Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

The classic middle eastern dip known as hummus is a delicious and healthy snack for many people. The thought of can dogs eat hummus may have crossed your mind while preparing your own plate. I am here to tell you whether it is safe for your dog to consume hummus or not.

Can Dogs Eat Hummus

Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

No, dogs shouldn’t consume hummus unless it is plain. Most hummus that can be purchased from the grocery store have other added ingredients such as garlic, onion, and even lemon juice. Most of these ingredients are actually harmful to dogs.

When shopping for hummus, check the ingredient label and see what it contains. It is essentially safe to give your dog in small amounts if it is plain hummus made with just chickpeas and tahini. If you have a hard time finding plain hummus, then you can always make your own at home.

Why Is Hummus Bad for Dogs?

Unfortunately, hummus usually has other ingredients inside of it that are not safe for dogs to consume. Chickpeas and tahini are safe for dogs in small quantiles, but lemon juice and garlic are toxic to dogs.

What Happens If a Dog Eats Hummus?

The answer to this will depend on what type of hummus you have fed your dog. Did your dog eat homemade hummus? Did you feed your dog plain hummus from the grocery store? Has your dog eaten a flavored hummus?


If your dog eats hummus that you have made at home and you are conscious of the harmful ingredients that your dog cannot have, then your dog will be fine with a plain chickpea hummus.

You don’t have to worry about any toxic ingredients from the basic homemade hummus recipe. The only thing you may have to watch out for is any allergic reactions when giving your dog homemade hummus for the first few times.

Store Bought Plain Hummus

As I have already mentioned to you, most store-bought hummus is not plain as there are four main ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, fresh or powered.

So, what will happen to your dog if it ingested a store-bought hummus with the following ingredients?

  • For starters, garlic is extremely toxic to dogs because it contains thiosulfate, which can damage red blood cells within your dog’s body.
  • If your dog consumes even small amounts of garlic, it can potentially give your dog anemia.
  • The psoralen and aromatic oils that are inside of lemons can be very toxic to dogs.
  • As you may already know, Lemons are very acidic, which can also make your dog have an upset stomach if consumed in large amounts.

Flavored Hummus

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of different flavored hummuses on the market. Brands make flavors such as roasted red pepper, garlic, pine nut, and even chocolate hummus.

All of the flavored hummus varieties are not good for dogs as they contain the same base ingredients that already aren’t good for your dogs. Then that formula is combined with other things that are likely not good for your dog.

Can Dogs Have Chocolate Hummus? No, please do not give your dog chocolate hummus. Chocolates, as you know are extremely toxic to dogs, and that goes for a chocolate-based hummus.

Can Dogs Eat Plain Hummus

Can Dogs Eat Plain Hummus?

Yes, dogs can eat plain hummus if the ingredient list does not have any added harmful spices or lemon juices. If you do give your dog plain hummus, make sure that you do it in moderation.

When feeding dogs human food, you will want to follow the 90/10 rule, which is to give your dog 90% of its nutrition from its dog food, whether that is commercial or homemade raw food.

The other 10% of your dogs’ diet can be used for dog treats, and other humans treats that are completely safe for your dog. Some examples of safe human foods for dogs are

You can add a small amount of plain hummus onto your dog’s food to help mix it together. It will also give you’re a new flavor profile. Your dog may enjoy it or not it will really all depend.

Can Dogs Eat Roasted Red Pepper Hummus?

No, it is not safe for your dog to digest red pepper hummus. Many people think that red pepper hummus is just hummus with red bell peppers in it, and that’s it, but that is not the case.

Most companies that make the roasted red pepper hummus add other spicy peppers to the mix, such as jalapenos. Now technically, your dog could eat a jalapeno, but the spice level can give your dog a stomach upset.

Usually, the companies that are making roasted red pepper hummus also have added ingredients such as garlic, lemon juice, sumac, and other spices

Can Dogs Eat Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Can Dogs Eat Baba Ganoush?

Yes, dogs can eat baba ganoush. If you do not know what baba ganoush is, it is very similar to hummus, but instead of chickpeas, it uses eggplant instead. The eggplant Is cooked and then mashed into a sauce alongside olive oil, lemon juice, and seasonings.

Now store-bought baba ganoush will likely have some ingredients in it that are not safe for your dog. If you are able to make this delicious creation at home yourself, you can leave out the spices and the lemon and give your dog some plain baba ganoush that is completely safe.

How to Make Dog Safe Hummus?

Most of the plain hummus products in the grocery store still have too many added ingredients inside of them. If you make your own plain hummus at home, you can omit some of those ingredients so your dog can enjoy this snack as well.

Start with some chickpeas; you can use dry chickpeas that you have cooked or use the canned variety. If using canned chickpeas, give them a good rinse with water and drain the excess.

You can choose to add carrot shreds or finely diced carrots to the chickpea mixture. You can also add some tahini to your chickpea mixture and blend it up in a food processor until smooth. Remember that if you are sharing with your dog that you do not add any spices.

You can simply take out the desired amount for your dog and then add the seasonings you like to yours.

Hummus Alternatives for Dogs

If you really like to enjoy some hummus with chips or veggies and feel bad that you can’t share with your pup, then I suggest finding an alternative for your dog.

Fruit and a variety of vegetables are great treats that your dog can safely enjoy in small amounts. While you are eating your chips and hummus, your dog can be snack on something safe and healthier for it.

If you want your dog to have a similar taste to hummus, you can safely give your dog a small serving of chickpeas.

Chickpeas are not toxic for dogs. Just prepare them yourself and rinse them when they come out of the can because they will have extra salt on them.

Homemade Hummus For Dogs


If you love hummus and get dog owner guilt when eating it while your dog is staring at you, then I suggest making your own version that is safe for your furry friend. Plain hummus is completely safe for your dog to eat.

Now you know that dogs can eat hummus in small amounts and when it is plain. Has your dog ever tried hummus mixed in with its dog food? Let us know!

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