How to Bathe a Schnauzer

Do you have a Schnauzer that you are unsure how to bathe properly? Let me help you by giving you some tips on how to bathe your Schnauzer. Remember that this shouldn’t be a stressful situation. Your dog can pick up on energy, so staying calm during your bathing session with your Schnauzer is important.

How to Bathe a Schnauzer

Bathing your Schnauzer does not need to be a difficult task. You may be surprised how easy it is to bathe your dog, and you can save money doing it yourself instead of sending your dog to a groomer. Below are the steps you can follow to bathe your Schnauzer successfully.

How To Bathe A Schnauzer

Step. 1 Organize Your Bathing Area

Before you can even start to bathe your dog, you should have all the necessary supplies at hand; that way, you’re not searching for them during the bathing process. Look for what shampoo, conditioners, brushes, and towels you will want to use and gather them in the bathroom or in the area you are bathing your dog in.

You can even bring some treats in there with you, especially if you have a nervous Schnauzer. The treats can be given to reassure your dog that getting a bath is okay! After you prepare your supplies, your next step will be to begin filling up the bath with warm water that isn’t too hot.

Pro Tip: Place a towel at the bottom of the bathtub before filling it up. This will prevent your dog from slipping in the tub during the bath.

Step. 2 Getting Your Dog in the Bath

Bring your Schnauzer into the bathroom and shut the door behind you. This will prevent your dog from escaping. You can choose to pre-brush your dog before its bath, but only if you want to, as it is unnecessary.

Now is the time to put your dog into the bath. The easiest way is to place your hands under your dog’s armpits/forearms. Next, lift your dog up and place your dog in the water in the bath. You are now ready for step 3, which is to bathe your dog.

Step. 3 Bathing your Schnauzer

Now you are ready to bathe your dog. Get a cup or pitcher full of water, start at the top of your dog’s neck, and pour water along your dog’s back and down its legs. Your dog’s hair needs to be quite wet to suds it up with the shampoo.

Place a line of shampoo down your dog’s back to tail and begin massaging it into your dog’s hair. If you have trouble getting a lot of suds, you can use a shampoo brush to help your suds it into your dog’s skin.

Pro Tip: If your dog has a flea issue, you can use a fine-tooth dog comb to help brush some of them out when the hair has shampoo in it.

Next, wet a washcloth and begin to wipe your dog’s face and beard with it. Make sure you don’t have any soap on it. You just want to get the area wet. After it is wet, you can apply a small amount of shampoo into the washcloth and begin to rub the cloth over your dog’s beard gently.

After you wash it with shampoo, it is important to rinse the beard and face right away. You can use a new wet washcloth or rinse out the one you were using and rinse the beard thoroughly. You don’t want any shampoo to be left in there. If you prefer you can do this with your hand also.

Pro Tip: Be careful not to get any water in your dog’s nose or eyes. Your dog may start to make a funny snorting noise if water gets inside.

Now you will want to rinse the rest of the shampoo off your Schnauzer. Fill up your cup or pitcher with fresh warm water and being to pour it at the base of your dog’s neck down its back. You may have to repeat this two or three times until you get all of the shampoo out.

Bathing A Schnauzer

Step. 4 Drying Your Schnauzer

Now that your dog is fully clean, you can pull the plug in the bath and drain the water. It is important to grab a towel quickly before your dog begins to shake its hair everywhere, causing you to get soaked. Put the towel around your dog’s back and gently lift your dog out onto another towel on the floor.

Now simply dry your dog off like you would dry your own hair off. You can just towel dry your dog, or you can blow-dry your dog on a low heat setting. After your dog is dry, you can brush out its hair and groom your dog any way you wish.

How Often Do You Bathe a Schnauzer?

This may surprise you, but Schnauzer’s do not need to be bathed as often as you may think. Once every two weeks to once a month should be sufficient enough to in keeping your Schnauzer cleaned.

If you over bathe your dog, it can lead to very dry skin and cause other skin issues. Therefore, it is very important only to bathe your dog every two weeks or only when necessary, when you see that your dog is visibly dirty. You shouldn’t wait over six weeks to bathe your dog because it can cause the skin to be too oily.

How Do you Bathe a Miniature Schnauzer?

You would follow the same steps as listed above when bathing a regular Schnauzer. However, you obviously wouldn’t fill the bath up as much for a Miniature Schnauzer as you would a full-size one. Just remember to avoid getting shampoo and water in the eyes and nose.

Bathing A Schnauzer Puppy

How Often to Bathe a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy?

Miniature Schnauzer puppies only need a bath about once a month unless your dog gets visibly dirty. It is important that you follow bathing guidelines set by your groomer or vet because you do not want to dry out your puppy’s delicate skin.

How to Bathe a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy?

The first thing to note is that you need to purchase a shampoo or conditioner for a younger dog. The label might say puppy formula, and that will be perfect to use for your Miniature Schnauzer puppy. A puppy shampoo or one labeled for young dogs will be much milder than other dog shampoo formulas.

You will continue to follow the same steps as you would bathe a regular Schnauzer. Remember, you are bathing a puppy, so do not fill up the bath that high up with water. Also, if your dog is too small, you can bathe your dog in the sink.

How Do you Clean a Schnauzer’s Face?

It is important that you do not pour water directly on your dog’s face. One reason why is the water can get inside of your dog’s nose and eyes. It is important that you wet a washcloth to clean your dog’s face. Gently take that damp washcloth and clean around your dog’s eyes and nose.

After wetting it, you can put a very small amount of shampoo on your cloth and clean the fur/hair around your dog’s eyes and nose. Then, rinse the washcloth well and again wipe around those areas really well to remove the shampoo.

Tip: Please be careful around your Schnauzers ears as if water gets inside, it can possibly give your dog an infection. If your dog gets water in its ears, it is important to dry it completely.

Clean White Schnauzer

How Do you Keep a White Schnauzer Clean?

White Schnauzers are very difficult to keep white. Even when you wash your white dog, it may still have some discoloration. Here are a few ways you can combat this issue:

  • To keep your dog’s coat clean and staying white, you should brush your dog often to remove dirt.
  • To prevent staining around your dog’s eye, you should often wipe your dog’s hair around the eye with a warm wash cloth.
  • Feed your dog a high-quality dog food with good vitamins and minerals to help your dog’s coat.
  • Filtered or purified water can prevent staining on your dog’s beard.
  • Sometimes there is specific bread dog shampoo to help with whitening the coat that you can look into.

How Do I get my Schnauzer to Stop Stinking?

Both the Schnauzer and the Miniature Schnauzer naturally have oily skin, which means they can put off a type of smell that isn’t pleasing. Your dog’s coat may also feel sort of greasy to the touch.

One way to combat this issue is by bathing your dog more frequently. If your dog is only getting bathed once a month, try bathing your dog every two weeks and see if that helps with the stink. If this still becomes an issue, you can consult your veterinarian and prescribe your dog a medicated shampoo.


It is important that you take your Schnauzer’s bathing seriously. If you are not careful, you can end up drying out your dog’s skin, so it is important that you read my how to bathe a schnauzer article to know exactly what to do. Leave me a comment below telling me what you do to bathe your Schnauzer

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