Where to Find Manchester Terrier Puppies for Sale

The Manchester Terrier was first bred in the city of Manchester, England hence how it got its name. It is a small, sleek dog that has traits from its terrier background. This dog gained a lot of popularity in the 19th century and eventually came to the United States.

Are you on the search for a Manchester Terrier puppy for sale? If so, let me help you in your search. Here you will find some Manchester Terrier breeder recommendations.

Manchester Terrier Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Manchester Terrier Puppy Cost?

This is considered a rare and vulnerable dog breed, so this can affect the price. You should expect to pay between $2,000 to $3,000 for a Manchester Terrier puppy. This is quite more than other dog breeds out there. Most breeders have champion dogs, and that also affects the price significantly.

Is There a Miniature Manchester Terrier?

Yes, the miniature Manchester Terrier is referred to as the toy version of this breed. You will see many breeders selling the toy Manchester Terrier. The only difference between the standard and the toy is that the toy will weigh less and be smaller. There is also a slight difference in the shape of the dog’s ear.

Reputable Manchester Terrier Breeders

If you have been actively searching for Manchester Terrier puppies for sale without much luck, let me help you. Below you will find four active breeders who are very reputable sources for the Manchester Terrier dog breed. Read about them so you can get your dream dog.

Manchester Terrier Puppy For Sale

Saint Lazar

The Saint Lazar kennel is a generational breeding operation that has been around since the 1940s. This breeder’s family also owned the Manchester Terrier dog breed, and Charlie received his first one in the 1950s. From there, this breed grew love in his heart and would stay with the family for many years to come.

This breeder is still currently breeding Manchester Terriers and has a few litters each year. Currently, the breeder resides in the Putnam County of Georgia. This breeder has toy Manchester Terrier puppies for sale and cost between $2,500 to $3,000. So if you want a show-quality dog, those are sold for different pricing, so you will need to call about that.

All of their dogs go through health testing before they are bred. This breed ensures top quality health of her dogs and puppies. Typically, this breeder would ship the puppy to you for an extra fee, but right now, this has become much harder due to airline limitations.

If you want to get one of this breeders, Manchester Terrier puppies for sale, I suggest you contact her as soon as possible. I’m sure she is already planning out her next few litters for the upcoming year. If you are interested, you will want to give her your name and contact info so she can let you know when puppies have arrived.

You can view photos and even more information here: http://www.cwalker.net/manchesters/index.html

Heaven Hi Manchester Terriers

This next breeder that I recommend has been breeding and preserving this amazing dog breed since 1982. They are currently located in Garden City, Michigan. This breeder’s goal has stayed the same, and that is to preserve the breed while sharing it with other people around the world.

This breeder is also an active member of the American Manchester Terrier Club. This breed has about one to two litters each year. Of course, this will vary, but this is around the average. A lot of the Manchester Terriers being bred here have been champions and have produced champion dogs.

The best way to reach this breeder is through email, but you can call too if that is easier for you. You can express your interest and what exactly you are looking for in the perfect dog for you. Ask your general questions to make sure this is the right breeder for you to get your Manchester Terrier puppies for sale.

You can view more about this breeder here: http://canine-world.com/heavenhi/index.html

Dog Bones

Blackstar Ranch

The next breeder we have to share is located in East Texas. They own a small ranch with a lot of amazing critters and animals such as sheep, goats, and three different dog breeds. Right now, they own and breed the Toy Manchester Terrier, Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, and the Toy Fox Terriers.

They don’t state on their website how often they have a litter of puppies available. To know that information, I’m sure you will have to be acquainted with the breeder first. All of the parents get health tested to ensure that they are absolutely healthy before having a litter of puppies.

Puppies come to their new owners with the up-to-date puppy shots, microchipped, and a health guarantee. Sometimes the breeder may have older dogs available on occasion as well. If you need your dog shipped, you will need to inquire about that with the breeder because there isn’t any information on the website about that.

Another good option that you can check out here: https://www.blackstarranch.net/


Texangals is our final litter recommendation for the Manchester Terrier. They got their very first one in 2014 while they were still living in England. At this time, the owner was actively dabbling into the show world. In 2016 the family moved back to the United States in Texas and had their first litter in 2016.

Today this breeder is still planning and having litters of Manchester Terrier puppies. They have just recently had a litter, so I am not sure when their next one will be. However, they do have a puppy application on their website that needs to be filled out to be considered to purchase a dog.

You can also email the breeder directly if you want more information about the dog breed, what their process is, and how much they charge for one of their dogs. You can do all of that and more here: http://www.texangals.co.uk/index.html

Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier Resue

It will be very rare for you to find the Manchester Terrier in a rescue. There is a rescue organization that is combined with the American Manchester Terrier Club. They have their own rescue that will take in only this dog breed and try to rehome it wither with its club members or other people interested.

They do not get many rescues, but you can surely contact them and let them know how interested you are in owning this dog breed and getting one from a rescue. Remember that getting a dog from a rescue means that it can have underlying health conditions or be much older.

I still recommend if you truly want to get a Manchester Terrier that you get one from a breeder; that way, you can get a puppy and cherish it for a very long time.


Now you know exactly where you can get Manchester Terrier puppies for sale. I hope you found my article very helpful. That is my goal to help you get your dream dog. I know it can be frustrating locating that one specific dog you may have in mind. Let me know if you own a Manchester Terrier in the comments below.

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