Where to Find Belgian Tervuren Puppies for Sale

Have you ever heard of the famous Belgian Tervuren? This purebred dog breed has been around for a very long time and was first seen in the Belgian countryside, where it was used to herd animals and guard flocks.

The Belgian Tervuren was accepted into the AKC in the year 1918. If you would like a beautiful looking dog to add to your own, definitely keep reading on to learn how to find Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale.

Belgian Tervuren Puppy For Sale

How Much do Belgian Tervuren Puppies Cost?

The Belgian Tervuren tends to be more affordable than other purebred dog breeds. You can expect to pay between $1,500 to $2,000 for a Belgian Tervuren puppy. Keep in mind if you cannot budget that much for a dog, you can always go the adoption route.

Keep in mind there will be quite a lot of expenses when you own a puppy. Not just in the cost of the food but also the supplies, vet bills, and things you will buy for your dog. You have to truly budget if you want to own a dog and make sure you can afford it.

Belgian Tervuren Puppies For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Belgian Tervuren Breeder

Here you will find four really awesome breeders who have multiple Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale.

Aftershock Belgians

Aftershock Kennel started in 1981, and their goal is to produce high-quality winning and show companions. They board and breed Belgian Tervuren dogs to make more champions. The breeder has its dogs registered with the AKC and is known as a breeder of merit from them.

They are currently breeding Belgian Tervuren’s together and have a few upcoming litters. To get considered for a litter, you must follow the necessary steps. First is by filling out a puppy application. You will have some questions to answer about what you’re looking for and your home life.

If you would like to see more pictures as well as information on each of their dogs, you can do that on their site. There are some really great photos on the site that you can look at where the dogs have won past competitions and shows.

If you are only looking for a puppy, then make sure you contact the breeder as soon as possible; that way, you can be considered for an upcoming litter. Check out the breeder’s website here: https://www.aftershockbelgians.com/

Revelry Tervurens

Here we have another breeder that also has Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale, but it is very hard to find information about the breeder on their website. It looks like the breeder made a new site and hasn’t completely filled it out.

They do have a variety of different photos of their dogs that you can view and a little paragraph about the dog breed. In addition, the breeder does have an entire page about upcoming litters with photos that you can click on.

I do not see much information about when each litter is supposed to be expected on the website, but you will find some pictures in that section. If you want to learn more from the breeder, then I suggest filling out the puppy buyer application. This can be your first attempt at contacting the breeder, and hopefully, the breeder will respond back to you.

So that is another option for you to check out here: https://www.revelrytervuren.com/

Paws & Bones

Grey Wolfe Belgians

Grey Wolfe Belgians began as a one-woman show with their founding dog Greyson. Greyson became the best dog that the owner had ever had. Now today, the breeder’s goal is to get more people used to the Belgian Tervuren breed and give every person that great dog companion.

The owner of this small breeding operation has about one litter each year. However, there may be an occasion when the breeder has more than one litter. If there is more than one litter, there will be information on the breeder’s website.

Unfortunately, this is another breeder that does not have a whole lot of information on its website. If you want answers to important questions or just want to learn more about the breeder, I recommend messaging the breeder.

The message will go through email, and hopefully, you will get a response. While writing the breeder, you can inquire about the next litter and see if you can be put on a waiting list.

You can view the breeder’s website here: https://www.greywolfeterv.com/

Katahdin Kennel

Katahdin Kennel first started in the breeder’s home state of Maine. The family moved to Missouri in 2014 and still continues to breed Belgian Tervurens. This is a small family breeding operating as they only have four dogs, and their goal is to raise happy and healthy dogs.

All of the dogs get to live inside of this family’s home, and they get plenty of attention and socialization. Before they breed any of their dogs, they have them health tested and OFA/hip certified. They are very careful about selecting which dog to breed and when. The goal is to create very sound, healthy, and happy dogs.

Puppies come with their first round of shots, dewormed, examined by a veterinarian, and a health guarantee. After that, you can choose to either have your dog shipped to you or pick it up in person. The breeders Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale cost $1,700 for a limited registration and $2,000 for a fully registered puppy.

Definitely take a look over the breeder’s webpage to see pictures and other important information about the breeder, their dogs, and how they’re buying a dog process works here: http://www.katahdinbelgians.com/

Belgian Tervuren Rescue

Belgian Tervuren Rescue

Are you someone who prefers to adopt an older dog, or you just aren’t into raising a puppy? Then I have the perfect answer for you. You should adopt a dog from a Belgian Tervuren rescue. The Belgian Tervuren Rescue is a non-profit organization that has dedicated its time and energy to rehoming dogs in need.

You will find purebred Belgian Tervuren’s as well as mixed ones. This rescue also always needs volunteers who can house the dogs while they wait to be adopted into their new family home. You must fill out an application and get approved before you get accepted into purchasing a Belgian Tervuren through adoption.

This is definitely a wonderful way that you can get your dream dog while saving money and giving a dog a second chance at a wonderful home.


Is this your first time learning about the Belgian Tervuren, or have you wanted one for a long time? Thankfully all of the breeders above can help you get Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale. Please let me know in the comments if you plan on getting a Belgian Tervuren puppy.

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