Where to Find King Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Since the breed is still a “work-in-progress,” King Shepherd puppies can be challenging to find.

In fact, adding one of these gorgeous dogs to your family may take some time, as you will more than likely have to place a deposit and be put on a waiting list.

On the other hand, you can always check with local breed rescues to see if they have any up for adoption. Either way, the following information will help make your quest for a King Shepherd easier.

How Much Does King Shepherd Puppy Cost?

King Shepherd’s are still a fairly new breed, so this makes them quite rare. When a dog breed is considered rare, then that means the price will go up!

King Shepherd puppies can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000. This will all depend on the breeder’s standards that you decide to go with.

If you have a pregnant King Shepherd or if you are waiting on a litter from a breeder than there are typically 6-8 puppies per litter. 

If you can’t afford to spend that much on a puppy may I suggest a different breed or adopting a King shepherd from a rescue.,

I have listed a few great rescue options down below!

king shepherd puppies for saleAre There Many King Shepherd Breeders?

Yes! There are actually several very reputable breeders of King Shepherds.

Just keep in mind that this breed is still being created, so breeders are usually picky about the homes they send their new puppies to; hence, don’t be surprised if you are asked a lot of questions and subject to sign a contract.

Some of the top breeders are:

Chateau De Chief

This is a kennel ran by Shelley Watts-Cross who actually helped develop this breed.

This kennel has been in operation for over twenty years, and the owners are officers for the American King Shepherd Club.

This site is an excellent resource because it not only connects you to their puppies that they offer but also other reputable breeders.

You will help to email some people when you are looking for a King Shepherd puppy. 

The best way to contact them is via their website, which you will find at http://www.kingshepherd.com

7957 Farm

The Balto farm located in Colorado and they strive to provide people with beautiful farm fresh eggs, vegetables, seasonal flowers, wool, and beautiful King Shepherd puppies. 

They are helping further this newly found breed of dog with the best genes and care they can possibly give. 

Their dogs are part of the American Rare Breed Association. All of their dogs go through gene testing as well as get hip scores done. 

This family is very reliable, and you couldn’t ask for a better breeder for a King Shepherd! Their prices start out at $3,000. 

You can find more information about them here: https://www.7957farm.com

Heart of the Valley King Shepherds

In North Central Washington state, a family is raising and producing registered King Shepherds. Their goal is to further the amazing breed and to provide people with happy, healthy, amazing dogs! 

The dogs are raising inside a home and not caged. They get experiences with children, other pets, and all the things that happen in a busy household.

Each puppy is shown a lot of love until they go on to their new owner. Puppies are sold when they reach the eight-week mark, and they sell each puppy around $1,700. Prices vary for each puppy. 

They do require that you submit a questionnaire and a deposit before purchasing a puppy. To find out more you can check them out here: https://kingshepherddogs.com/

king shepherd puppies for saleWhere is the Best Place To Adopt an Adult King Shepherd?

If you are looking to adopt an adult, King Shepherd, there are a couple of places you can check. The first place you can visit is the breeders listed above.

Not only do these breeders sell puppies, but they also have adults to re-home from time to time.

Another place you may find a King Shepherd for sale is at a local rescue. In fact, if you do enough research, you may even be able to find a breed-specific King Shepherd Rescue.

A great place to begin a search like this is through the AKSC (American King Shepherd Club); you can find their website here: http://americankingshepherdclubinc.com

Another great option is https://www.shepherdrescue.org. They are located in Virginia, and they are trying to find homes for King Shepherd’s as well as other shepherds like the German Shepherd.

In the end, when you are looking to buy a King Shepherd, make sure you do your research and know what to expect; doing so will get the most for your money, after all, this breed is expensive! Happy hunting!

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  1. My daughter was very lucky to inherit a King Shepard when her friends Mom passed away. Bo is a gorgeous boy that attached himself to my daughter. He’s a smart, loving and amazingly gentle. While he’s very protective of his family he makes friends easily.


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