Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Many people usually have olives on the shelf inside the refrigerator. Has the thought of can dogs eat olives ever crossed your mind? Instead of asking can they, we need to ask, should they? Below in our article, we will discuss the different types of olives and if your furry friend can enjoy them with you.

Can Dogs Eat Olives

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Yes, dogs can eat olives, but it doesn’t mean your dog should. Olives are usually very salty and in a bring juice that contains way too much sodium for your dog.

Dogs should not eat the pit of the olive because it can be a choking hazard for your dog, and it can even damage your dog’s teeth due to its hard shell and sharpness.

When feeding your dog olives, you want the olives to be pitted, organic, and plain/unsalted if you can find them.

You always want to make sure that you watch your dog for a while after trying an olive for the first time to make sure your dog doesn’t get an allergic reaction.

Are Olives Safe for Dogs?

Yes, olives are safe for dogs as long as you follow proper steps to ensure your dog’s safety. If your dog gets a hold of an olive pit, it can be extremely dangerous. If your dog swallows the pit, it could choke your dog.

The pit can contain harmful toxins that can harm your dog, so make sure there aren’t any pits before you feed your dog olives. Try to get plain olives that don’t contain a lot of sodium in them. Sodium can harm your dog and cause it to get sick, dehydrated, and even make your dog start vomiting.

Benefits of Olives

Olives have a lot of benefits for both humans and dogs. Olives are categorized as a fruit, and they make an excellent snack when they are eaten in moderation. Olives can give you:

  • A source of protein
  • Vitamin E, A, and K
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Healthy fats

These vitamins work tremendously to help make your dog’s overall body healthy. Vitamin A can help your dog’s immune system function properly. Vitamin E has a ton of great benefits, such as some anti-aging properties, and it has the ability to help improve your dog’s vision. Vitamin K helps your dog’s body clot itself if your dog were to get cut.

Iron is important for your dog’s health. Iron helps your dog from being anemic and provides important oxygen to the red blood cells. The healthy fats found inside olives, such as olive oil, is extremely helpful for your dog.

Olive oil can help improve the look and feel of your dog’s coat, making it look very shiny and smooth. The healthy fats in olive oil can also reduce cholesterol in your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Green Olives?

Yes, dogs can eat green olives. There are so many different varieties of green olives, and green olives are picked from the olive tree quicker than the black ones. They are essentially the same thing as black olives; black olives are left on the tree longer.

Green olives are safe for dogs once they have been pitted. Green olives are usually put into a saltier solution than black olives.

Can Dogs Eat Green Olives

Can Dogs Eat Black Olives?

Yes, dogs can eat black olives. You may have read above that there isn’t a big difference between green and black olives. The good thing about the black olives is that they aren’t as full of sodium as the green olives.

You could buy a can of black olives and rinse them really well and give a few to your dog. This is an excellent snack for your dog, and it can be added to jazz up your dog’s food or just given to your dog as a treat.

Can Dogs Eat Stuffed Olives?

No stuffed olives are not good for your dog to eat. Anchovies, feta cheese, and blue cheese are often used as fillings, and none are particularly good for your dog. Chances are they also have preservatives and other ingredients for taste, like garlic, which is extremely toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Green Olive with Pimentos?

Yes, dogs can eat green olives that have been stuffed with pimentos. Remember, this is the only thing your dog can eat safely that has been stuffed into an olive. Other ingredients such as garlic or cheese are not good for your dog.

Some dogs may not like the taste of the pimentos either. Most of the basic olives you get from the store have pimentos inside of them are in a brine liquid, so it is important to check the label. You want to get olives in olive oil or water.

Can Dogs Eat Kalamata Olives?

Yes, Dogs can have kalamata olives but in low amounts. These olives are a lot like the green olives and have high amounts of sodium inside of them.

If you plan on giving your dog a kalamata olive, make sure the pit is removed fully and that you only give your dog one.

Can Dogs Have Olive Oil

Can Dogs Have Olive Juice?

No dogs should not drink any of the juice that the olives sit inside of. Olive juice is usually made from a brine which will be like a pickling liquid.

The liquid is extremely salty and usually full of vinegar. It is suggested that you purchase olives that are not in a salty liquid. Some stores sell unsalted olives in water or olive oil. This would be a better option for your dog.

How Many Olives Can Dogs Eat?

Olives are an acquired taste, and just like humans, not all dogs will like them. If your dog hasn’t had one before, it’s best to give him a small piece at a time, in case he has an allergic reaction to it.

Olives also have oil, which is good in moderation. Too much can result in a runny tummy for your pup. They also have a fairly high-fat content which can lead to weight gain, and then there’s the salt issue. As with everything in life, too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing.

When it comes to olives, fresh is best. Old ones may have mold on them, which is particularly bad for your pet. It can cause seizures and tremors. Fresh is best.

Now that you know your dog will be fine eating olives, you can feed your dog one to two per day if you wish. Remember not to replace your dog’s entire diet with olives. Your dog still needs its regular dog food to get a complete and balanced diet.

Can Dogs Have Olive Oil?

Yes, dogs can have olive oil in very small amounts. Olive oil is very beneficial for dogs as it will give your dog some fatty acids and omegas that dogs truly need to function. Here are some more benefits that your dog can get from olive oil.

  • Olive oil will benefit your dog’s entire immune system, increase blood flow as well as circulation, and promotes healthy brain function.
  • Lowers your risk of cardiovascular issues and even diabetes.
  • Makes your dogs coat look very shiny, smooth, and healthy.
  • Prevents oxidation of the free radicals in your dog’s body.
  • The monounsaturated fats help to break down the other fats in the body to lose some of the unhealthy weight your dog may have.
  • Increase your dog’s overall energy level.


Now we know the answer to can dogs eat olives. Dogs can, and should, occasionally eat olives, but in their most natural form. If your furry friend really enjoys them, it’s best to give him organic ones that are unsalted.

They may be harder to find and a little more expensive, but for the sake of his health, it’s worth it. Has your dog ever eaten olives before? What did your dog think of them? Let me know in the comment section below.

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