Where to Find Whoodle Puppies for Sale

Whoodle Puppies for SaleThe Whoodle is a very interesting dog breed that has been crossed with a Poodle and a Wheaten Terrier.

You may have heard of this breed called by a few different names such as the Wheatnpoo or even the Wheatendoodle.

This crossbreed first started showing up in the mid-century 1900s. The goal was to create a dog that would have all the great characteristics and intelligence from the Poodle parent while also getting the adorable look and coat from the Wheaten Terrier.

You will notice as your Whoodle puppy gets bigger, it will turn into a medium-size dog weighing around 25-45 pounds.

The Whoodle puppy isn’t too hard to find, so I found a few reputable breeders you can contact if you are looking for a whoodle puppy for sale.

How Much Does a Whoodle Puppy Cost?

Price of a Whoodle puppy can vary greatly depending on many different factors such as the breeders, their reputation as a breeder, how many puppies that got, as well as the parents of the puppy’s lineage.

You can expect an average cost of around $1,200 per Whoodle puppy.

You may find a puppy cheaper or even more expensive it really all comes down to the breeder and what they are providing for you as well as the puppy.

Another way to get a Whoodle is to try looking into some rescues. They will not be charging that much money, and you will also be helping a dog get a home. That is just another option you can consider.

Below you will find a few reputable breeders that have Whoodle puppies for sale.

Where can I find Whoodle Breeders?

Below you will find a few breeders that I was able to find when looking for Whoodle puppy’s.

Wheatens and Whoodles

This is a family run kennel. They love and care for each and every puppy that is born inside their home.

They get each puppy vaccinations, deworming medicine, and the puppies get wellness checks before leaving the breeder and going home to you.

They do have a waitlist for puppies, so if you are truly interested, you will have to contact them. Their puppies range from $1,900 to $2,500 depending, on the color of the puppy.

You can contact them here at: http://www.wheatensandwhoodles.com/

They do require that you fill out an application if you are truly interested in getting a puppy.

S’wheaten Your Life Wheatens & Whoodles

This small-town family has been breeding puppies for many years. They breed Whooldes as well as Mini-whoodles, and even Doodles.

The puppies get to experience life on a family farm with lots of different animals to play and socialize with. Their puppies are planned to give you a great quality puppy and not so much with quantity in mind.

They want to make sure they are producing healthy, happy dogs. They do have upcoming litters, so if you are looking for a Whoodle puppy for sale, then you should contact them soon.

You can contact them here at: https://www.swheatenyourlifewheatens.com/

Whispering Pine Whoodles

Another breeder I was able to find is a family of six that lives in the Pickens County of South Carolina. The call their kennel the Whispering Pine Whoodles.

They make sure all their puppies have seen a veterinarian, get vaccinated, dewormed, tails docked, and so much more before they go home with you.

They make sure they care and love for every puppy while it is in their care. They also give all of their customers who have bought a puppy from them breeder support. This means if you have any questions or need any help with an issue, they will do their best to help.

Their puppies start at $1,900, and if you need a puppy shipped to your location, there will be extra fees added on top of that.

If you are interested in a Whoodle puppy from them, you can contact them here: http://whisperingpineswhoodles.com/

Poodle Wheaten Terrier Mix Puppies for SaleWhoodle Rescues

Adopting a dog is another great way to get the type of dog you’re looking for.

Many dogs get abandoned by previous owners and get taken to shelters or rescues. The rescues then try to find a home for the dog as soon as possible.

Sometimes you can find a Whoodle or even a similar mixed dog that the rescue has found or been given.

If you are interested in going this route, may I suggest checking out the Wheaten Rescue https://www.facebook.com/WheatenRescue/.

The make posts all the time with dogs looking for their new forever home. Usually, adapting is much more cost-effective than purchasing a puppy from a breeder.

Just remember it is quite rare to get a puppy from a rescue; usually, you will see older dogs. So just keep that in mind when looking.


The Whoodle is such a sweet looking crossbreed, and many people who love the Poodle breed also love this breed.

Make sure you do your research on the breed first before making a decision to purchase one. Remember that each dog has its own personality, so look up things like the temperament of the breed and trainability.

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