How to Find Kangal Puppies for Sale in 2023

These great guard dogs are becoming very popular, so it is no wonder why you want to find Kangal puppies for sale! The Kangal, also known as the Kangal Shepherd Dog, is a Turkish dog used to guard people’s livestock. This dog breed can weigh up to 140 pounds. It has a thick double coat, usually tan or grey, and the head and tail are tipped with black. It has an athletic build with a long neck. Kangals are known for their bravery and loyalty, making them ideal guard dogs. They usually live up to 10 years, although they can occasionally reach 15 years or more.

Kangal Puppies For Sale

This Turkish dog is friendly with people and other animals, but they are wary of strangers. Kangals need plenty of room to exercise and should receive regular grooming. They also require training from a young age to remain obedient and well-behaved. With the proper care, this breed makes an excellent companion.

An interesting note is that the AKC does not recognize the Kangal as its own separate species from the Anatolian Shepherd. However, the UKC does make that distinction. It is certainly a controversial subject in the dog world!

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Kangal Dog Price

You want to buy from a reputable breeder when searching for Kangal puppies for sale. Like the ones recommended in my article (hint hint). Most reputable breeders will charge at least $1,000 for Kangal puppies for sale.

Some breeders may even charge more depending on their dog’s registration, quality, and what they are trained to do. You may even see a Kangal dog price for up to $1,500. Make sure to do your research and always ask for references or proof of health tests. A good, healthy pup will be worth the money!

Can a Kangal Be a House Dog?

Kangals are a large breed that needs plenty of space to move around. A home in the country or even just a home with a nice big yard would be ideal for this dog breed. This dog breed is also very work orientated, meaning it loves its job and is good at it. If you don’t allow your Kangal to perform its job, it can still be a good family companion but will need an outlet for its energy.

I do not suggest this dog breed to first-time dog owners. Not because they are bad dogs but because they are very active and require a lot of attention, exercise, and training. They do best with experienced owners who know how to handle their energy level.

If you are looking for an easy-going pet, this is not the breed for you. But if you have the time and dedication to give them, these Turkish dogs make wonderful and loyal companions.

Are Kangals Good Family Dogs?

Yes, the Kangal is a great family dog and will work exceptionally to guard the livestock on your land. This breed naturally has guarding instincts over its family members. However, You will need to train your dog to curb some of that protective behavior around other people.

Like their close cousin, the Anatolian Shepherd, they are very protective. This is a great dog breed that will make a fantastic family dog. But make sure to socialize them from a young age.

Kangal Puppy For Sale

What is the Lifespan of a Kangal Dog?

The life span of a Kangal can range from 12 to 15 years, with proper care and nutrition. However, like all dog breeds, individual factors such as genetics, environment, and lifestyle can also impact their life expectancy.

Regular exercise, veterinary care, and a healthy diet can help ensure that your Kangal lives a long and happy life. So when searching for Kangal Puppies for sale, make sure you understand the commitment!

Where Can I Find a Reputable Kangal Breeder?

If you have been searching for a Kangal puppy for sale, I can help you. I have four recommendations for Kangal breeders who specialize in the breed. Any one of them can give you healthy Kangal puppies for sale.

Chippewa Valley Kangals

The owner at Chippewa Valley Kangals has always loved dogs since the breeder was a child. She competed in her local fair obedience competition and knew she wanted to go into a field related to animals.

She got her first dog, a Great Dane, in 2007 and immediately knew she loved big dogs. After much research for a long-living big dog breed, she came across the Kangal. She got her first one in 2014. After doing rallies and earning titles, she got her next Kangal in 2017, which kicked off the breeding business.

The ultimate goal is to produce high-quality Kangal puppies for sale that follow correct temperament and confirmation guidelines. First, however, she wishes that her puppies go to homes that use the dog for working purposes or performance.

There isn’t a date for an upcoming litter, but the first step you will want to take to get one of her puppies is to fill out the questionnaire. This will allow Rachel, the breeder, to know more about you and exactly what you want in a puppy.

Her puppies come health checked by a vet, neurologically stimulated, dewormed, microchipped, first vaccines, UKC registered, temperament tested, and lifetime support. This is a reputable breeder to consider when purchasing a Kangal puppy. Find Kangal dog prices and much more at her website: Chippewa Valley Kangals

Skyfiber Kangals

The next breeder I recommend to you owns and runs a farm. Her Kangals are a big part of the farm life as they help watch over alpacas, kunekune pigs, and chickens. This breeder’s home is in Marshall, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

This breeder places their Kangal puppies for sale into new homes quickly, so you must act quickly if you want to get a puppy. First, fill out the puppy questionnaire to let the breeder know more about you.

Once the breeder approves you from the questionnaire you provided, you will be added to a waiting list. You will get notified when a litter becomes available, and your position is in line. This breeder does prefer to place their dogs in livestock guardian homes where the dog can have a purpose.

This breeder will have a litter of puppies later this year, so make sure you get the ball rolling if you want Kangal puppies for sale from this breeder. For Kangal dog prices and more, check the breeder out here: Skyfiber Kangals

Dog Paw Prints

HexenWald Ranch

This breeder running the HexenWald Ranch lives in a home surrounded by the wilderness. The Kangal dog is actively protecting the ranch that this breeder is on. This breeder is an approved breeder with the Kangal Club of America.

There is a litter planned for later this year, and if you are interested, you must request to be put on the waiting list. The best way to do this is by emailing the breeder. The breeder can answer any questions about the breed and its breeding practices.

The breeder does have some information on their website about the breed but not much about upcoming litters. The best way to find out information is to email the breeder. You can view some information and contact the breeder here: HexenWald Ranch

Evans Mill Cattle Company

Marc and Elisabeth are the two people running Evans Mill Cattle Company. This farm raises cattle as well as the Kangal dog breed. They have already sold the Kangal puppies for sale in their last litter and do not mention when the next litter will be.

This breeder is part of the Kangal Dog Club of America, and they follow the breeder’s code of ethics. However, the breeder does request that you fill out an ownership questionnaire and an application. This lets the breeder know if you are a good fit for one of their dogs.

This is another reputable choice. There is much more information you can view on the breeder’s site, including Kangal Dog price: Evans Mill Cattle Company

Kangal Puppy

Kangal Rescue

You can usually find a rescue for most purebred dog breeds. However, if you want to get a dog from a rescue, I have found one that may be useful. The Kangal Dog Rescue Project is a non-profit organization that prides itself on helping the Kangal dog breed.

They help any Kangal in need of a good home, and they provide the dog with medical services if it needs any, transportation, and a temporary home until it gets adopted. So if you truly want to get this breed through a rescue, this is one of the first places I recommend you look.

This is an excellent alternative to finding Kangal puppies for sale at a breeder.

Kangal Puppies For Sale Summary

Kangal puppies are a beloved Turkish dog breed, but finding reputable breeders can be challenging. If you’re searching for a Kangal pup, this article can help guide you in the right direction.

Contacting one of the four breeders recommended (or the Kangal rescue) can increase your chances of finding your dream Kangal. Remember that it’s essential to research and ensure the breeder is ethical and reliable before purchasing.

Finding a reputable breeder can increase your chances of finding healthy, happy, and well-bred Kangal puppies for sale to bring home and cherish for years to come.

Kangal Dog FAQ

What is a Kangal dog?

The Kangal dog is a large livestock guardian dog from Turkey. They are known for their protective and loyal nature, as well as their physical strength and agility.

What are Kangal dogs typically used for?

Kangal dogs are commonly used as livestock guardians, mainly sheep, and goats. They are also used as protectors of homes and property in their native Turkey.

What is the temperament of a Kangal dog?

Kangal dogs are typically calm and composed but fiercely protective of their territory and those under their care. They are loyal to their owners and are generally good with children.

What is the size of a Kangal dog?

Kangal dogs are large, typically weighing between 90 and 140 pounds and standing between 28 and 32 inches tall at the shoulder.

What is the lifespan of a Kangal dog?

The average lifespan of a Kangal dog is between 12 and 15 years.

Are Kangal dogs good with other pets?

Kangal dogs have a strong prey drive and may not be compatible with smaller pets, such as cats or rabbits. They are generally good with other dogs if properly socialized.

Do Kangal dogs require a lot of exercises?

Kangal dogs are high-energy and require regular exercise, such as daily walks or runs. They also benefit from having a large, fenced yard to play in.

What is the grooming requirement for a Kangal dog?

Kangal dogs have a thick, double coat that requires regular brushing to prevent matting and to remove loose fur. They shed seasonally and may require more frequent grooming during this time.

Are Kangal dogs good family pets?

Kangal dogs can make great family pets if properly trained and socialized. They are loyal and protective of their families but may not be suitable for households with small children or other pets.

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