Where to Find Biewer Puppies for Sale

The Biewer Terrier is a newly recognized dog breed by the American Kennel Club. This breed has recently been accepted as the 197th dog breed in the AKC in 2021. This dog breed has captivated the hearts of many dog lovers and has been classified into the toy group.

If you have stumbled upon this page, then you are likely looking for Biewer puppies for sale. You came to the right place because I have four Biewer Terrier breeder recommendations for you to check out below.

Biewer Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Biewer Puppy Cost?

The Biewer Terrier is a very new popular dog breed, which means the demand will be high for a puppy. Since the demand is high, you may have to pay more compared to other dog breeds. Expect to spend between $2,000 to $4,000 for a Biewer puppy.

If you come across a very reputable breeder, one creating show quality Biewers, you may even have to pay more than $4,000. Finding one in a rescue will be rare but not impossible.

Biewer Terrier Puppies For Sale

Reputable Biewer Puppy Breeders

This dog breed is gaining more and more popularity from people who adore the small lap dog. Here you will see four breeders who can give you Biewer puppies for sale.


Stephanie Vance is the owner of Brynstar kennel. She has been raising the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed since 1994. She still continues to breed the Yorkie breed but also raises and breeds Biewer puppies.

All of her dogs come from pedigree lines, and her dogs have won many titles and have been active in AKC conformation. Stephanie is very selective with the dogs that are in her breeding program. Her goal is to produce high-quality puppies that are incredibly healthy and follow the breed standard.

All of the puppies and dogs that this breeder owns get plenty of attention, socialization, and love. Puppies and dogs get health tested before they are bred to ensure that they are healthy. When you purchase a puppy from this breeder, it will come with a one-year health guarantee which is very standard for most breeders.

To see past puppy pictures and upcoming litters, you will definitely want to check out the breeder’s webpage. However, to get more specific information on planned litters, you will likely have to email or fill out a contact us form on the breeder’s page.

Check out more here: https://bieweryorkiepuppies.com/

Biewers Von Lamel

The breeder that runs Biewers Von Lamel started off her breeding career with the Lhasa Apso dog breed in 1991. She was very successful as her pedigrees can be found all over the world. Her next adventure led her to breed the Biewer Terrier dog breed in 2012.

Her goal is to create a line of healthy, standard, and dogs that follow confirmation. She takes pride in the sound ability of each dog, health, and excellent temperaments.  Dogs get health tested, and DNA checked to ensure that the breeding the breeder wants to do is going to work out well.

She sells pet companions as well as show dogs. She does not give breeding rights. Your new Biewer puppy can either be purchased as a family companion or with the intention of using it for shows and competitions. You will need to wait 12 weeks until you can bring your Biewer Terrier puppy home to you. If you want a show dog, the breeder will keep the dog until six months of age.

This breeder does not work off of a waiting list. The best way to get a puppy from this breeder is to frequently check the page and wait to see when a litter is announced. Once the litter is announced, you can place a deposit if spots are available.

You can expect to pay around $2,000 for this breeder Biewer puppies for sale, and if you want show-quality ones, it will cost $3,500.  There is a contact form on the breeder’s website that will give the breed your information if you are truly interested in getting a puppy.

Check out the website here: https://biewersvonlamel.com/home

Small Dog Silhouettes


The couple who owns this breeding operation have been breeding since 1979. They started breeding the Yorkshire Terriers and added the beloved Biewer dog breed in 2019. All of the dogs they own are their family and treated with the most respect and love. Ken and Susan really do care about their dogs and their well-being.

All of their dogs are registered with the AKC and have participated in shows and competitions. Currently, their kennel resides in Western Missouri, where all of their dogs live with them. You will find a variety of photos on the breeder’s website of their Yorkies and Biewers.

The breeder just recently had a litter of Biewer puppies for sale, but all have sold. There is no indication right now on the website when the next litter will be. You can always message the breeder and ask when they are planning on doing another breeding.

The breeder has their phone number and email that you can use to contact them. Ask general questions and see how much the breeder charges for a Biewer puppy. Check it out here: https://www.lamore-mnm-minis.com/

Rocky Mountain Biewers

One of the most reputable breeders I have come across is the ones at Rocky Mountain Biewers. All of the dogs have been registered with the AKC and the UKC. They follow all the AKC guidelines, which makes them a registered kennel name.

Before the breeder even makes any breeding plans or decisions, each dog gets screened for over 170 different traits and disorders. After that, the dogs still go through more testing to ensure their health. Since the breeder goes through such lengths in producing only the best dogs, the breeder offers a 10-year health guarantee. This is extremely rare and not seen very often.

This breeder has multiple litters each year and a lot of customers who are on the waiting list. You will need to contact the breeder either through email or phone call and inquire about the steps you need to take to be on the waiting list.

Keep in mind that the prices for these puppies range in price dependent on certain factors. You can check out the breeder’s site here: https://www.biewerworld.com/

Biewer Rescue

Biewer Rescue

Most dog breeds have their own club, and within that club, they usually have their owned and operated rescue. The Biewer Club of America has its own dedicated rescue to rehome potential Biewers in need.

They have a network of volunteers who take their time to care for the dogs in need until they can become adopted by a new forever home family. It doesn’t matter if the dog has no home, has been surrendered, or whatever else this rescue will take in the dog.

Definitely, if you want to go the rescue route, then you need to email the club and see what dogs they have available for adoption.


Did this article help you find a reputable breeder that has Biewer puppies for sale? I hope that you did find this article helpful because those breeders above can certainly give you the puppy you are looking for.

Please connect with us in the comments below and let us know if you own a Biewer puppy below or if you plan on getting one soon.

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