How to Throw a Riveting Dog Pool Party That Your Guests Will Love!

How to Have an Amazing Dog Pool Party

“Beach season is right around the corner.” I started hearing this line from my personal trainer around Thanksgiving. Even though it always elicits an internal eye-roll, she has a point. This article is all about excellent dog pool party ideas. It is never too early to start preparing for spring and summer fun.

Yes, we are in the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing for our summer activities! Dog pool parties have been growing in popularity in recent years. They are a perfect way to interact with fellow dog owners, and it is an excellent time for our pups! Plus, who doesn’t love having something to look forward to?

Where to Have a Dog Pool Party

Having a dog pool party is a great way to have fun with your pup and cool off in the summer heat. Whether you’re looking to go to a public venue or host a private party, there are plenty of ways to make it work. Here are some tips for throwing a pool party that your pup won’t forget.

Location, Location, Location

To start off planning your paw-fect get-together, decide if you’d like to host it at a public dog pool or a private pool. Public dog pools are an excellent option for socializing with other furry friends while they cool down. Be sure to check with your local public dog pool for any rules and regulations (is alcohol allowed?) and to see about reservations.

Open Water and Boating

Another idea is to gather friends and furry buddies and head to a local beach or lake. Keeping an eye on the pups while they play and swim around is one of the best ways to ensure everyone’s safety. So remember to invite enough people to take turns watching the dogs!

You could rent a boat for the day for more lake fun. If you’re going to have your dog in the open water, consider owning a dog life jacket. Having a pet float is also an excellent way for your pup to relax in the water if they don’t enjoy swimming.

There is No Place Like Home!

If you want to keep things more straightforward, set up a private dog pool party in your backyard. Investing in a puppy-friendly pool is sure to keep all paws happy!

Your own dog pool will be easier to manage, and it’s likely cheaper than going out. Ensure you follow all safety precautions and supervise during their playtime. Also, ensure the pool has a slide or ramp so they can get in and out.

Is it Safe For a Dog to go Into a Chlorinated Pool?

You might wonder if it is safe for your dog to go into a pool designed for us humans. The answer to this question is yes, as long as you follow a few guidelines:

  • Ensure the pool is well-maintained and has enough chlorine to keep it clean. ‘Well maintained’ includes keeping it at the proper pH. 
  • Ensure that your pup doesn’t drink the pool water. Offer your dog plenty of fresh drinking water before and between swims. 
  • Always choose someone as a dog watcher anytime a dog is in the pool. 
  • Ensure that the dogs can get out on their own; if they can’t, someone must be in the pool to help them get out.

It wouldn’t hurt to ask the pool owner if they want you to rinse your dog off with a hose before they get into the pool. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness, even if they don’t ask you to rinse them. 

Things to include at your dog pool party

The Pool (Duh)

You will want many dog-specific activities to meet your guest’s expectations. If you do not own a pool (welcome to the club), buying a dog pool is the next best thing. These are different from kiddie pools. They are hard plastic instead of the inflatable. We do not recommend kiddie pools, as the dogs might inadvertently destroy them.

Some Goodies

Providing some dog-baked goods is another way of embracing this dog-centric party. More and more local dog bakeries are popping up. If you live in a populated area, the odds are that there is a dog bakery. Or, you can check out these baked dog treats that you can from amazon. This option is a good compromise between the ease of getting the treats and the price. 

Give That Personal Touch

Suppose you are the type that loves watching some food network and exploring your baking skills. Feel free to try baking your own baked goods for dogs. You might surprise yourself and your guests! We have put together some simple recipes that you can read about here. 

Some Other Things to Consider

Even though the theme centers on dogs, we must remember their owners! Remember to include the basics, like good music and food! Perhaps you or one of your friends has been practicing dog dancing. There isn’t a better venue to show off those dog dance skills. That is the thing that helps make a dog pool party memorable. 

Ask about their food policy if you’re going to a public dog pool. Can you bring your own? Are there grills to use? Can a caterer come in? Are you allowed to bring alcohol?

Throw Some Shade!

Make sure your guests (the pups and the human variety) have a lovely shaded sitting area. Nothing is worse than having to sit in direct sunlight on a scolding day.

The Final Touch

One idea for a final touch is to have a surprise gift bag for all your pup guests as they leave. This is a great way to end the pool pawty you expertly pulled off.

Time to start planning for your dog pool party!

With some planning and preparation, your pooch pool pawty can be the talk of the town. Remember to keep safety as your priority, and have fun! Your pups will thank you for it. No matter how you choose to celebrate with your pup this summer, dog pool parties are sure to be a hit! So gather some furry friends and get ready for some wet and wild fun! 

Please feel free to comment below or contact us! We would love to see some pictures and are always open to more dog pool party ideas.

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