Where to Find Irish Doodle Puppies for Sale

The adorable Irish Doodle is a mixed dog breed that combines a Poodle with an Irish Setter. Most Irish Doodles are first-generation breedings, also known as F1 breedings.

This mixed dog breed makes a very good family companion. Both breeds work together to create this very fluffy Doodle that is also hypoallergenic.

This article will help you find where you can get Irish Doodle puppies for sale. Keep reading on to learn more about some fantastic Irish Doodle breeders.

Irish Doodle Puppies For Sale

How Much Do Irish Doodle Puppies Cost?

The average cost of an Irish Doodle puppy can range from $1,500 to $2,500. This is considered a designer mixed breed dog, so the price is significantly higher than other mixed breeds.

The breeders that I have found for this mixed breed all fall within this price range. This price expectancy is due to the reputation, experience, and pedigree of parent breeds.

Most breeders have a litter once a year, so if you need to save up the money, that should give you enough time to save up for the price of the puppy.

Also, if you still feel like this is out of your budget, you can go the adoption route and get an Irish Doodle adult dog for much cheaper.

Irish Doodle Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Irish Doodle Breeder?

Here are some very reputable breeders that have Irish Doodle puppies for sale.

Queen of The Hill

The couple that runs Queen of The Hill started their breeding business in 2010. They are located in Western Wisconsin, where all of the dogs are treated like royalty. Every dog they own and puppies are raised inside of their home and not in a kennel.

They breed F1 and F1b Irish Doodles that range in price but start at $2,400. Each puppy comes with a two-year guarantee. Each puppy gets up to date vaccinations and gets checked over by a veterinarian before going home to you.

This breeder typically has 3-5 breeding’s each year. They do have quite the waitlist, so if you are truly interested, you should contact them so they can see if you would be a good fit for one of their puppies.

They do request a deposit to hold your spot on a future litter. The Queen of The Hill owner will drive the puppy to you if you cannot pick it up. It will cost you per mile driven.

Check out this family breeding operation of Irish Doodle’s here: http://queenofthehillpuppies.com/index.html

Darling Doodles

Darling Doodles started as a family breeding operation with the mom’s first dog named “eric” when she was little.

Eric was an Irish Setter that captured the heart of this breeder. She had the dog when she was a little girl, and it gave her such fond memories. When she was older and starting her own family, she wondered what would be the perfect dog breed for them and landed on the Irish Doodle.

From there on, she started Darling Doodles and has a variety of different dogs. She does both F1 and Flb breeding’s. Since she has such a high demand for her dogs currently, she isn’t posting about upcoming litters.

To get in the know and find out information about that, you have to be a serious purchaser. Their Irish Doodle puppies sell for $2,000. A deposit must be placed in order to get a future Irish Doodle puppy.

If you are still interested and what to learn more about this breeder, then you can check them out here: https://www.darling-doodles.com/index.php

Lab Poodle Dog Silhouettes

Northwoods Irish Doodles

Northwoods Irish Doodles is another family operation run by a husband and wife. They have a small breeding operation and really watch the health of their female that they breed.

The breeder doesnt breed her every year because they want her to be as healthy as possible. They are planning a litter of Irish Doodle puppies for next year.

Every puppy gets optimal care. They come with current vaccinations as well as a health guarantee. Each puppy gets checked out before they go home to their new owner.

This breeder also exposes the puppies to early neurological stimulation, which keeps your dog aware of things and not as scared of its surroundings. They have a whole section on their website about this if you want to learn more.

The price of their Irish Doodle puppies is $1750, and they do request a deposit of $300 be paid first that will hold your spot for a puppy from an upcoming litter.

Before you place a deposit, it is important that you contact the breeder first. This way, the breeder can get to know you and make sure you will be a good fit for an Irish Doodle.

To learn more about this breeder and upcoming litters, you can go here: https://www.northwoodsirishdoodles.com/

Red Dirt K9s

A man named Jim is the passionate owner behind Red Dirt K9s. He has had experience with all sorts of animals over the past 50 years and began raising Poodles for the past ten years.

The dogs and Jim’s family live on a sustainable farm in Oklahoma, where all of the dogs get to roam around and play. They have a variety of different Poodles and Doodles that you can check out pictures of on their webpage.

The process of telling the breeder you are interested in a puppy is very easy. You will need to fill out a waitlist questionnaire that will put you on a contact list.

When they have an upcoming litter, they will contact people on that waiting list and ask for a deposit. This will reserve your spot for a puppy.

They have a few litters each year of a variety of Doodles. In the dogs that they breed, you will find an Irish Doodle litter.

Check out Red Dirt K9s here: https://www.reddirtk9s.com/

Irish Doodle Rescue

Irish Doodle Rescue

When you are dealing with a mixed breed, it can be very hard to find a rescue for it. Purebred breeds are known for having a few non-profit organizations that work to rehome that specific breed.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find these for mixed breeds. I was able to find a rescue that rehome a variety of different Doodle breeds.

The IDOG Rescue is a non-profit organization that is a foster based program that has been rehoming Doodles in need since 2006.

They work with shelters and other people who cannot take care of their dog anymore and find new homes for the dog. The dogs that come in with certain medical issues get the help they need and go to a temporary foster home until they can be cleared for adoption.

This is a perfect option for someone looking for an older dog at a much lower price. IF this interests you, then you can check out their dogs that need to be adopted.

What Is an F1 Irish Doodle?

F1 is a breeding term that started for a first-generation Irish Doodle. An F1 Irish Doodle was made by combining a Poodle and an Irish Setter together. Your puppy will have 50% Poodle and 50% Irish Setter genes.


Have you ever seen an Irish Doodle before? This is a beautiful mixed breed that isn’t as popular as some of the other Doodle breeds.

This article was designed to help you find your dream dog. I hope that it helped you find breeders that sell Irish Doodle puppies for sale.

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