Where to Find Queensland Heeler Puppies for Sale

queensland heeler puppiesThe Queensland Heeler, or Australian Cattle Dog, is a herding dog that was created in Australia to drive cattle over rough terrain for long distances.

Thomas Hall created the breed by mixing tamed Dingos with dogs that were native to his parent’s home area. The result is a breed with high intelligence, lots of energy, and a long independent streak.

This is a usually healthy breed of dog that is wonderful for driving cattle on a farm.

This breed is very lovable and loyal to the owners and will become a long life family member.

This breed is also extremely energetic and needs a lot of exercise daily.

If you are looking for Queensland Heeler puppies for sale, you have a few places where you can look.

How Much Does a Queensland Heeler Dog Breed Cost?

This breed has a wide variety of price ranges. You can find this breed at extremely affordable prices and even sometimes at crazy high prices.

Sometimes you can find this breed around $400, which is a great price. Also, some breeders charge up to $2,500.

Depending on if the puppy is registered with AKC, microchipped, got its shots, etc., will affect the price of the puppy.

Make sure that before you purchase a puppy, you trust the breeder or adoption agency that you are working with to get a dog.

Queensland Heeler

Queensland Heeler Breeders

One of the best places to begin is by looking for a breeder who specializes in the breed. Sometimes the registry

Here are a few examples of reputable Queensland Heeler breeders:

Blue Red Joe’s

At Blue Red Joe’s, they have multiple girl and boy queen healer dogs. They breed them all and have multiple litters each year.

They sell puppies with either a limited AKC registration, or you can also choose a full AKC registration. Their puppies cost anywhere from $1,300 to $2,500.

You will need to fill out an application or a questionnaire to get put on a waitlist for a puppy.

They will ship a puppy to you as well, so it doesn’t matter where you really live because you can get a puppy shipped to you.

You can check them out here: http://www.blueredjoes.com/available/default.php

The Lewis Ranch

The people at the Lewis Ranch have been breeding the Queensland Heeler breed for over twenty years. They allow the breed to roam around the property on their own; the only time the dogs are kenneled is when their in heat or with puppies.

They offer regular sized Queensland Heelers as well as miniatures. They have a lot of people who are interested in puppies, so if you are serious, you should get on the waiting list.

Their puppies are priced at a variety of price points, some being cheaper and some being more expensive.

If you are interested in this breeder you can check out the Lewis Ranch here: http://www.lewisranch.com/queensland-heeler

Decco Ranch

Here we have another breeder that breeds the Queensland Heeler breed. These breeders do a lot more than just breed dogs they also work with horses and other animals.

Their puppies cost $400 for either a female or a male. It doesn’t matter what color the puppy is, it will be the same cost.

They are located in California, and they do have a waiting list for people who are interested in one of their puppies.

You can check out even more information about this breeder here on their site: http://www.deccoranch.com/Queensland-home.asp

queensland heelerWhat If I want a Rescue Dog, Is There a Queensland Heeler Rescue?

If you would prefer to rescue an older dog, there are several breed-specific rescues around the country.

In fact, one of the largest is a Queensland Heeler rescue in Arizona called New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue & Rehoming, Inc.

They specialize in helping heelers that have been abandoned or discarded and simply need a little rehabilitation before finding a new home. If you visit their website, you will find lots of information about the breed and how to rescue one.

In the end, regardless if you adopt an adult or a puppy, the Queensland Heeler makes an excellent working dog. They are ideal for active individuals and best suited for life in the country!

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