the Guinness Book of World Records recorded the Chinook breed as one of the rarest dog breeds, only having a few hundred left in existence.

Thankfully the breed has not gone extinct, but there still aren’t as many breeders of this dog breed. The few breeders that do breed the Chinook breed know just how important it is to preserve this wonderful dog.

The Chinook is also the state dog of New Hampshire because it was first developed here in the late 1800s.

In this article, tell you about some reputable breeders that have Chinook puppies for sale. Keep reading on to learn more.

Chinook Puppies

How Much Does a Chinook Puppy Cost?

The Chinook is a rare breed to acquire. There are not many breeders out there that have and breed the Chinook breed. This will therefore affect the price making you pay more for a Chinook dog breed. You should expect to spend between $600 to $2,000 for a puppy.

Also, each breeder is different, so one may charge more, and another may even charge less than the expected amount.

If the breeder is accepted and registered with the American Kennel Club, then it will likely affect the price and make the puppies more expensive.

A female can have between three and six puppies in a litter. This breed can usually only have one litter each year, so you may be waiting on a waiting list for quite a while until you get your new puppy.

Chinook Puppies For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Chinook Breeder?

Here are a few examples of reputable breeders that have Chinook puppies for sale.

Intervale Chinooks

This breeder named their kennel after the New Hampshire training grounds from the Arthur Walden’s Chinooks. The breeder has been actively breeding and furthering the Chinook breed since 1998.

Their kennel and dogs are recognized and registered with the American Kennel Club, receiving them a breeder of merit. All of their dogs have been genetic tested for certain conditions. They make sure their breeding dogs pass their genetic tests.

This breeder has had multiple litters throughout the years, and they are still producing Chinook puppies. To get more specific information on upcoming litters, you would need to email the owner directly.

They work with another breeder located in Oregon to produce puppies as well. To learn more about Intervale Chinooks you can go here: http://www.intervalechinooks.net/

Desert Sol Chinooks

The owners Jon and Kristy, both love the Chinook dog breed. They are located in Gilbert, Arizona, and are known as a hobby breeder. Kyra is the first dog from their pack and the leading matriarch. Her puppies have been placed in homes across 18 states.

They have a few upcoming litters of Chinook puppies. They usually have one litter each year. If you are interested in getting a puppy from this breeder, they do request that you fill out a puppy application to learn more about you.

Desert Sol also has a Facebook page that gives more real-time updates on their dogs and if they are expecting a litter. They post pictures and respond to comments there.

If you want to be considered for a future litter with Desert Sol, then you will need to get in contact with them here: http://www.desertsolchinooks.com/index.html

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Swiss Chinooks

The hobby breeders responsible for the kennel Swiss Chinooks is located in Switzerland. They want to be one of the first breeders outside of the United States to share their love of this dog breed with everyone else.

They acquired their female dog from the breeder we talked about above, Desert Sol Chinooks. Their dogs Nana and Manuk, are the only two dogs they have right now. They have recently been bred together and had a beautiful litter in February.

If you are interested in a Chinook puppy and you live in another country or in Europe, then I suggest you contact them to see if they have any available puppies available. They are a newer breeder that will produce very high quality Chinook puppies.

To check out their website and to learn more about this breeder go here: https://www.swisschinookdogs.ch/

Mystique Pond Farm

We have one more reputable breeder to suggest to you, and that is the breeder that owns Mystique Pond Farms. This breeder breeds not only the fantastic Chinook dog but also sport horses.

The family, horses, and dogs all live on a 21-acre farm located in Central, Flordia. This is a newer Chinook breeder as they have only been breeding since 2020. The family will continue to breed their dogs and will have more litters available soon.

All of the dogs get plenty of playtime outside and get used to a lot of new experiences being on a farm and around horses. They have a Facebook and Youtube page where they post updates on the farm and their animals.

If you are interested and near Flordia, then you should contact this breeder to see when the next litter will be available. You can go here for more information: https://mystiquepondfarm.com/

Chinook Rescue

Chinook Puppies For Adoption

Sometimes dogs are surrendered or left behind when a family moves and end up in a shelter or rescue. Unfortunately, this is the case for many dogs no matter the dog breed.

The Chinook Owners Association is a club for Chinook owners. They provide a breeder directory for people looking for a Chinook puppy as well as a rescue where people can adopt any Chinook’s that have been turned over and in need of a good home.

Their goal is to find the Chinook dog a new loving home that can care for the dog for the rest of its life. The Chinook dog breed is quite rare to find, and most of the time, you won’t see one in a rescue, but now and then, there may be one looking for a home.

If you want to go the rescue route, you can contact this association and see if there are any dogs waiting to be adopted.


As you may already know, the Chinook dog is quite rare and almost extinct. Since this breed can be so hard to find, I wanted to create a directory with a few reputable breeds that produce and have Chinook puppies for sale.

Have you ever seen a Chinook dog in person? Do you own a Chinook dog? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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