Learn More About the Japanese Spitz, Its Puppies, Life Expectancy and More!

Japanese SpitzThe charming Japanese Spitz has an endearing appearance that makes its antics even more adorable. The breed possesses a luxuriously long-haired coat with a thick under layer.

The coloration is always pure white with a tail that is carried curled and over the back. Japanese Spitz have legs that are shorter on the bottom.

Its ears are upright and small with a tapered muzzle. The eyes are slightly slanted and feature a large oval shape. This breed’s nose and lips are always black.


Japanese Spitz’s temperament is unique. The breed is very spirited and intelligent. They often show playful personality traits and remain alert.

Despite its small stature, the Japanese Spitz is very bold. This breed works well as a watchdog because it is obedient and will alert its owner when it feels something is amiss.

They are generally easy to train and love to work through agility courses.  It is easy to mistake the Japanese Spitz for a lazy lap dog until you see them in action.

They will become boisterous if they are allowed to take charge, which may not be a good thing for those living in the same home.

Japanese SpitzHeight and Weight

Japanese Spitz size comes to between 12 and 15 inches (30 and 38 cm). Japanese Spitz weight falls within the 11 to 20 pound (5 to 10 kg) range.

Japanese Spitz Health Problems

The Japanese Spitz is a very healthy canine with few genetic concerns. The main health-related issue is the Patellar luxation. This condition will dislocate kneecaps.

Runny eyes are a common problem for this breed. Runny eyes is usually caused by allergies or stress the dog may be feeling.

Also, these dogs tend to get dried out skin, so it is important that you don’t bathe them too often. If the skin issues get really bad seek help from a veterinarian.

Living Conditions

The Japanese Spitz is a small dog, making it a great apartment pet. They will be active inside and outside, so expect to hear the pitter patters of padded feet often.

Plenty of exercise and playtime is a must to keep this small breed’s energy levels manageable. They need around 45 minutes of exercise daily.

This dog can live in small spaces or big, wide open areas like ranches. Either way, this dog breed can adapt nicely to life anywhere.

Give this breed plenty of love, and they will be fine anywhere.

Japanese Spitz


Japanese Spitz puppies grow up to be busy dogs that are very flexible when it comes to adapting to their owner’s lifestyle and schedule.

They should be taken on daily walks to keep energy levels manageable. This breed loves its freedom, so frequent off lead sessions in a fenced-in area are recommended.

This breed needs around forty-five minutes of exercise per day. You can take your dog to a dog park to let them burn off all that extra energy.

After your dog has burned off all their energy they will come back home with you and curl up on the couch with you to relax.

Japanese Spitz Diet

A Japanese Spitz only needs around one cup of high-quality dog food a day.  You can split this up into a few meals throughout the day. This will cost you around 90cents to a $1.00 a day.

Treats are a great way to entice your dog into training. It is a perfect tool to train your dog behavior skills, potty training, and so much more.

Remember not to overfeed your dog as it can lead to obesity.  If you have concerns about your dog’s diet, then I suggest seeking advice from your primary veterinarian.

Try to not feed your dog table scraps or people food as it could hurt your dog’s health.

Japanese SpitzLife Expectancy

Japanese Spitz’s life expectancy is around 12 years. This can range from dog to dog and how you are taking care of them.

Some dogs can live much longer, while others can live shorter. You can expect an average of 12 years with this dog breed.


The Japanese Spitz has a long coat that requires regular brushing and combing. They are very clean pets and should only be given a bath when necessary.

A comb with double rows of metal teeth is ideal for removing loose fur from the dog’s under layer while shedding.

Their coat has a very straight texture, and they will often shed so make sure you brush them frequently to help keep shedding around your house at bay.

Origin of the Japanese Spitz

It is believed that the first Japanese Spitz puppies came from the Siberian Samoyed. This controversial theory focuses on the idea that the Samoyed was selectively bred to create a smaller canine.

That smaller breed would become the Japanese Spitz. The breed was founded in the late 1800s and became widely popular in Japan during the 1950s.

They have since declined in their homelands but have increased in popularity in North America and Europe.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Traditionally, Japanese Spitz puppies are expected to have a pure white coat with black nose, lips, and dark eyes.

A Japanese Spitz black-coated variation is sometimes available, although they are very rare.

Japanese Spitz Puppies

Japanese Spitz Puppies

The Japanese Spitz is naturally energetic so when this breed has puppies you can expect some very rambunctious puppies.

A Japanese Spitz will have one litter of puppies a year. If your dog is having more litters than that a year, it really isn’t that healthy.

Their pregnancies usually last around 60-64 days in length. A female Japanese Spitz can have anywhere between one and six puppies.

Remember to start early socialization with your puppies to get them used to people and other dogs.

Cool traits / Characteristics?

Despite its tiny size, the Japanese Spitz is a bold and active dog with a personality that is more like a larger canine.

You may be surprised when you first hear the bark of a Japanese Spitz. This is a fearless dog breed, and you will be surprised when you hear just how the loud their bark is.

This is a very intelligent dog breed. They do very well with training and respond great to positive reinforcement.

This breed is very friendly and great with children and other pets. You will notice they have a very playful nature about them.

Japanese SpitzGood for the First-Time Owner? Training?

The Japanese Spitz is a breed to consider for the first time dog owner. That doesn’t mean raising the canine will be easy.

Potential owners should do their homework and review the breed thoroughly to make sure that they can handle the demands of living with a bold dog like this.

The Japanese Spitz is small, but it is also very active and can be boisterous if not properly guided by its owner.

Close Relatives of the Japanese Spitz

There are a few breeds of dogs that closely resemble the Japanese Spitz. They are:

Common Japanese Spitz Mixes

Pomeranian and Japanese Spitz puppies have sometimes bred as well as Shih-Tzu and poodle mixes. There is no single pairing that is more common.

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