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Do you ever take nighttime walks or early morning walks with your dog? If so, then I’m sure you know just how hard it is to see your dog in the dark. Luckily, some time ago, a genius invented the reflective dog collar!

With one of the best reflective dog collars below, you can fix that problem and see your dog during dark walks. See our best reflective dog collar reviews below to learn more about what makes these collars so unique.

Best Reflective Dog Collar Reviews

How to Choose a Reflective Dog Collar

There are certain things to consider before making up your mind about which reflective dog collar is best for you to purchase. Before we get to our recommendations, here are some things to consider.

Collar Size and Width

Keep your pup from being left in the lurch with an ill-fitting reflective dog collar! Making sure to measure your fur baby’s neck accurately will help you get a comfy and secure fit that they can strut around town proudly. Too tight or too loose won’t do, so make sure there are two fingers worth of wiggle room between the collar and canine noggin

Collar Clasp Type

When it comes to choosing a collar clasp, there’s more than meets the eye! With options ranging from lightweight plastic to aluminum to a combination. Luckily, I’ve done all your homework for you and compiled some recommendations below. You can now make an informed decision without breaking into a sweat.

Collar Materials

When it comes to reflective dog collars, you’ve got options – and they start with nylon. It’s strong while still being lightweight enough so your pup won’t feel weighed down. You might also come across rope or leather materials, but that type didn’t make the cut for my reviews above! That doesn’t mean these aren’t great choices, though. Keep an eye out for neoprene on the inside of a collar. Neoprene is perfect for giving our furry friends the greatest comfort around their necks.


Don’t be fooled into settling for less regarding your pup’s collar! You’ll want one that is built tough and can stand up against an active lifestyle – think weatherproof, wind-resistant features. Make sure the durability of your choice matches how long you plan on keeping this as Fido’s favorite accessory!


Not all reflective dog collars are created equal – and also, believe it or not, neither is their price. My reviews cover a wide range of options at different budget levels for your pup’s safety needs – you’ll quickly see some come in low on the expense meter while others fetch much higher rates!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Best Reflective Dog Collars

Reflective Dog Collar with Nameplate

If you want to stand out and protect your pup simultaneously, then this unique dog collar is just what you need. It comes with an engraved nameplate attached so not only will it be reflective, but totally customized too!

With quick-release clasps for easy on/off action and a metal hoop attachment point for leashes – all while being budget-friendly – how can one resist? So let everyone know who’s top dog by equipping them in style…and safety…with this must-have accessory.

Franklin Pet Supply Nylon Dog Collar – Reflective

Looking for the perfect collar for your pup? Look no further than Franklin Pet Supply’s reflective nylon collars. This model offers a double layer of neoprene fabric and an ingenious quick-release buckle.

These colorful collars offer comfort and visibility in any light! Rest easy knowing that pupper will stay safe even on those late-night walks! Plus, with three sizes available to choose from, there’s something to fit every beloved furball just right. So what are you waiting for? Get snappy with this stylish yet practical pet purchase today!

Mile High Life Night Reflective Double Bands Nylon Dog Collar

Looking for extra precautions when taking your pup out on night walks? The Mile High Life brand has created a nighttime reflective dog collar that offers what you need. An all-encompassing, durable design with convenient features.

There are four different sizes and seven color options to choose from, and the fabric is made of strong, reflective material. No worries about wear & tear here! Plus, it comes complete with a basic open and close closure ensuring proper fitment and adjustable length settings.

Attachable leashes or personalized tags can also be added! So even if Fido strays away from home, he/she’ll always have their ID ready! A bonus is that every purchase helps support animal sanctuaries, making purchasing one practically pawfect!

Black Rhino Waterproof Reflective Dog Collar Heavy Duty

Tired of having to replace your pup’s collar due to wear and tear? Look no further than this heavy-duty reflective dog collar, designed especially with large breed dogs in mind! This reflective collar is made from strong materials. They resist outdoor elements like rain, wind, and cold temperatures.

For extra comfort, the collar is lined with neoprene. Plus, there’s a range of sizes and colors available, so you can find one just right for Fido. Comes in small, medium, and large. Each size comes with a pack of three.

KONG Reflective Dog Collar Premium Neoprene Padded

Surprised to learn the Kong brand is not only about those popular toys? Well, their range also features durable and high-quality dog collars. The one we’ve reviewed has a wide width for comfortable wear on your pup’s neck – plus, it comes with extra padding!

Unfortunately, there’s no full strip of reflective material. Instead, you’ll still spot two pieces of reflectivity along the edges. Kong has a reputation for making great products. The price of this reflective collar ‘reflects’ that.

Max and Neo NEO Nylon Buckle Orange Reflective Dog Collar

Max and Neo have created a robust collar to withstand any adventure with your pup. The reflective 2mm thick material provides extra visibility during early morning or evening walks.

The company takes its commitment to helping animals seriously. For every purchase of one of their collars, They donate to an animal rescue organization selected each month. You can do good in the world simply by buying something for your dog! On top of all this practicality are seven color options available – now, what more could Rover ask for?

Mile High Life Pink Reflective Dog Collar

Light up the night with this reflective collar! This lightweight and durable 3mm nylon material will give your pup a fashionable, neon look while keeping them safe and visible. With seven color options to choose from (hot pink for princess pups?

Neon green for boys?) plus, four sizes are available, and you can easily find something that’s perfect every time. And now it won’t break the bank either; these collars are both budget-friendly and high quality. Just make sure not to forget one essential accessory: a personalized dog tag, of course!

Reflective Dog Collar

Benefits of Using a Reflective Dog Collar

Not only are reflective dog collars super stylish, but they can also save your pup’s life! If you and Fido take evening strolls, it pays to keep them safe from potential collisions with passing cars. You won’t need to break the bank either – these nifty little safety accessories come in various colors, patterns, and materials that will ensure both style AND security! So put one on your pooch today for an extra burst of peace-of-mind protection at night.


Looking for the perfect way to light up your furry friend’s walk? Look no further than the reflective dog collars you just reviewed! They will help you and your pup stay safe during dark night strolls. However, remember safety basics like bringing a flashlight and sticking close to familiar places – after all, it takes more than just collars of reflection… And remember: read reviews before committing – because being informed is always in fashion!

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