Where to Find Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies for Sale

Are you ready to own your very own Kerry Blue Terrier? This beautiful purebred dog breed is part of the Terrier group and can weigh between 33 to 40 pounds. A long time ago, the breed was used in England and Ireland for hunting small game.

Here you will find some recommendations on breeders who have Kerry Blue Terrier puppies for sale all the time. All of the breeders I am recommending to you are AKC registered and produce high-quality puppy lines.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies For Sale

How Much Do Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Cost?

Keep in mind the Kerry Blue Terrier is a purebred breed dog which means if you are purchasing a champion bloodline of high-quality pedigree, it can get expensive.

Expect to pay between $2,000 to $5,000. Again I am not saying you will have to pay $5,000 but if you are looking for a puppy with the best pedigree and bloodlines, then it can cost that much. Most of the time, you will find Kerry Blue Terrier puppies for sale in between that range.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Kerry Blue Terrier Breeder

Trustworthy and reputable breeders can be quite challenging to find. Below you will notice four breeders who are very reputable and have litters of Kerry Blue Terrier puppies for sale.

Krisma Kerries

The breeders at Krisma Kerries have been raising winning and show quality Kerry Blue Terriers since the year 2003. They are registered with the AKC and the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club.

Their goal is to create dogs with the standard the breed is supposed to follow by, ideal temperament, and great bloodlines. Before they breed, they research bloodlines to ensure they are producing top-quality dogs.

The breeders have multiple litters each year, between two to three litters. They post about the two dogs that have been matched together for the litter. There is also a photo album section on their website that allows you to see pictures of their dogs.

I’m not sure what they require for you to be considered for one of their dogs. The first thing I would do if I were you is to reach out to the breeder through email. Express your interest in the dog breed and give some background information about yourself.

This will be your best way to get information about future litters and how to be considered for the waiting list. You can check out the breeder’s website here: http://www.krismakerries.com/

Low Country Kennels

Low Country Kennels is involved in a lot of things such as handling services, grooming, boarding, training, and now breeding. They have been providing clients with all of these services and decided recently to start breeding their Kerry Blue Terriers.

The family that runs Low Country Kennels all work together to give their clients an exceptional experience. This kennel is run by a husband, wife, and son team. Tuesday is the main handler and breeder who works mostly with all of the dogs, George takes the videos and photographs, and their son William is the manager and overseer of the kennel.

Right now, on their website, they do not have very much information on their breeding program. It is still in the works, and if you are seriously interested, I suggest emailing the breeder.

You can inquire to see how much they are projecting for puppies and when they will have their first litter. You can still count on this family to deliver you a healthy puppy based on their extensive knowledge and experience with the dog breed.

Find out more information here: https://lowcountrykennels.com/

Dog Bones

Brenril Kennel

Brenda of Brenda’s Pet Groom Board & More has been professionally grooming dogs since 1991 and started her own grooming business in 1997. Today she is known for her talents and has groomed many dogs who go to competitions and AKC events.

She also shows her own Kerry Blue Terrier’s in AKC events and now even breeds the breed. She has earned the Breeder of Merit reward from the American Kennel Club. Typically you will find Brenda having between one to two litters in a year.

Puppies stay with Brenda until they are eight weeks old, then they can go to their forever home. Puppies get played with, taught training techniques, and given proper socialization at a young age.

Before the Kerry Blue Terrier puppies go to their forever home, they receive first rounds of shots, get a limited registration, microchipped, and de-wormed.

Email is the best way to contact the owner Brenda if you’re interested in a future litter. She has an ongoing waitlist, which means she goes off of that to choose people for puppies.

Check out the website here for more helpful information: http://www.bpgbm.com/index.html


Inishmore is run by a hobby breeder that has their dogs registered with the American Kennel Club. All of the dogs this hobby breeder owns come from champion bloodlines. The dogs get to live inside of the breeders how where they receive lots of attention and love.

With only having four dogs means there will not be a lot of litter each year. People who are put on a waitlist will need to be patient as they wait for a puppy. Each litter of puppies is carefully planned out, making sure only to produce the highest quality dogs around.

The quality of each puppy makes them ready for shows, but if you do not want to bring your dog to shows, you can still own one of these dogs. The breeder has placed some of their Kerry Blue Terrier puppies into companion family homes.

On the breeder’s website, there are a variety of different photo galleries that you can look through to see what their dogs look like as well as some pictures from past litters. Those type of pictures are always fun to look at because that gives you an idea of what your future puppy might look like.

Again more helpful information can be found on the site, as well as where you can find contact information for the breeder: https://inishmoreterriers.com/ You can write the breeder to see when they will have Kerry Blue Terrier puppies for sale

Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue

Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue

One of the best things about purebred breeds is that they usually have their own designated rescue. Rescues are important for a variety of reasons, one being it gives dogs who are in need a temporary home until they can be adopted into their forever one. Another reason is that it can help save dogs who may have medical expenses or from being euthanized.

The Lovin the Blues rescue is designed to do just what we explained above. This rescue was founded in 2002, and they work with amazing people to foster the dogs until the dog is adopted into its new home. You can view their adoptable dogs or even volunteer to house a dog until it is adopted.

Definitely check out the rescue if you don’t mind owning an adult Kerry Blue Terrier. Also, adoption is cheaper than purchasing a puppy!


Have you ever seen or owned your own Kerry Blue Terrier? This is a beautiful dog breed, and many people search for Kerry Blue Terrier puppies for sale. I hope you found this article informative in finding your new puppy. I know how stressful it can be searching for your dream dog.

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