How to Find Mastador Puppies for Sale

The Mastador is a large mixed-breed dog that combines two very popular purebred breeds together. The English Mastiff and the Labrador Retriever are usually combined together to create this mix. This makes a large breed that will be both friendly, loyal, and an excellent family companion.

If that sounds nice to you or if you are on the search for Mastador puppies for sale, I can help you. This article will recommend a few breeders to you who are experts in the Mastador space. Definitely check out these breeders here.

Mastador Dog

What is a Mastador?

The Mastador is a mixed breed dog which means it combines two purebred dogs together to create the mix. The Mastador combines the Mastiff and the popular Labrador Retriever together. This mix should take on traits from both parent breeds. You will get a large loyal family companion from this combination.

How Much Does a Mastador Puppy Cost?

Mixed breeds can sometimes be cheaper than purebred breeds or more expensive if it is a highly sought-after mixture. Most Mastador puppies for sale will range from $1,500 to $3,500. Again, the price fluctuates based on the breeder.

Don’t forget that you will need to be able to afford to take care of the dog, not just the cost of the dog. You will need to buy food, toys, and other supplies throughout your dog’s life.

Are Mastadors Good Dogs?

Yes, the Mastador will be a good dog and a great family companion. You will see traits from both parent dog breeds. People assume this type of dog is mean, but it is a very sweet and gentle breed in all actuality. While this dog can be protective, it can also be very lovable around members of the family, even children. You will get a very good dog from this mix.

Mastador Puppies For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Mastador Breeder?

Here you will find three people who are currently breeding Mastadors. All of these breeders are reputable, and they can get you your dream Mastador if that is what you are looking for. Here you will find Mastador puppies for sale.

Biebers Mastadors

The breeder at Bieber Mastadors has been doing this since 2008. All of their dogs get raised right in their home, and they come from health-tested parents. Most of the Mastador puppies for sale that this breeder sells are first, second, or third generation. They will have litters where both parents are Mastadors as well.

All of the parent breeds are health tested for over 200 genetic diseases. In addition, puppies will come with some basic knowledge of potty training, veterinarian exam, deworming, health guarantee, microchipped, and much more.

The puppies stay inside the breeder’s home until they are old enough to go outside and play. The breeder stays home with the puppies to give them full attention, love, and playtime. If you need your dog shipped to you, this can be worked out with the breeder.

This breeder does have multiple litters of Mastadors available. You should definitely email the breeder if you are interested and read the puppy registration page to know the necessary steps for reserving a puppy and placing a deposit. You can read about it here:

Covenant Farm

The breeder at Covenant Farm has been breeding dogs since 2007. He and his wife have been doing this for a long time and strive to be the best breeders around through hard work, honesty, and integrity. They have sold their dogs to over 500 families. Unfortunately, his wife passed away at the end of 2020.

The breeder still has some litters available currently as well as upcoming litters. Currently, the breeder is not adding people to the waiting list due to it getting too full. The waiting list may eventually be open, but the breeder says they won’t take deposits until the litter is born.

This breeder’s Mastadors are priced at $2,500 unless otherwise stated. All of the puppies come with the traditional things most breeders supply like vet checked, health guarantee, health tested parents, hips and elbows scored, well socialized, and much more.

This is definitely a breeder you will want to consider in your search for Mastador puppies for sale. He is very reputable and has been breeding Mastadors for a long time. You can view the breeder’s website here:

Dog Bones

McCullough Mastadors

The last but certainly not least breeder on this list is called McCullough Mastadors. This breeder got their start out of tragedy. A married couple runs this breeding operation, and they both owned Labradors, and unfortunately, both of their dogs died. Out of that tragedy brewed a new love for the mixed breed, the Mastador.

Sometime after that happened, they got their first Mastador with the help of Covenant Farms. Now they own a few Mastadors that have come from different lines from Covenant Farms. Not only are they in the breeding business now, but they also own a variety of other animals such as horses, cats, and chickens.

The breeder does have some upcoming litters, and they do have a waitlist system that you can be put on. The best way to get onto that is by contacting the breeder and doing a short interview process by answering some basic questions.

Once approved, you will be put on a waiting list. When a litter becomes available, the breeder will email people on the waiting list. That person has a certain amount of time to say I they want it or not before the next person gets the opportunity.

This breeder’s Mastador puppies for sale cost $1,950 no matter the color or gender. They will ship the puppy to you as well. This is likely for an additional fee. This breeder has a wonderful website full of helpful information, puppy pictures, and bio write-ups on the dogs. You can view all of this information here:

Mastador Puppy

Mastador Rescue

It is always a challenge finding mixed breed rescues out there. Typically, purebred dog breeds have more opportunities when it comes to a rescue than mixed breeds. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a dedicated Mastador rescue, but I have found a general Mastiff rescue that also takes in some Mastiff mixes.

The Mastiff to Mutts Rescue is dedicated to rescuing the Mastiff dog breed and other mixes and giant dog breeds. First, these dogs get placed into a foster home until they get a new family. Then, they get complete care until they go on to their forever home.

This is a great way to acquire your dream dog, especially if you are passionate about adopting dogs or even if you just prefer to have an older dog over a puppy. I definitely recommend checking them out if you would like to go this route, and you can see if they have any Mastadors available for rescue.


I really hope that this article helps get you your dream dog, if that is indeed the Mastador. All of the breeders above will be your best source to get Mastador puppies for sale. Let me know in the comments below if you own this mixed breed.

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