Where to Find Border Aussie Puppies for Sale

The adorable Border Aussie is a combination of two very popular dog breeds, the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. This is a herding dog breed that can be used for work but is also an exceptional family companion. Are you interested in owning your own Border Aussie puppies for sale? If so, I can help you.

Border Aussie Puppies For Sale

What Two Breeds Make a Border Aussie?

The Border Aussie is a mixed dog breed that combines two purebred breeds: the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. Some breeders breed first-generation puppies, and others breed two Border Aussies together.

How Much Do Border Aussies Cost?

This mixed breed isn’t as expensive as other mixed breeds on the market. Generally, you can expect to spend between $800 to $2,500 for a Border Aussie puppy. However, remember that all breeders are different some may even fall out of this range, and some with be right in the middle between those prices.

Are Border Aussies Good Dogs?

Yes, the Border Aussie can be an excellent family companion. However, you will need to keep in mind that this is a very wok orientated dog breed, which means it loves to do its job. If your dog is socialized from a young age, it will even do great around children.

Border Aussie Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Border Aussie Breeder?

If the Border Aussie is your dream dog, I want to be there to help you find your future puppy. Here you will find four reputable breeders who have a passion and love for this mixed dog breed. Check them out to get your future Border Aussie puppies for sale.

Kittelson Kennel

This is a family-run breeding business, and they do this out of their home, which is located in Dufur, Oregon. This started out as a hobby, and the breeder decided they would like to share their puppies with the rest of the world.

They have a private parcel of land that is near Mt. Hood National Forest. The dogs have a fenced-in yard to play in. The dogs are very active members of the family and get a lot of love and attention. Typically, this breeder has two litters each year, one in the summer and one in the winter.

You will need to place down a deposit to reserve a puppy, and this also reserves the picking order. This is a $500 deposit, which comes off the purchase price of $2,000. So, when the final payment is due, it will be $1,500.

Their Border Aussies come with a veterinarian exam, dew claws removed, a one-year health guarantee, a few supplies, and a registration option. If you need the dog shipped to you, that is an option that this breeder will consider. This will obviously cost more.

Most of their litters are already spoken for when they are first announced. If that is the case, I would contact the breeder soon as possible and get on that waiting list or see when the next litter of Border Aussie puppies for sale might be available. You can check the breeder’s site out here: https://kittelsonkennel.com/

Blue Mountain Merles

The next breeder running Blue Mountain Merles is located in the area of Mountain View, Arkansas. This breeder is currently breeding Border Aussies and also Corgis. Unfortunately, there are no puppies available for sale as the breeder recently had a litter of Border Aussie puppies for sale.

This breeder does require a deposit to be placed on a litter in advance. This deposit essentially reserves the puppy for you until the puppy can go home, and you will repay the remaining balance. When puppies are available, the breeder will send out weekly messages to the people interested to let you know how the puppies are doing.

The best way to get more information on litters that are coming soon will be to email the breeder. The breeder’s email is located on their website, and you can write them and ask your basic questions about their puppies. You can check out the website here: http://bluemountainmerles.com/

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Rickerson Border Aussies

The next breeder that I have to recommend to you is the one running Rickerson Border Aussies. This breeder is located in Georgetown, Texas. They have dedicated their time to breeding the Border Aussies. This breeder’s Border Aussie puppies for sale are priced between $1,250 to $2,500.

This breeder does require a $150 non-refundable deposit that will show the breeder you are committed to owning one of their puppies. This also gives the breeder an idea of picking order according to the placed deposits.

All Border Aussie puppies come with their first shots and check over by a veterinarian. Currently, there is no update on this breeder’s website on when the next litter will be. Again, as I have mentioned with the other breeders, the best way to find out this information is to email the breeder. This breeder clearly states that they can also work out if you have shipping needs for your dog.

You can view the breeder’s website right here: https://www.rickersonborderaussies.com/

Wasatch Mini Border Aussies

The Day family runs Wasatch Mini Border Aussies, and they are located in the Fairview, Utah area. The entire family is dedicated to raising their Border Aussies, and this went from a hobby too much more for this family. Instead, they want to raise high-quality dogs that will bring joy and companionship to other families around the country.

Their Border Aussies are $899. I do not see anywhere on there that says you need to put down a deposit. This will need to be something you confirm with the breeder. Currently, all of their Border Aussie puppies for sale have been spoken for. You will need to ask the breeder when the next litter is.

This breeder doesn’t have much more information on the site unless you want to know more about their breeding dogs. However, there are write-ups about all of their dams and sire. This is definitely another great option when looking to buy a Border Aussie puppy. Check the breeder out here: https://www.miniborderaussies.com/

Border Aussie Rescue

Border Aussie Adoption

Adopting a dog in need of a good home is a noble cause, and more people should take in dogs in need. One rescue I was able to find was the SOHO which stands for Save Our Herders Outreach. This rescue is dedicated to saving and rescuing herding dog breeds.

This non-profit organization works out of the mid-Atlantic and southeast region of the United States. They are a foster-based program that helps take in the dogs from being euthanatized and rehabilitated and hopefully adopted into their forever homes.

If you are truly trying to find a Border Aussie from a rescue, then I suggest starting at that rescue I listed above. They have various dog breeds as well as some mixes like the Border Aussie.


Was this article helpful in getting your dream Border Aussie? If so, I am glad because I know how hard it can be searching for Border Aussie puppies for sale and not knowing where to start. So let me know if you plan on getting a Border Aussie puppy in the comments.

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