Where to Find Golden Irish Puppies for Sale

Golden Irish PuppyIf you don’t know the Golden Irish is a mixed breed dog that combines the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter together. Both purebred dog breeds are actually very similar, and their puppies end up looking a lot like Golden Retrievers with a darker coat color.

This is a medium to large dog breed that will weigh between 55-80 pounds. Golden Irish dogs are designer to be a perfect family companion with also the capabilities of being a therapy dog or even a hunting dog.

Since this is a quite a big dog breed, it will need quite a lot of exercise, and it will have a big appetite. Keep that in mind if you live in a smaller home as you will need a lot of space to accommodate this dog.

Still, interested and what to know how you can get a Golden Irish puppy of your own? You are in luck because I have found four breeders that have Golden Irish puppies for sale. Keep reading on to learn where you can get one of these dogs.

Golden Irish Puppies For Sale

Golden Irish Puppy Price

The Golden Irish breed can get quite expensive depending on the breeder. Some breeders charge $1,000 and others charge up to $2,000. 

If the breeder has their dogs registered with the American Kennel Club, they will likely be more expensive. Some breeders have dogs that are champion breeds with excellent health clearances; if that is the case you will likely pay more for those puppies.

If the Golden Irish puppy price from a breeder is blowing your budget, then try looking at a Golden Irish rescue to see if they have any puppies or even older dogs at a cheaper price.

Even though this is a mixed breed dog, it still combines two very popular purebred breeds that are very expensive from breeders.

Don’t forget there are additional costs for the rest of your puppy’s life that include food, toys, supplies, and of course, vet visits.

Golden Irish Dog

Where Can I Find a Reputable Golden Irish Breeder?

Here are some great options for breeders if you are looking for Golden Irish puppies for sale. Each breeder has atleast one litter of Golden Irish dogs.

Almaroad Kennel

The owners of Almaroad Kennels live on a farm in Madison, Indiana. The family started off raising two Golden Retrievers to teach their sons about the responsibility of owning a pet.

Owning those two Golden Retrievers sparked a love for the dog breed, and they began to breed them and acquire more dogs. Fast forward thirty years later, they are still breeding Goldens, Irish Setters, Boxers, and the famous Golden Irish puppies.

Their entire family gets involved in the breedings and all the grandchild loving going to the farm to play with all the puppies.

The last litter of Golden Irish puppies were sold very quickly, so they ask if you want to get one of their puppies that you get onto their waiting list for the next litter. When they sell their available puppies, they usually go off the waiting list.

When you get on the waiting list, you can place a deposit for a puppy. You can always email or call the kennel to get an idea of when they will have a new litter of puppies.

Check them out here: https://almaroadkennel.com/index.html

Glory Dawn Goldens

Glory Dawn Goldens first started out as a breeder of Golden Retrievers but has fallen in love with the mix breed the Golden Irish over the years. They now sell both types of puppies.

Their home is located in the quiet country where the dogs have plenty of room to roam around and play. Each year there are multiple litters of Golden Irish puppies, one usually in spring and one in the fall.

Prices start at $2,000 and go up from there. Most of the puppies for upcoming litters are already reserved, which means you will likely have to get on the waiting list and wait for the following litter.

If you will have to wait for your new puppy, but it will be worth it. All of their dogs go through standard genetic testing, and all of their dogs are registered with the AKC.

Check out the kennel here: https://www.glorydawngoldens.com/

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Kristen’s Happy Tails

At Kristen’s Happy Tails, she breeds for the love of the dog breed, not for profits. She believes that all of the dogs and puppies that come into her home are family and her goal is to raise happy and healthy pups.

The family raises Miniature Goldendoodles, Golden Irish, and Irish Setters. They have four dogs, so their litters each year are quite small. You can expect them to have at least one Golden Irish litter each year.

They do request that you get on a waiting list. Everyone who is interested in a puppy goes onto the waiting list and served based on first come, first served, and preferences of which breed they want.

The fastest way to get onto the waiting list is by contacting Kristen by email or by phone number. To get more specific information you can go here: https://kristenshappytails.com/

Norden Lights

Peter, the owner of Norden Lights kennel, has been dog training and working with dogs for thirty-five years. Every puppy produced is made to be the best family companion you could ever have.

With Peters extensive dog training background, he has been able to partially train the puppies his dogs have before they go home to you.

All of the puppies will be excellent in working in the field wether it is for hunting or therapies. This breeder started off with Golden Retrievers but made its way to breeding Golden Irish puppies and Goldendoodles.

They don’t have much information on their site about upcoming litters. It says if you want more information about future litters you have to contact the owner directly through telephone or email.

You can check out this United Kingdom based breeder here: https://nordenlights.co.uk/

Golden Retriever Irish Setter Mix

Golden Irish Puppies For Adoption

There actually arnt many Golden Irish rescues out there. I was able to find one that is based in the United Kingdom and they have a variety of different Retriever breeds.

The goal of the Irish Retriever rescue is to rehome neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs and give them to a better home. A home that will provide the dog with absolute love.

It says that they rehome dogs across the United Kingdom and in Europe, but i’m not sure if they will allow a dog to be adopted going to the United States.

You can still browse through the dogs that they have available for adoption and see if they have an Golden Irish dogs for adoption.


Have you ever heard of the Golden Irish mixed dog breed? This adorable dog breed makes a perfect family companion, and also it can be used in hunting because it gets the retrieving aspect from the Golden Retriever parent.

Did this article help you find Golden Irish puppies for sale? The breeders above are a great place to start when you are looking for a new puppy to add to your family.

Let us know in the comments below if you have a Golden Irish.

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