Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles?

Have you ever noticed those special dog treats at the pet store that are all decorated with icings and sprinkles? When I see that, it makes me wonder, can dogs eat sprinkles? Many dog owners wonder if they can jazz up their dog’s treats with sprinkles. You can find out the answer to this question and more here.

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles?

The answer to this question may surprise you, but dogs can eat sprinkles. Obviously, it would not be ideal for your dog to consume them in large quantities. In addition, some of the ingredients that make up sprinkles would not be good for your dog to consume in abundance.

Sprinkles are made up of sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, wax, and other artificial ingredients. While these ingredients are toxic-free, they can make your dog feel sick after eating a lot of them. Also, you will want to avoid any sprinkles containing the ingredient xylitol. That is a sugar replacer that is actually toxic if consumed by a dog.

Can Dogs Eat Rainbow Sprinkles?

Yes, your dog can eat rainbow sprinkles. You dog can enjoy a moderate amount of rainbow sprinkles if it has been added to a special treat you have baked or your dog’s birthday cake. However, it becomes dangerous if your dog has consumed the entire container of sprinkles. Your dog will likely exhibit some negative side effects like stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, and much more.

Keep in mind that the colored nature of these sprinkles has been created with artificial food colorings. So while a few colored sprinkles will not be toxic for your dog, you still want to avoid human food for dogs with artificial colorings.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Sprinkles?

No, dogs should not eat chocolate sprinkles for a few different reasons. One of the biggest reasons why dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate sprinkles is that it is made with chocolate which is extremely toxic to dogs. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which cause some very negative side effects.

Can Dogs Eat Rainbow Sprinkles

Can Dogs Eat Edible Glitter?

Yes, dogs can eat edible glitter, which is very similar to sprinkles, except the sugar is in a dust form. Edible glitter will also contain food coloring, just like sprinkles, so make sure you are aware not to give your dog too much. Before giving anything to your dog, check the ingredients label and make sure there aren’t any suspicious ingredients like artificial sugars that can be toxic if your dog consumes it.

Can I use Regular Sprinkles on Dog Treats?

Yes, you can pick out normal or rainbow-colored sprinkles in the baking aisle for your dog. Always check the ingredients to make sure it doesn’t contain any xylitol. If you are making some homemade dog treats or even a sweet little birthday cake for your dog, you can definitely add some sprinkles to make it extra special. Do not allow your dog to just eat sprinkles plain or a lot of them at once.

Can You Put Sprinkles on a Dog Cake?

Yes, you can put sprinkles on your dog’s cake. You can choose a specific color sprinkle or even the common rainbow variety. Stay away from chocolate sprinkles because chocolate is toxic for dogs. Adding sprinkles to a homemade dog cake or a birthday cake for your dog will definitely make it look very Instagram worthy.

Dog Eat Sprinkles

Makeup of Sprinkles and Why it can be Harmful

Even though sprinkles are non-toxic for dogs, it can still give your dog some negative side effects if consumed in large quantities. So here I will break down what sprinkles are made of and how they can be harmful.

Sugar – Too much sugar is bad for anyone, especially dogs. If your dog consumes too much sugar, it can lead to dog diabetes, obesity, and even stomach upset. Therefore, sugar should usually be avoided when given to a dog.

Artificial Ingredients – Sprinkles are filled with artificial things such as dyes and even flavors. While this will not be toxic, it can be very unhealthy, especially for an animal that shouldn’t be eating human food.

Chocolate Variety – As you know, dogs should never consume chocolate. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs, and they should not eat the chocolate variety sprinkles. If your dog does consume some, call your vet immediately.

Artificial Sweeteners – Artificial sweeteners such as xylitol should not be consumed by your dog. This is a toxic ingredient that dogs should not digest.

Corn StarchCorn starch is generally not toxic to dogs but can lead to digestive issues if consumed in large amounts.

Wax – The wax used inside of sprinkles is mainly just to combine the ingredients together. A small amount will not harm your dog.

Negative Side Effects of Sprinkles

If you have found your dog to have eaten a whole bunch of sprinkles or even eaten an entire container, then your dog may develop some very negative side effects. Eating too many sprinkles can make your dog sick. Watch out for the following symptoms and call your dog’s vet if you need guidance on how to care for your dog if this has happened.

  • Stomach Upset
  • Digestive Problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Discomfort
Dog Eating Sprinkles

Alternatives to Sprinkles for Dogs

If you want to avoid any potential side effects, then give your dog some alternate food options to sprinkles.

Coconut Flakes – Coconut flakes are actually completely safe for dogs. These flakes are very sweet and add a nice flavor to any dog treat or cake. You can check your local store for coconut flakes, and you should purchase the unsweetened variety as it contains less sugar which is better for dogs to have less sugar.

Sunflower Seeds – Dogs can eat sunflower seeds, but they need to be completely shelled first. They have great flavor and add some health benefits as well to your dog’s diet. Sunflower seeds can improve your dog’s skin and coat health.

Sesame Seeds – Sesame seeds are also safe for dogs to consume, and they can be easily added to your dog’s treats. In addition, they can provide your dog with some wonderful benefits such as calcium, fiber, and even selenium.


If your dog has gotten into your stash of sprinkles, then you do not need to panic because your dog will be fine. Even if your dog ate an entire container of sprinkles, your dog will feel sick but should get better. Can dogs eat sprinkles? Yes, and you can add a few sprinkles to your dog’s homemade dog treats to make it look special.

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