European Great Dane Puppies for Sale

European Great DaneThe main difference between the American Great Dane and the European Great Dane comes down to the breeding practices. Over time the physical appearance has changed and made these two different types of Danes.

The European Great Danes generally have a broader appearance and have bigger heads than the American ones. They also tend to be heavier and weigh more too.

The European Great Dane originated in Germany, where it was used primarily for hunting due to the impressive size and muscular build of the dog. These dogs hunted boars most of the time as well as bears and deer.

Eventually, the dog breed became a companion dog, and even today, many people love this breed.

In this article, I have found a few European Great Dane breeders that sell European Great Dane Puppies for Sale!

European Great Dane Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a European Great Dane Puppy Cost?

Great Danes are not cheap puppies in general and European Great Danes are even more. You can expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,500 depending on the breeder.

Many breeders charge a lot more for their puppies due to many factors, including pedigree, registration, bloodline, reputation, and much more.

Some breeders even price their European Great Dane based on the color of the coat. A harlequin may cost more than a blue.

Keep in mind there are other affordable ways to get the dog of your dreams. Look at a rescue or a shelter and see if they have a Great Dane you might be interested in.

The only downside of this option is that it may be very rare and difficult to find a puppy from a rescue.

Below you will find some excellent breeders that are experts in breeding European Great Dane puppies.

European Great Dane Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable European Great Dane Breeder?

Here are some awesome reputable and American Kennel Club registered European Great Dane Breeders:

The Dane Haven

The owners of Dane Haven live on a ten-acre lot in the Volusia county of Flordia. They fell in love with the Great Dane breed over two years ago and acquired many Great Danes since then.

Some of their dogs have even come from Germany, which gives them that European bloodline. They specialize in breeding the European Great Dane specifically.

They also get a wide variety of colors in their puppies, including black, mantles, merle, blues, and even harlequins. Their goal in breeding is to produce puppies with amazing health, temperament, size, and conformation.

Each puppy comes with a limited American Kennel Club registration and a health guarantee. They do not accept any deposits on a waiting list and will only ask for a deposit once they have an available puppy.

They breed a few times each year. To find out more information about Dane Haven go here:

Beefcake Danes

The breeder at Beefcake Danes only has imported Great Danes that way; you know you are getting a 100% European Bloodline Dane. All puppies come with a full American Kennel Club registration.

Beefcake Danes make sure to treat all of the puppies that come into their home like family. They get plenty of love and care from all family members.

Their female dogs are on a breeding rotation, so they have a few litters each year. When they have a dog expecting, they make an announcement on their website.

They price their puppies based on the coloring it takes on. They will include shipping and the full registry from AKC.

For more information based upon puppy availability, you can contact them here:

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Antry Danes

All the dogs at Antry Danes come from bloodlines and backgrounds of champion European dogs. All of the dogs used for breeding have an American Kennel Club registration and have been health tested.

Their dogs are raised in their beautiful home located on 80 acres in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They take pride in the way they raise each and every puppy. Puppies start receiving training after the first few days of birth and continue training until they go home to you.

When you purchase a puppy, the cost is based on the color of the dog. Each dog has its puppy shots, microchipped, and comes with a two-year health guarantee.

They do want you to fill out a questionnaire to get to know you, and then they will contact you and give you steps to place a deposit down on a dog.

Find out more about Antry Danes here:

Maverick Danes

The kennel at Maverick Danes is located in Raeford, North Carolina. All of their European Great Danes live inside their home where they receive lots of countless love and attention.

The dogs have access to the outside whenever they want, and they are allowed to run and play. They have a variety of litters each year, and they only breed European Great Danes in the colors blue brindle, blue fawn, and blue.

Their puppies range in price from $2,200 to $2,500, and their puppies come vaccinated, dewormed, dew claws removed, microchipped, and AMK registered.

Fill out their puppy questionnaire, and you can get on a waiting list to wait for a puppy from a future litter.

Check out Maverick Danes here:

Great Dane Rescue

Locate a European Great Dane Rescue

Sometimes people decide to go the adoption route. This is an excellent way to acquire a dog quicker than waiting on a waiting list for a puppy. Keep in mind most rescues have older adult dogs in need of new homes. It will be rare to find a puppy.

The Great Dane Rescue is a non-profit rescue that specializes in rehoming Great Danes in need of a home. They work in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and even Canada.

When you do find a dog that you want to adopt, you will need to fill out an adoption application and get approved first.

Check them out to see what dogs they have available they have exactly what you are looking for.


How is your search going looking for your dream dog? Does the European Great Dane check all the boxes of what you are looking for?

I hope this article was very helpful for you to give you a few places to look for European Great Dane puppies for sale. Let me know if you plan on getting one!

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