Where to Find Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Sale

Australian Labradoodle Puppy For SaleThe Australian Labradoodle is actually a mixed breed dog that is said to have been developed in Australia. This cool designer dog breed was made by combining Poodles, Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, Water Spaniels, and a Retriever together.

Basically, the goal was actually to create a new line of purebred breeds, but most kennel clubs still recognize this breed as a mix.

This is a very friendly and loyal mix that will make the perfect companion for you and your family. This mixed breed actually makes a perfect therapy or service dog due to its incredible intelligence.

You will find a lot of the breeders below advertising for therapy training for available puppies.

The coat of the Australian Labradoodle is actually allergy-friendly, and it doesn’t shed. So this dog breed would be suitable for asthma suffers.

Have you been on the search for an Australian Labradoodle puppy for sale? I am here to help you by giving you some breeders you can check out to try and get an Australian Labradoodle puppy of your own.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

How Much Does an Australian Labradoodle Puppy Cost?

Australian Labradoodle’s are not cheap dogs. You can expect to pay between $2,500 to $3000 for a single Australian Labradoodle puppy. Some breeders may even charge more than that but most breeders I have seen keep their prices at $3,000.

This mixed dog breed is so expensive because it is part of the designer dog breed category. Designer dogs are more than traditional mixes. Some breeders will also charge more for their stock due to the generation breeding and linage.

A female Australian Labradoodle will have around eight puppies in a litter. So if you are far down on a waitlist, it won’t take many breedings before it will eventually be your turn.

If this still seems like too much money for you to spend, then you can look to rescues to see if you can acquire an older Australian Labradoodle for cheaper.

Even though this is a more expensive mixed dog breed, many people find the price worth it because of this special mix.

Australian Labradoodle Breeders

Where Can I Find a Reputable Australian Labradoodle Breeder?

Below you will find four reputable Australian Labradoodle breeders that have puppies for sale as well as guardianship programs.

Royal Australian Labradoodle’s

At Royal Australian Labradoodle’s they breed very friendly happy temperament Australian Labradoodle’s that are allergy-friendly and considered non-shedding.

They offer multigenerational breedings and have both medium and miniature-sized dogs. All the puppies are born and raised inside their home.

They are located in Venice, Flordia, and they can ship or even hand bring their puppies to you. They also allow people to come and pick up their puppy from them.

Here at Royal Australian Labradoodle’s, they have a good amount of breedings each year. Their puppies are priced at $3,000 unless otherwise stated.

You can learn more about this breeder here: https://royalaustralianlabradoodles.com/

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Read’s Australian Labradoodle’s

This small breeder is producing high quality Australian Labradoodle’s that have descendants from the original Tegan Park bloodlines from Australia.

All the puppies and dogs are raised inside their home with their three children. They do let guardians apply to house some of their dogs until they are needed for breeding.

They believe in producing high-quality Australian Labradoodles, not quantity. At Read’s, they have many litters per year and per season. They charge $3,000 per puppy.

If you are interested in getting an Australian Labradoodle puppy, then this is an excellent breeder to check out. Check them out here: https://www.readsdoodles.com/

Deer Creek Labradoodle’s

The family the owns and runs Deer Creek Labradoodle’s have been raising puppies for more than 20 years. All of their children and grandchildren absolutely adore dogs and love to give all their dogs and puppies love.

They pride themselves on breeding F1B and multiple generation Australian Labradoodle’s. Their goal is to raise therapy and service dogs and also just standard companion dogs.

They have litters quite often ranging in different colors. They get between 6 and 8 puppies in a litter. To be considered for one of their Australian Labradoodle puppies, you must fill out a puppy application.

To learn more about this breeder and contact them you can go here: https://www.deercreeklabradoodles.com/

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Bull Valley Australian Labradoodle

Bull Valley Australian Labradoodle’s is a small family breeding operation that is located in Woodstock, Illinois. Every puppy and dog that comes into their care is raised inside their home.

This family breeder has multiple litters going each season. They do have a waiting list that is quite full but will move fast due to the multiple breeding being made each year.

They first ask that you fill out a puppy application to get approved to purchase one of their dogs. Once your application gets approved, you then will put down a deposit for an upcoming litter.

To learn more about this family and how to get one of these puppies, go here: https://www.bvdoodles.com/

Australian Labradoodle Rescue

Locate an Australian Labradoodle Rescue

There arent any Australian Labradoodle Rescues that I can specifically find. I have found the Australian Labradoodle Association and they have a section where you can find Australian Labradoodle’s for sale.

This is basically their directory of breeds that are part of their association and have been approved. If you are truly looking for an older Australian Labradoodle, I suggest seeing if any breeders have retired breeding dogs.

Some breeders even offer guardianship programs, which means you can home one of their dogs that they will need for breeding later on.

If you are insistent on finding an Australian Labradoodle from a rescue, then may I suggest trying local shelters as well as a specific Labradoodle rescue to see if they have any.


Do you plan on getting an Australian Labradoodle puppy for yourself? I hope you found this article extremely helpful in your search for Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale.

Let us know in the comments below if you own one of these amazing dogs already or if you are getting one soon. We would love to hear from you and chat.

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