Where to find American Water Spaniel Puppies for Sale

The American Water Spaniel is a dog breed that originated in the United States. This very versatile dog breed is mainly used for hunting gun dog purposes. This breed makes a wonderful family and hunting companion. If you know this is your dream dog, I can help you find American Water Spaniel puppies for sale.

American Water Spaniel Puppies For Sale

How Much Does an American Water Spaniel Cost?

The price you pay will depend on the breeder and the availability. This is a rare breed, so a high demand could affect the price. Overall, you will pay between $1,000 to $2,000 for American Water Spaniel puppies for sale.

Do American Water Spaniels Bark a Lot?

This breed doesn’t necessarily bark a lot but will if you are not properly taking your dog outside for exercise. Dogs that do not get their required amount of exercise can exhibit destructive behavior or disruptive behavior, such as barking. In general, this breed is not yappy like some.

Are American Water Spaniels Rare?

The American Water Spaniel is a rare dog breed and is uncommon to see outside of the Great Lakes area. It is said that there are only over 3,000 American Water Spaniels today. You may have trouble finding a reputable breeder, so I created this article to help you get your dream dog.

American Water Spaniel For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable American Water Spaniel Breeder?

Finding a reputable breeder who knows a lot about the breed you are looking for can be a challenge. Below you will find four reputable breeders that have American Water Spaniel puppies for sale.

Little Brownies Kennel

Little Brownies Kennel was founded over thirty years ago in 1988. This breeder got their first American Water Spaniel, and her name was Choco. Eventually, the breeder got more American Water Spaniels and began to make them AKC champions. Finally, they decided to breed their dogs with the goal of producing very sound family and hunting companions.

This breeder can yield up to two litters per year. Sometimes they can have more or less, but two has been their average. The breeder just recently had a litter of American Water Spaniel puppies for sale. The best way to obtain a new puppy for yourself is by first contacting the breeder. This is when you can express your interest and ask for an application.

If you get approved to purchase a dog, then the breeder will give you information on how much the deposit is to hold your spot to receive a puppy. Then, when a litter is born, and a puppy is available for you, the breeder will send over a sales agreement. Then you will be able to take home your new puppy after the final payment is paid.

Overall, this breeder’s website is a wealth of knowledge. There is so much information about the breed and specifically their dogs on their website. This breeder has been around this breed for over 30 years, so you know they are very knowledgeable about American Water Spaniels. You can check out more information about the breeder here: https://www.littlebrownieskennel.com/

Cow Creek American Water Spaniel

The next breeder is from Virginia in the Spring Grove area. They love the breed for its amazing hunting capabilities. The breeder was first using Labrador Retriever for hunting but then switched to the American Water Spaniel due to their change in hunting style. After seeing this breed in action, they knew this was the best decision to switch over to this type of hunting dog.

Now this owner breeds their dogs to produce the breed standard and to provide people with wonderful hunting companions. Their dogs are tested in a variety of areas for genetics and for their hips, heart, and eyes.

This breeder does have an upcoming litter of American Water Spaniels, but typically, their puppies are purchased and reserved in advance. The breeder requests that you fill out an inquiry on their website to be considered for one of their puppies. You can find out more about this breeder here: https://cowcreekamericanwaterspaniels.com/

Paws & Bones

Aeroston Kennels

Mike and Sandy run Aeroston Kennels. They are located in the Ortonville, Michigan, and their American Water Spaniels are registered with the AKC. All of their dogs are properly health tested, and this breeder prides themselves on getting their dogs tested to ensure they produce healthy puppies.

All of their puppies that are born stay and live inside of the home with this breeder. As puppies age, they get a variety of early socialization to make them very sound dogs for their future owners. The puppies can go home to their new owners once they are eight weeks old.

When getting approved by the breeder to purchase a puppy, you will place down a $200 deposit unless otherwise stated. The breeder recently had a litter of American Water Spaniel puppies for sale. You can inquire and see if all the puppies were sold and when the next litter might be.

You can find a lot of pictures as well as information about this breed here on the breeder’s website: https://aerostonaws.com/

Kei-Rin Kennel

Pam is one of the owners running Kei-Rin Kennel. Her passion for the breed started over forty years ago. She and her husband found this breed because Pam wanted to show dogs, and her husband wanted to be able to hunt with them. Her husband’s family have actually had and bred the American Water Spaniel since the 1930s.

Currently, the breeder breeds American Water Spaniels as well as English Setters. The dogs they breed are health tested and backed by a health guarantee. The temperament of each dog is very important to the breeder. They make sure that the dogs receive a lot of attention, socialization, and experience new situations to create these fabulous temperament dogs.

If you are interested in getting one of these breeder’s pups, you will need to decide if you want your dog to compete in shows or not. The breeder has two different applications: one for show homes and one for pet homes.

The breeder has upcoming litters planned, so I suggest if you are serious, send over a message and fill out the application to get approved. You can find that here: https://www.kei-rin.com/

American Water Spaniel Puppy For Sale

American Water Spaniel Rescue

It can be very difficult to find certain dog breeds in rescues. One dog breed that is hard to find is the American Water Spaniel. This is also a rare dog breed, so it can be hard to find this breed in local rescues.

One rescue that you can check out is the American Water Spaniel Rescue. I have used this rescue directory before because they help people find rescues in their state that may have that specific dog breed that you are looking for.

This is such a great resource if you want to get an American Water Spaniel from a rescue. You can also call some of your local shelters just to see if they have one; if not, then I definitely recommend getting one from a breeder if this is your dream dog.


Overall, I know trying to find your dream dog can be frustrating, especially when it is a rare dog breed. I hope you found this article helpful in your search. All of the breeders above are more than capable of giving you American Water Spaniel puppies for sale.

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