How to Find Beabull Puppies for Sale

The adorable looking Beabull is actually a cross between a purebred Beagle and a Bulldog. More people want to get this hybrid dog breed because when you mix these two together, it breeds out some of those health conditions that you would get from owning a Bulldog.

Are you interested in owning one of these dogs? If you said yes, you will be pleasantly surprised because I have found four reputable breeders who can deliver healthy Beabull puppies for sale.

Beabull Puppies For Sale

How Much Do Beabull Puppies Cost?

The Beabull hybrid isn’t as expensive as you may think; this mixed breed is actually very affordable. You should expect to spend between $500 on a low end to $1,500 on a high end for a Beabull puppy. Remember that the cost of your dog doesn’t stop there; you will need to spend money on vet visits, flea medicine, food, toy, and other supplies. Make sure you can totally commit before purchasing a dog.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Beabull Breeder?

It can be difficult finding a Beabull for sale. Luckily for you, I found four reputable breeders who are all current and still breeding this hybrid dog. Defiantly check these breeders out below.

Beabull Puppy

Smiths Unparalleled Bullies

This breeding operation is run by a small family that all work together to raise these beautiful dogs. The breeder has a strong love for both the Beagle and the Bulldog dog breeds. The goal of this breeding operation was to spread the word about this amazing hybrid and get these great family companions in the homes of more people.

 All of their dogs live inside of their home and share their living spaces with the owner. When you purchase a puppy from this breeder, you can have the breeder deliver it based on how many miles you are away from them. Unfortunately, this type of dog breed cannot be shipped by plane, but you can purchase a ground shipper to deliver it to you.

Currently, people who are interested in getting Beabull puppies for sale from this breeder have to get onto a waiting list. When the breeder has a confirmed litter, the breeder will go down the waiting list of people. The best way to get on this list is by contacting the breeder and showing your interest.

I am not sure how many litters this breeder has each year, but it is between one and two. This breeder is still currently breeding and planning new litters for the future. When you contact the breeder, ask about prices and all your other questions or concerns.

You can do all of that and more here:

Blue Diamond Family Pups

Here we have another family-run breeding operation. This family of seven lives on a beautiful 10-acre mini farm with all of their animals and dogs. All of the family members are involved in raising the dogs. They went with the Beabull because they liked the characteristics of both breeds without the common health problems associated with the Bulldog breed.

This breeder is currently raising the Beabull, various Poodle crossbreeds, and Boston Terriers. The goal is to give their puppies they raise to loving homes. All of their dogs are checked by a veterinarian, especially the females that are going to be bred.

All puppies get vaccinated and dewormed. Once they are at least four weeks old, they can play with kids and other family members. This gives the puppies great socialization so they can be well-rounded dogs for their potential owner.

Most Beabull puppies they sell range in price starting at $1995 and goes up from there based on a few different color variations. Their Beabulls can go up to $2495. You will need to reserve your puppy to get one. You can do this by contacting the breeder and letting them know your interest in getting a dog.

The breeder will give you the necessary steps to reserve a puppy and information on future litters. You can check out the webpage here:

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Ozark Puppy Love

Once again, we have another family breeding operation, one that is located in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. This owner spends a lot of time with the dogs and is dedicated to raising beautiful and healthy puppies.

Currently, this breeder is raising Beabull puppies for sale as well as Beagles, Westies, and Biewer Terriers. They say that their Beabulls come from champion bloodlines and are an ideal representation of the breed.

All puppies that are born get to live within the home and get lots of love and attention. They get completely health checked to ensure they are healthy before going home to you. Also, this breeder offers a health guarantee on their pups.

All of their puppies also come priced with shipping included. So, if you need to have your dog shipped, there will be no issue there. However, this breeder does require a deposit of $500 to be placed on a litter. This gets your name on the waiting list and in line to get on if the Beabull puppies for sale.

View all the great photos and puppy information here on the breeder’s website:

Beabulls Indiana

Our last but not least breeder we will discuss is this family of nine living in Harlan, Indiana. In the past twelve years, this breeder has really taken an interest in the Beabull dog breed. This breeder thinks this is a wonderful family companion dog, and it has great health qualities.

When they have Beabull puppies for sale, they strive to take excellent care of their dogs and socialize them very well to various things. Of course, their kids get to help with this process. Currently, this breeder does not have puppies available for sale, but they are planning their next litter.

That is true for most breeders, so it is important that you have contacted the breeder, paid your deposit, and then put on the waiting list. You can ask any questions that you have to the breeder about their dogs and breeding practices. Check it all out here:

Beabull Puppy For Sale

Beabull Rescue

Rescues for hybrid dog breeds are certainly much harder to find than those for purebred dog breeds. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate a specific Beabull rescue. If you are truly set in getting a Beabull from a rescue, you can check a Beagle or Bulldog specific rescue to see if they have one.

If they don’t have one, you could be put on a list to be notified if they ever do get one. Most likely, you will be waiting a long time. I suggest just purchasing one from a breeder; that way, you can get your dream dog without having to wait years.

If you know of any Beabull rescues, please let me know in the comments below, but at this time, I have not found any reputable ones.


Are you excited to own your very own Beabull? This is a very interesting dog breed that is gaining more and more popularity each year. I hope you found the breeders above helpful in your search for Beabull puppies for sale.

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