How to Find Lowchen Puppies for Sale

The Lowchen dog breed is one of the rarest dogs around. There are some theories out there about the dog breed’s origin. People are unsure of which theory is correct. The name refers to the saying Little Lion Dog. The appearance of the breed is very sticking as its hair is cut to look like a lion’s mane.

Are you interested in owning one of the rarest breeds around? Here I will help you find Lowchen puppies for sale.

Lowchen Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Lowchen Puppy Cost?

The Lowchen is a very rare dog breed. There are not many in the United States, so that can certainly affect the price. Expect to spend between $2,500 to $4,000 for your Lowchen puppy. This can be significantly more than other dog breeds.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Lowchen Breeder?

So, you’re on the hunt for the Lowchen dog breed that is referred to as the little lion dog. In the next section, you will find four breeders who have been working with the Lowchen dog for quite some time. Some breeders have longer than others, but they have all had Lowchen puppies for sale in the past and will in the future.


Cupids Lowchen

The breeders at Cupids Lowchen are located in Waynesville, Ohio. The breeder here is a very well-experienced breeder as well as a dog trainer. All the dogs are shown absolute care and love, and so are the puppies until they go on to their new future homes.

This breeder only sells puppies to forever homes, not ones that want to do their own breeding. You will need to sign a contract stating that you will spay/neuter your dog before you get approved to purchase one.

Their litters usually yield between one to four puppies. People who are truly interested in owning one of these dogs will want to get on their reservation list. The reservation list does fill up quickly, so if you’re interested in upcoming litters, it is important that you contact the breeder.

Puppies cost around $3,900 and up from there based on different factors. Puppy order choices are determined by the order of deposits received. A 50% deposit is what is needed to reserve your puppy. I am not sure how much that is, so it will be best for you to email or call the breeder to inquire exactly how much that is.

This is definitely a very reputable breeder that you can look into. I am not sure how often this breeder has litters. If you want more information, I will leave the breeders webpage here:

Potrero Lowchen

The breeder has a background in working and owning various dog breeds. She has once owned a Japanese Chin, and her husband actually had a pet, Cane Corso. After showing both these dog breeds throughout her life, she wanted a small dog to show and came across the Lowchen at a large dog show where there were tons of different breeds there.

After that, the breeder knew she wanted to own her very own Lowchen. However, it took some time for the breeder to track down a breeder to purchase from. It may surprise you, but there are not many breeders for the Lowchen dog breed in the United States.

Breeding’s are always planned out. This breeder does not just pair dogs together. Health and genetics are a big part of the planning of the litters. This breeder raises all puppies using the puppy culture method, which means they get exposed and accustomed to various people, animals, and noises. This creates all-around great dogs.

The Lowchen puppies for sale here are priced at $3,500. The price can be lowered if you plan on letting your dog be part of this breeders breeding program, then the price can be lowered to $2,500. You will need to talk to the breeder more about this to confirm if you are interested in this.

This breeder does not ship their Lowchen puppies, so it is very important that you make arrangements or come to pick up your puppy in person. There is a waiting list that you will need to pay $100 to get on. The breeder says you will give your puppy within the next three litters. Then, you will be able to get that $100 off the price of the puppy.

You can find even more information here on the breeder’s website:

Paws & Bones

Roman Reign

The breeder at Roman Reign has a very impressive background. Besides her impressive work in the science field, she has dedicated herself to saving the Lowchen dog breed from extinction. In addition, she is part of many of the dog clubs such as the Lowchen Club of America and many more.

Before being considered to own one of the puppies from one of the litters, you will need to fill out the puppy application. This helps the breeder see if the breed will be a good match for you as well as specific puppies. If you get approved, the breeder will then ask for a $100 to put you on the waiting list.

Then you will simply wait until the puppies can go home and follow the gotcha day protocols. The breeder makes sure all her dogs are health tested before they are bred at this breeding operation. Litters are planned out, and potential owners or people can get on the waiting list six months before puppies are expected.

This breeder follows the excellent puppy culture method which is a great way to raise puppies into good sound dogs. The Lowchen puppies for sale are priced at $3,500 and come with lifetime support from the breeder. you can view much more information here:

Sugar Plum Lowchen

The breeder at Sugar Plum Lowchen was actually familiar with the Lowchen dog breed before she got her own. However, after much research she got her own and now has four of her own Lowchen’s. This breeder can typically have between one to two litters each year. Puppies are available to go to companion, show, and sport homes.

This breeder’s puppies start at $2,500 and can go up from there if you are looking for a full registration dog. You will need to discuss with the breeder if you are looking for a dog that you can potentially breed and see if they will let you purchase one.

Puppies do get raised using the puppy culture method or the one developed by Suzanna Clothier. This helps to create a very well-rounded puppy that will be acclimated to a variety of things. In addition, this helps your puppy to have an easy transition when going home with you, the new owner.

If you are interested in getting Lowchen puppies for sale from this breeder, you contact them and let the breeder know you want to be on the waiting list. The breeder should give you all the information you need to do that. Check this breeder out here:

Lowchen Rescue

Lowchen Rescue

Rescues are extremely important, especially for people who may not be able to afford a dog from a breeder but still wants to give a dog a loving home. Unfortunately, this is quite a rare dog breed, so you may have a real hard time finding the Lowchen dog breed from a rescue.

There is one rescue in particular that I like to recommend. They are called The Lowchen Rescue. They give you a directory of the United States and a number in each state telling you if there are any Lowchens available for rescue.

Right now, they do not have any dogs available for adoption but do not give up. You never know they might periodically get a dog. If you truly want a puppy, then I suggest purchasing from a breeder.


Did you find the answer to where you can find Lowchen puppies for sale? I hope that you found the four breeders above helpful in your search. Definitely reach out and ask questions that you have to these breeders. Eventually, you will be able to get your dream dog.

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  1. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your information. I have been searching for a reputable Löwchen breeder for nearly six months, now. Ever since we lost our two Löwchens to cancer: the oldest in 2020 and her younger sister in February of this year. My youngest sister-in-law had given us two pups, from her two Löwchens. They were from two separate litters of the same parents, and we loved them dearly. We were heartbroken at their loss and have been looking to find two more pups that we can raise and love. I fell in love with the breed and miss both of our girls, still. Your site has given me hope that we might once again have two more beautiful babies to love and nurture through the years.


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