Best Dog Training Collar Reviews & Comparison

Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

One of the most important things about owning a dog is training your pet how to behave. Your pet has to learn simple house rules about how to behave and not to bark when to sit, stay, or heel.

While some dog breeds are easy to train, some breeds take time for training to sink in. This is when expert dog training equipment like the best dog training collars comes in handy.

A dog training collar is a good way to train your dog with minimal repetitions.  It can perfect dog training even when you are several feet away from your dog.

Professional trainers and expert dog owners have used training collars for years. This is our review of a few of the best dog-training collars.

This review will help you get to know dog training collars more and help you make a good buying decision in the long run.

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Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

Dog Training Collar w/3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration, and Shock

You can now train your dog to stop barking every second of every day! It is time to eliminate your dog’s bad habits with this rechargeable dog training collar.

This training collar has a keypad lock that will help prevent accidental shock to your dog. This is a very important feature because other collars don’t have this, and you may accidentally press a button that shocks your dog.

There are three training mode options for you to choose from. It has a beep/ sound feature, vibration mode, and shock mode. This will allow you to train your dog immediately without using the shock setting.

The remote range to the training collar goes up to 330 yards, which is quite impressive. The remote can also be synched up with multiple collars so you can train more than one of your dogs at a time.


  • Easy to work settings and mode to switch from sounds, vibrations, and shocks
  • Locking keypad to make sure you don’t shock your dog by accident
  • Train nine dogs with one remote
  • Waterproof technology
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • The adjustable collar can fit dogs big and small.


  • It can be harder for dogs with thicker hair to feel shocks or vibrations through their fur.


This is one of the best dog training collars because it offers many features to get the most out of training your dog.

The remote is easy to use, and your dog can go 330 yards, and the remote will still be able to connect to your dog’s collar. The system is rechargeable, which is one of its best things!

It is also waterproof, so the device will not malfunction or stop working if your dog gets caught outside in a rainstorm. Perfect price for an extremely high-quality dog training collar.

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers – 500 Yard Range E-Collar with Static, Vibrate, and Tone – Waterproof

The SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425 is one of the best dog training collars because of its features. It has a 500-yard range, one of the farthest in the market, and has seven instantly selectable levels of static stimulation in low and medium ranges.

This collar lets professional and novice dog owners train their dogs using vibration and tone.

This is a handy dog training collar for owners with multiple dogs because it’s expandable for up to 3 dogs by purchasing an additional SDR-AF Add-A-Dog Collar.

It is waterproof and can be worn up to 25 feet in depth. You won’t have to worry about battery life since it has reliable rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries that can last 50 to 70 hours per charge.

This collar is a great option if you have much larger dog breeds because it accommodates bigger dogs better than smaller ones.  The collar fits neck sizes up to 22 inches.


  • Seven selectable levels of static stimulation in low and medium ranges
  • opts owners to train dogs using vibration and tone only
  • This product can work with three dogs when an additional compatible collar is used
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet
  • It comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries lasting up to 50 to 70 hours per charge.


  • One of the more expensive dog training collar brands


The SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 420 is a reliable and efficient dog training collar with seven training levels. It does not use shock therapy to train dogs; rather, it uses vibration or tone to discipline dogs.

It is one of the more expensive options for a dog training collar, but it does not lack the quality you will be getting. The SportDog 420 is on our list of the best dog training collars.

PATPET Dog Shock Collar with Remote – 1000′ Range

Training your dog just got much easier with the PatPet Dog shock training collar. This collar offers three training modes. It can be used on the sound, vibration, or shock setting.

The remote has an ergonomic feel, so it feels comfortable and easy to hold in your hand. The buttons are easy to push and activate.

The collar and the remote can be within 1000 feet of each other and still work effectively. You can control the collar inside your house, at a park, and even out in a populated place like a beach.

The silicone prongs that are included go over the metal points. This protects your dog’s hair and skin when the device is in shock or vibration mode. This is very important for your dog’s safety.


  • Waterproof technology
  • Cab be used 1000 feet away from your dog.
  • Adjustable collar to fit small breeds as well as bigger breeds
  • Three training modes are available
  • 16 levels of shock and eight levels of vibrations
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • This product doesn’t offer a keypad lock, so accidentally pushing the button can shock your dog.


Overall, the PatPet works effectively in training your dog in numerous ways. Many levels from both vibrations and shocks allow you to customize your training.

The rechargeable batteries make this product very convenient and easy to use. It also fits a wide range of different size dogs, which I like because everyone can use it.

Lastly, this dog training collar comes to you at a very affordable price. The remote can also be linked to other dog collars, a spectacular feature.

Dog Training Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes 1000Ft

DogCare has another option for you when it comes to dog training collars. This dog collar has a range of 1000 feet. If you are at a park or lake or your dogs run a few yards away, you will still have plenty of distance to correct bad behavior.

This dog training collar comes with 0-99 adjustable shock levels, which allows you to come up with the perfect level for your dog. If you don’t want to use the shock option, set the level to 0 and use it on the vibrating sound mode.

With the rechargeable battery, charging the collar anywhere is easy and convenient. Plug the charging cable into any USB port on a laptop, phone, computer, or power bank. When fully charged, the collar can last 15 days.

The collar is easily adjusted for dogs over 15 pounds to 100 pounds. It can fit dogs’ necks up to 27 inches. If you have multiple dogs, one receiver will work for all of them. You need to buy multiple collars.


  • The receiver can support up to three dogs
  • 1000 feet of range from the collar and receiver
  • 0-99 shock level options for you to choose from
  • The security keypad helps prevent accidental shocks you may administer to your dog.
  • Three training modes (shock, sound, and vibration)


  • Won’t work for dogs that are bigger than 100 pounds


Overall, the DogCare brand is reliable and sells high-quality dog products. I like this option a lot though I do have to say it is very similar to the other DogCare product I reviewed above.

It works as described, but the quality of the nylon collar could be improved. The price is very fair and reasonable. This is an excellent way to begin training your dog.

Slopehill Dog Training Collar

The Slophill training collar helps your dog to understand when it is time to behave. It also aims to help your dog’s bad habits, such as biting, barking, aggression, and disobedience.

The receiver and transmitter have rechargeable batteries, which is a very feature. Once fully charged, the device will last up to 15 days.

A reflective strap is on the collar, so it will be easily seen if your dog is outside at night. There is also a built-in Led light that can be turned on by pressing the yellow button. This is a nice feature if you need to adjust your dog’s collar at night but can’t see to do that.

There are 0-99 levels of different static stimulation to choose from. This allows you to pick the right setting for your dog based on what training you are doing.

With 2600 feet of range, you can let your dog run around and still have the range to enforce good behavior when needed.


  • Works on dogs ten pounds to 110 pounds
  • The neck fits dogs from seven to 26 inches
  • The collar and transmitter are 100% waterproof.
  • There are silicone covers that can go over the prongs to keep your dog safe
  • 2600 feet of range


  • The collar’s overall quality could be improved. The nylon rips after a while


This is another budget-friendly option for a dog training collar. The collar comes with all the necessary features you want your training collar to have, like rechargeable batteries, different modes of training, different levels of static shock, etc.

The nylon collar could be made out of a stronger material because, as you know, bigger dogs can rip collars easier than smaller dogs.

I do think for the price you are paying, you are getting a very good training collar that should last a while if you do not abuse it.

Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar

The Petrainer PET998DRB Dog Training Collar is a rechargeable and waterproof remote dog shock collar with various customizations to train dogs face-to-face or from a distance.

This is a popular electronic dog collar used by experts and first-time dog owners to correct walking, barking, leash training, aggression, and other behavioral disobedience.

The Petrainer dog training collar has 0 to 100 levels of customization from static stimulation, tone modes, or vibration modes, which are guaranteed to work with any dog.

You can use it at home or while at the park, or on the go with your dog; it uses RF434Mhz technology that will allow you to train your dog even when you are about 330 yards away.


  • Used by expert trainers and first-time pet owners
  • It has 0 to 100 levels of customization (static stimulation, vibration, and standard tone or beep mode)
  • Water-resistant collar receiver and transmitter
  • Adjustable collar strap can fit neck sizes from 15 to 22 inches
  • Rechargeable with power-saving design with automatic standby and memory function
  • It has a light mode to help dogs see in low light. With LCD display with blue backlight for nighttime use


  • Not recommended for small dogs
  • Needs to be charged at least twice a week


The Petrainer PET998DRB is a good dog training collar, especially if you are new to training dogs how to behave outdoors. It has a far-reaching RF remote that can stop dogs from misbehavior.

This pet trainer collar offers up to 100 levels of stimulation, from a simple beep to a mild shock, which can help dogs avert danger.

It has a water-resistant collar receiver and transmitter that can work even when the dog is playing in the water or while at the pool and with the LCD display and light mode.

You can make sure that you have complete control even during nighttime. This can also work with two dogs using only one remote. And despite a few disadvantages, this is a dog-training collar that works.

Best Dog Training Collar

How Does a Dog Training Collar Work?

Training collars work by teaching your dogs what good behavior standards you have set for them. The collar will administer a shock, vibration, or sound based on what you choose to the dog if they are exhibiting bad, destructive behavior.

The receiver collar ranges around 1000 feet that can go from the transmitter. You will be at the transmitter and can change all levels from there.

If you see your dog doing something you don’t like, like barking, running away, chewing things, aggressiveness, etc., you can administer a shock, vibration, sound, or all three to your dog to get them to stop.

Eventually, after a few months of training, your dog will now recognize the bad behavior and stop it completely.

Buying Guide for The Best Training Collars

Before purchasing a Training collar, it is good to think about what things your dog needs in a training collar. This buying guide below will help you decide what you want in a training collar.


The range is very important to consider when shopping for a training collar. The range is the distance between the collar and the transmitter. The bigger the range, the farther away your transmitter will work.

The most common range in training collars is around 1000 feet. So, you can still control that collar within that 1000 feet.


There are different modes for different training collars. The most common are the sound, vibration, and static shock modes.

You will find some training collars with either all of these mode options or just a few if the company has left out the static shock option.

Stimulation Levels

All training collars that come with a static shock mode have different levels of stimulation. Numbers typically categorize the levels, so, for example, a level 0 would have no shock.

They usually go from 0-99 levels. 0 is the lowest, and obviously, 99 is the highest level. As you go up in level, the static electricity shock given to your dog will increase as it goes up.

The more levels of stimulation on a training collar mean, the more opportunities to get the perfect setting for your dog.

Some training collars have the same idea except for smaller levels. For example, a training collar with 16 static levels will mean that level one is the lowest and sixteen is the highest. Think of it in the same way as the 0-99 scale.

Rechargeable Batteries

Would you like your training collar to have rechargeable batteries? This is a feature many people look for because they hate the idea of having to buy many batteries for their training collar.

It’s always worth the extra money to have rechargeable batteries because all you do it plug them in and charge them. You don’t have to go to the store to find the right battery.


How much will you spend on one of the best dog-training collars? You can find some at very affordable prices, while others are more expensive.

Remember that quality matters when it comes to price. Sometimes cheaper products lack in quality while others work great. Always keep that in mind.

Also, some features you may look for don’t come in cheaper models. So, you need to determine what is important to you in a training collar, which will factor into your price.

Benefits of Using a Dog Training Collar

Many people are highly against using dog training collars, but I think many people would be surprised by the number of benefits your dog will receive from one. Here are a few benefits:

  • They help curb dog aggression
  • Teach obedience
  • Calm your dog during anxiety-triggering situations
  • Train and teach your dog more effectively
  • Stops bad habits
  • Prevents destructive habits such as chewing
  • It saves you money on a professional trainer

Dog Training Collar

Dog Training Collar FAQ

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about dog training collars.

Q: How Long Do the Remote and Collar Batteries Last?

A: You must choose a collar with longer-lasting batteries to train your dog for long hours without interruptions.

Remember, you wouldn’t want to be stuck outdoors with a collar with a failing battery. This could be dangerous to your dog. Choose a brand with an NiMH battery or Li-Ion battery, and always leave the house with a fully charged battery.

Once the battery Is fully charged, the collar will typically last 15 days.

Q: Are Training Collars Waterproof?

A: Most dog training collars on the market are water-resistant or waterproof. This is a great feature because it won’t ruin the receiver if it rains outside and your dog is caught outside.

This is also a great option if you and your dog frequently visit the lake or ocean. If your dog goes for a swim, you won’t have to worry about the collar getting broken.

If your dog drools or makes a mess when drinking water, this is also a good idea.

Q: Are There Alternatives to Static Shock?

A: Yes, if you are not happy with the static shock option for training your dog, you can always use the vibration and sound option only.

These options are highly effective too in training your dog; it is just found that the static shocks work better at keeping your dog from exhibiting bad behavior.

Q: Are Training Collars Cruel?

A: Many people believe using electric shocks in a collar is cruel. While that may be your option, you must know that professionals have declared it safe. If you are not using a training device to hurt your dog intentionally, then it is not something to be concerned about.

Q: When Can A Puppy Start Using A Training Collar?

A: Puppies under six months of age should not be using a training collar. Remember, when starting to train your six-month-old puppy, they are still young and learning.

Take things slower with them and keep the static, vibration, or a sound setting set lower to get them used to the collar. Don’t leave the collar on your dog for many hours during the day. They need a break from wearing it.

Q: What Is the Best Dog Training Collar?

A: Based on our reviews above, I believe the Dog Training Collar by DogCare is the best dog training collar on the market. You can read my full review about it above, but to give you a quick recap, I love it because it is safe, reliable, affordable, and has all the best features to train your dog efficiently.

Q: How Long Does Training Take?

A: This depends on your dog and how often you are spending training your dog. Some dog breeds are naturally more stubborn than others. So, keep this in mind because this can affect how long your training takes.

If you are only spending one day a week training your dog, it will take you a lot longer than a dog training three times a week. Train when you can, and don’t get discouraged if it takes your dog longer to get behavior training down.


As you can see, there is a lot about dog training collars that people don’t know. They are a safe and effective tool to train your dog for better behavior and obedience.

The best dog training collar products are also used by professional owners, trainers, and even new dog owners, and people love the results they receive after using a training collar.

Which one of the best dog training collars did you purchase? Let us know in the comments below; we love to chat with all our readers.

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