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Natural Balance dog food, founded by the late Dick Van Patten is a pet-owner favorite. Focused on providing only healthy ingredients for your pup’s diet, Natural Balance keeps their products simple with no fillers, and artificial preservatives added – just quality nutrition!

We’ve looked at some of the top product reviews from this brand; if you’re looking for healthier options to keep your canine companion happy and well-fed, check out what we have found below.

What is Natural Balance Dog Food?

Dick Van Patten founded natural balance dog food in 1989. Van is an actor and animal welfare advocate whose goal was to see dog owners feed their dogs whole foods that are of good quality.

Today, Natural Balance is being marketed as a natural health brand that goes with the slogan ‘‘truly the food for a lifetime”. The company has a variety of natural dog food and treats for all stages of life. I have been using Natural Balance for my dogs for many years, and I can confidently say that their products keep them healthy and happy.

The quality is always top-notch, and their ingredients are simple and reliable. Furthermore, the company offers excellent coupons on its website, so check them out before making a purchase! I highly recommend Natural Balance for any pup who needs a natural and healthy diet. With these products, your dog will remain happy and active for years.

Natural Balance Dog Food Review

What is Special About the Natural Balance Dog Food?

There are a few reasons why you will want to purchase the Natural Balance dog food brand for your dog. Let’s discuss them below!

Buyers Confidence

Natural Balance has complete confidence in the quality of their ingredients.

They also want you to have the same confidence level in their brand. To do this, they began the ‘Buy with Confidence Program.’

The program lets dog owners who bought a bag of Natural Balance dog verify their purchase. Once you have your bag, visit their website, select the formula as shown on the bag, and then put the best by date. You will be shown the laboratory test results of the bag you purchased.

It Starts with Ingredients

A unigue thing about Natural Balance dog food is that their ingredients are human-grade. Talk about spoiling your dog!

Natural Balance dog food is an excellent choice for your pup – after all, quality ingredients are important and that’s why this brand takes care to use only human-grade produce. Forget about worrying if the veg in their top five list (chicken, sweet potatoes, chicken broth and two types of potato) meet our furry friends’ standards: they’re good enough for us too! Plus with carbohydrates like these providing them high levels of energy throughout the day you’ve got a winning combo. This brand is ideal if you are worried about the zombie apocolypse!

Made in the USA!

Do your patriotic duty! This brand of dog food is proudly made right here in the United States. The facility that makes this dog food brand is located in sunny California.

This company’s goal is to make a dog food with limited ingredients and use only ingredients that will provide to the overall nutrition for your dog.

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Natural Balance Original Ultra Dry Dog Food

From alpha chicken to duck meal, this grain-free original dog food recipe is a balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients and minerals your pup needs. Formulated with 13% crude fat and 23% crude protein.

It includes wholesome ingredients like potatoes, lettuce, dried carrots, and oat-fiber flaxseeds. No fillers or unnecessary additives. Vitamins A & E bring you peace of mind while amino acids provide the necessary energy requirements for long days spent playing fetch outdoors! Get ready to experience why so many people trust in this signature formula when caring for their beloved four-legged family members.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance brings you their revolutionary L.I.D line, Limited Ingredient Diet. This offers pet owners the chance to provide their four-legged companion with nutritious meals composed of only essential ingredients carefully selected by dog health professionals to ensure a completely balanced diet without all those unnecessary fillers!

The choice is vast: from beef and salmon flavors, sweet potatoes or duck & venison recipes – but we’re sure Real Beef flavor will be your pup’s absolute favorite as it comes packed with 32% protein thanks to its main ingredient – real meaty chunks of 100% pure USDA-inspected beef! Try it today and give your furry friend something they’ll love while helping them stay healthy at the same time.

Natural Balance Dog Food (Small Breed Bites)

Natural Balance has created a revolutionary new product designed with small breeds in mind. This bite-sized kibble makes it easy to chew and swallow for pups who have difficulty managing larger pieces of dog food.

Delicious flavor choices are available, so even Fido can experience the same variety as their bigger canine friends. Sticking to an all-natural diet free from unnecessary additives or fillers, just like Mom used to make! This special treat tastes great, but its crunchiness helps fight plaque buildup on your pup’s teeth. This will keep them healthy, too – what more could you want?

Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Food

Looking for a vegetarian-friendly way to feed your pup? Natural Balance Vegetarian Dog Food is the perfect solution! This unique blend of plant-based proteins, such as brown rice, oat groats and barley provides essential nutrients without any animal or dairy products.

Plus DHA and EPA are added so you can feel confident that your pup’s diet is complete. Those with allergies sensitive to animal protein will find this food especially beneficial. It is an ideal choice for vegan pet parents too! So get ready to give Fido all their nutritional needs in one delicious dish – no meat required!

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low-Calorie Dry Dog Food

Fat pug

Does your pup have a few too many treats? I can personaly relate! Natural Balance dog food is here to the rescue with its tailored low-calorie formula designed specifically for overweight or pre-overweight furballs.

In this delicious blend, you’ll find both premium proteins and fibers that help maintain lean muscles as your pet loses weight – all without feeling hungry! This deliciously balanced combination of chicken meal, dried peas & garbanzo beans (plus 8 other ingredients) helps curb begging while keeping hunger at bay so they can focus on getting back into shape in no time. Give Natural Balance dog food a try and help your pup find their ideal weight!

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food

If your pup prefers their wet food with a kick, then check out this limited ingredient diet. With flavors like chicken, duck, fish and even buffalo- you can pick the perfect protein for your pooch that won’t aggravate allergies or be filled with artificial fillers!

Not only will they love it but also benefit from fewer ingredients. This means all of those goodies are naturally packed into less cans than ever before. And don’t let any broth fool ya; there’s still some goodness left in each one as its made up from cooking juices straight from the tasty proteins!


Now That I have given you an inside look at the brand and all the Natural balance dog food reviews, you can now decide for yourself. Would you be interested in trying out this brand or not?

You can rest easy knowing that your furry friend is going to get optimal nutrition when eating Natural Balance dog food. Let us know down below which product you have tried.

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