Where to Find Kai Ken Puppies for Sale

The Kai Ken dog breed is a dog breed that is one of the native dogs from Japan. It is actually quite a rare dog breed that isn’t widely seen in other parts of the world. This breed is also considered a national treasure in their home country.

Today you will see some Kai Kens in the United States but still aren’t as popular as other dog breeds. So if you are having trouble finding Kai Ken puppies for sale, let me help you by recommending some great breeders.

Kai Ken Puppies For Sale

How Much do Kai Ken Puppies Cost?

All breeds cost different prices, and the Kai Ken puppies for sale are typically priced at $1,500 but can be more. This is your typical range, but some breeders may even go up to $2,000.  Remember, if you do find a Kai Ken from a rescue, you will pay significantly less, but it will be rare to find one.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Kai Ken Breeder

I know how difficult it can be searching for a Kai Ken breeder. So, I wanted to help give you a start in your search by recommending four breeders to you. All of these breeders have Kai Ken puppies for sale.

Kai Ken Dog Breed

Hello Kennel

This is a very reputable breeder whose mission is to contribute to the breed’s bloodlines. They want to educate potential owners on the dog breed and want more people to own the Kai Ken dog breed. They only sell their Kai Ken puppies to approved owners.

Before this breeder even starts breeding, all dogs are DNA tested, get eye exams, blood tests, and have patella exams. This ensures that these dogs will be fully healthy before that breed and make puppies.

Their dogs are registered with the UKC, AKC, and KKA Club. This breeder is located on the South Coast of Oregon, where the dogs get the absolute best life. All the dogs and puppies live inside of the breeder’s home. They are given huge amounts of love, socialization, and care.

This breeder has a litter each year or every other year. There is a litter planned soon, so you should contact the breeder to see what you need to do to get approved to purchase one of the Kai Ken puppies for sale.

Get in contact with the breeder and ask all of those standard questions you may have. You can do all of that here: http://hellokennel.com/index.php

Suteishii Kennel

This breeder has been successfully breeding both the Kai Ken dog breed and also the Shiba Inu. Their dogs are registered with various clubs such as the KKA, AKC, FSS, and UKC. These breeders who work together collectively breed very high-quality Kai Ken puppies.

Right now, these breeders do not have any puppies available, but I am sure that they will soon. If you are truly interested in getting one of their puppies, they say you need to fill out the puppy form. This form gets sent to the breeder, which lets them know more about you and what you may be looking for. They evaluate each puppy and try to match each dog with an owner who wants those traits in a dog.

They have an on-going waitlist list that typically takes between six months to one year to get through. So not only do you need to fill out an application, but you also have to pay a non-refundable reservation fee. Keep in mind a lot of breeders do this; it is very standard.

Each breeding is carefully evaluated to ensure that it will be a good match and yield really high-quality puppies. Their goal for breeding is breed preservation which means they breed for the standard of how the breed should look and act.

This breeder’s website has many pictures of Kai Ken puppies for sale and their adults. You will also see the breeder’s contact phone number that you can use to ask questions if you have them. Definitely check out everything on this breeder’s site here: http://www.suteishiikennels.com/index.html

Medium Large Dog Silhouettes

Kai Ken Breeder

Tain is the owner and breeder of this breeding operation. He is located in the Western part of Washington state. He first fell in love with dogs when he acquired his first dog, which was a German Shepherd Husky mix.

Tavi was the breeder’s first Kai Ken dog. Instantly the breed knew this dog was incredibly intelligent and capable of doing so many great things. They both participating in herding sports, agility courses, barn hunt, and so much more.

The breeder’s dog had its first litter, and the breeder knew that this would become a passion. With the goal in mind of creating very sociable dogs that have excellent health. All dogs are very sound and love to work and play with their owners.

There are not any litters planned for a while; this is because the breeder is letting her dogs mature in age some before breeding again. Definitely email the breeder to inquire about future litter plans and see when the breeder has a confirmed pregnancy.

You can check everything out here: https://kai-ken.weebly.com/

Shinkai Kensha

This is our final recommendation in this article for breeders who sell Kai Ken puppies for sale. This is a small hobby breeder that is located in Southern California. Their main focus when breeding is breed preservation in the ways of health, temperament, and how they work.

This breeder is completely dedicated to following the breed standard set by the AKC, UKC, etc. Their dogs get fully tested before breeding, which means everything gets looked over by a veterinarian, and the dog even gets some tests done.

Right now, this breed is planning at least one litter per year or every other year. If the breeder has more than one, then great, but this breeder strives for at least one. If you find that you are interested, it is important that you fill out the new owner questionnaire. Provide a lot of detail about you and your home life so the breeder will know exactly which type of dog to place with you.

The breeder bases that information on how they determine picks for puppies. It isn’t a reservation system for the puppies. Instead, the breeder decides who they pick out for puppies to go home to. Once the breeder approves of you, they will ask for a small deposit.

This breeder is currently not shipping any puppies, so keep that in mind; if you live far away from this breeder, then you may want to see if another breeder on this list ships. There is still a lot of information on this website that you should look into. Check it out here: https://shinkaikensha.com/

Kai Ken Puppies For Sale Pin

Kai Ken Rescue

The rarest breeds are always hard to find in rescues. For one, the breed is rare, so chances are of an owner putting into a rescue are very slim. However, while this is rare, I still want to give you information on a rescue.

The Kai Ken Club of America is a club that your dog can be registered with, but it also has their own rescue they operate. So if for some reason, you can no longer take care of Kai Ken, you can have the club find it a new home.

Right now, they do not have any dogs available, but if you truly want to get one from a rescue, I suggest favoriting this club and checking back often. You can also send an email to the club and let them know that you are interested in getting a Kai Ken through their rescue.


This Japanese native dog is an absolutely great dog breed for its abilities and temperament. Now your search for Kai Ken puppies for sale can go much smoother now that you have these breeder recommendations. Please write me in the comments letting me know if you own a Kai Ken.

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