How to Find Jagdterrier Puppies for Sale

The Jagdterrier is a small Terrier dog breed that can weigh up to 20 pounds. This breed is sometimes also called the German Hunt Terrier. This is a great hunting dog breed as well as a family companion. If you are interested in getting this dog breed, I can help you find a reliable breeder with Jagdterrier puppies for sale.

Jagdterrier Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Jagdterrier Cost?

Jagdterriers are a niche dog breed that not many people know about. So, the breeders that are out there can charge based n demand and what they feel their Jagdterriers are worth. Generally, you should expect to spend around $800 to $1,500 for Jagdterrier puppies for sale.

What Breeds Make a Jagdterrier?

The Jagdterrier was first created by combining the Old English Fox Terrier and the Hunting Terrier. Some other breeds that might have been used in the creation of this dog breed are the Welsh Terrier, German Pinschers, and the English Wirehaired Terriers.

Do Jagdterrier Make Good Pets?

Yes, this breed is great at work and a good hunting dog breed, but at the same time can be a wonderful family companion. This is a very active dog breed, so you will need to make sure that you are taking care of your dog by taking your dog outside to have an outlet for its energy. Overall, this can still be a very loving dog breed.

Jagdterrier Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Jagdterrier Breeder?

If you are interested in getting a Jagdterrier, I am here to help you. This incredible Terrier can be found with the four breeders listed below. They all are currently striving to produce more Jagdterrier puppies for sale.

Mule Creek Co.

Mule Creek Co. is a family-run business run by a father and son team. They are currently breeding three different breeds: the Jagdterriers, Drahthaars, and the Wirehaired Dachshunds. Currently, this breeder doesn’t have any Jagdterrier puppies for sale but is planning on having a litter soon.

Their Jagdterrier puppies they have range in price from $1,000 to $1,500. A deposit will need to be placed on the puppy, and this secures your spot, and the deposit price of $250 comes off the price of the puppy. Deposits secure your spot in line for a dog and count for pick order. If you don’t see the specific type of dog you want, you can be moved back on the waiting list until the next litter.

This breeder does offer shipping if you need that. In addition, this breeder has a lot of information on their website about the breed and their dogs. Finally, this breeder also offers hunting packages if that is something that interests you.

You can also contact the breeder to get further information and to answer any questions you may have. If you truly want a Jagdterrier puppy for sale, I suggest placing down a deposit after speaking to the breeder. You can view the website here:

G&KA Jagdterriers

At G&KA Jagdterrier, they are also a family-run business that strives to produce high-quality Jagdterriers and keep to what they are intended for, which is working and playing. They can be used for hunting game but can also make for a great family companion.

Currently, this breeder has such a high demand for puppies that they have closed their waitlist until 2023. So the next few litters will be produced and sent to the home of people already on the list. As I mentioned, they plan to open the waiting list back up in 2023.

You can still contact and keep in touch with the breeder while you wait. If you have any questions regarding their dogs and how they do things. If you don’t feel like waiting until this breeder opens up their waiting list, then you can try to contact some of the other breeders on this list.

You can view this breeder’s webpage here:

Paws & Bones 2

DJT Jagdterriers

This next breeder I am sharing with you is one that is international. I think this breeder is located in Italy and has all the same values as the other breeders in this article. They bred the Jagdterrier, and they are very selective about their litters. This breeder only chooses healthy dogs and looks into their genetics before breeding.

This breeder got their interest in the Jagdterrier in the early 1990s and received their first one in 1996. That led to the legacy that this breeder has. While this breeder has limited litters, you can still inquire about their puppies and see when the next litter might be being planned.

Again, this is an international breeder. Getting a puppy from a different country may be a challenge, but you can still try. If you aren’t from the United States and already international yourself, I suggest looking into this breeder further. You can check them out here:

Vom Kervinshof Kennel

The family that has been running this kennel has been doing it since the 1870s. M.W. was the founder of this family business. His sons also had their own kennels and theirs after that. Today the breeder running this business was on the search for a very sound breed that could hunt, be a companion, and have fewer health issues and was introduced to the German Drahthaar.

That was over twenty years ago, and this breeder is still going strong today breeding. This breeder is currently breeding the German Drahthaars and the Jagdterrier. Right now, there are upcoming litters for both dog breeds.

This breeder is dedicated to producing high-quality Jagdterriers that will be a well-rounded dog for you. They highly suggest you get to training your dog when you get it. They do offer training services as well that you can look into.

Like with most breeders here at Vom Kervinshof Kennel, they also accept deposits to reserve your puppy. I do not have a price of the deposit; this is something you will need to find out from the breeder. The same goes with the price of the Jagdterrier puppies for sale. There is an abundance of information found on this breeder’s website that I highly recommend that you look into here:

Jagdterrier Puppy

Jagdterrier Rescue

Rescues for certain dog breeds are few and far in-between. It can be difficult to find a rescue for the Jagdterrier. I was not able to find one for this dog breed. If you are trying to find a Jagdterrier through a rescue, I can suggest calling around to some local shelters and see if they have one or can point you in the right direction of someone who does.

It is going to be very hard to find this breed through a rescue. So honestly, you should plan on just getting a puppy from a breeder. This will be more of a guarantee that you will get your dream dog than from a rescue.


Now you know exactly where you can find your dream Jagdterrier. All of these breeders are great and very reputable sources to get Jagdterrier puppies for sale. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever seen a Jagdterrier in person or if you plan on purchasing one.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a short-haired Jagdterrier pup. Do you have any available, and if not, will you sometime soon? Please advise. Serious inquiry. Thank you.

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  2. we are looking for a male long or short hair. we live in wisconsin and under that the climate can be an issue with the short hair but we would address that. please advise if you have or will be haiving a litter soon. we would want to be added to a waiting liist (after deposit). thank you


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