The Boxer Lab Mix aka Boxador

Boxer Lab MixThis dog is a Boxer Labrador hybrid mix and is commonly referred to as the Boxador. This dog is approximately the same size as a Labrador, and it shares its same characteristics.

The Boxador’s coat comes in a number of different colors, including brindle, black, and tan. It has a short sleek coat with a lot of natural oils that keep it looking shiny.

The head is a mix between the Lab and the Boxer, which is slightly bigger than the average Lab’s head. A distinct feature of this dog is its large droopy jowls.

Boxador History

As you know, by now, the Boxador was developed by mixing a Labrador Retriever and a Boxer together. As it is not known who decided to first breed these breeds together, we are sure glad they did. Let’s take a closer look at the parents of this breed.

Labrador Retrievers came from Newfoundland. They were used in aiding hunters and fishermen. Eventually, they came over to the United States and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1917.

The Boxer is a descendant of the great Tibetan Mastiff. This dog breed was used in hunting and also fighting. Eventually, the Boxer was recognized into the American Kennel Club in 1904.

Boxador Infographic

Boxador Appearance

The first thing you will notice about this mixed breed is just how big it is. This is a large breed dog weighing between 50 and even up to 120 pounds.

The coat of the dog can be seen in a few different colors, such as black, tan, white, and even brindle. The coat is actually very short and shiny.

Boxadors have ears that are quite floppy. You will most likely have a dog that has a docked tail, but you do not have to get that done if you do not want to.

Depending on specific looks will vary from puppy to puppy. Remember that each puppy can look different.

Boxer Lab mix temperament

This is an extremely lovable dog and is known to be affectionate. While the Boxer is known to be a bit rougher and occasionally more dangerous, when it is crossed with the Labrador, they become calmer and more people-friendly.

They are intelligent dogs and eager to learn new tricks and be trained in order to please their owners. These dogs love being with humans, and if separated, they can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety, so they should never be left alone for too long.

They have a sweet disposition and are fiercely loyal and if their owners are energetic they will match their energy. This dog is usually well behaved and rarely barks, however, it does tend to get a little overexcited at times.

Boxer Lab Mix

Boxer Lab mix Coat

The coat of the Boxador is very short. It is not very dense so cold weather doesn’t do this mixed breed well.

The coat also has this great shine to it. You can expect to see this breed. In a variety of colors, just look down below to see our list.

You won’t really have a problem with your dog shedding because this breed has a very low shedding issue.

What Colors Do They Come In?

This mixed breed can actually come in a few different colors as well as color combinations, they are:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Brindle
  • Brown
  • White
  • Red Hues
  • Chocolate

Boxer Lab Mix Size

Boxer Lab MixThese dogs generally grow to be the same size as a medium-sized Labrador. Males usually weigh between 75-110lbs and females 50-65lbs.

Boxador Health Problems

The Boxador is a relatively healthy dog with few known health problems. However, many of these dogs tend to be allergic to grains and this will cause loose stools, skin irritations, and foot or stomach licking.

Boxer Lab Mix Lifespan

The Boxador’s life span has quite a big estimate of length because with mixed breeds it is very hard to pinpoint a lifespan.

You can expect your Boxador live from anywhere around 11 to 15 years. Of course, this will all depend on the health of your dog.

Make sure you take your dog to its yearly visits with the vet.

Living Conditions

This is not a suitable dog to keep indoors at all times, and apartments without yards are not advisable as they need places to run around, or they could cause destruction in the home due to their playful and somewhat mischievous nature.

Labrador Boxer Mix Exercise

Like the Lab and the Boxer, the Boxador needs to be regularly exercised twice daily for about 30 minutes per session. They need to be exercised to keep lean because, like the Lab, these dogs have little self-control when it comes to food and has the tendency to put on weight.

They also need to be exercised to keep them out of mischief as both Boxers and Labs are renowned for their reckless behavior when bored.

When you have a large breed dog, it is important to get your dog outside on multiple walks, games of fetch, and you can even take your dog to a dog park.

Boxador Feeding

The parents of this breed are both considered large breed dogs that means this mixed breed will also be a large breed dog and you will have to feed your dog a lot of food.

This breed will need around four cups of high-quality food for boxers or labs that has been broken up into smaller meals throughout the day. This can cost right around $3.00 for food each day. You will certainly have to budget for this.

The Boxador does have a tendency to overeat so make sure you are measuring out the food properly and not overfeeding your dog making the dog obese.

Also when you break up your dog’s food throughout the day it decreases the risk of bloat which could kill your dog.

Boxer Lab MixLab Boxer Mix grooming

These dogs hardly need any grooming due to their short naturally oiled coats. However, they will need brushing at least once a week in the summer months when they molt.

Boxador Training

This mixed breed can be quite stubborn when it comes to training so you will want to start when your dog is a puppy. Start off with potty training and make sure you always give your dog positive reinforcement when training.

You can start training your puppy right around eight weeks old. This is a very intelligent mixed breed, so once your dog does learn something, they will not forget it!

This breed also makes an excellent watchdog. Your dog can learn to protect not only you but your family and your house.

If your dog has a tough time with the training, you can always go to professional to get some help in training!

Boxador Puppies

First of all, you will want to get a puppy from a reputable breeder. Avoid puppy mills at all costs when you can because they don’t treat the puppies with all the love and care they deserve.

When you do find a reputable breeder make sure you check out the parents of the puppies and ask the breeder for health information about their dogs.

This mixed breed can range in price from $350 to $800. Sometimes you can find this mixed breed cheaper, and some breeders may even charge more depending on their reputation and if their dogs come from strong champion bloodlines.

Remember that the cost of the puppy will not be the only expense. There are checkups with the vet and shots that will also need to be considered when making a purchase for a puppy.

Don’t forget that this mixed breed comes from two large breed dogs so you can expect your dog to grow fast and also to be quite large in its adult stage life.


This is a loyal animal and will make a good pet and guard dog. It is suited to families who like the outdoors and can devote a lot of time to it.

It is also suitable to use this dog as a guard dog as it has loyal and protective tendencies and will warn its owners when strangers approach.

Close Relatives of the Labrador Boxer mix

There are a few breeds that will closely resemble the Boxador, they are:

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  1. My dog thor is a golden boxador.he was bred for the army use and police bomb sniffing he saved me from a druken petifile.he was on top of my huge car a saburban he was on the roof.he saw that man talk to me little did Iknow he had a gun thor jumped off the car ran to me knocked the gun out of his hand grabbed his arm and drug him to the other end of the alley.people commonly mistake them as pitts.boxadors are protective and high energetic they can be registered with the mixed breed hybris clubs near you thor is registered as……wmar livin large he is a fertile male who likes to guard hunt and dogsled.he is amazing and I would recomend the breed to any outdoors family

    • Dominique,

      You are 100% correct when you talk about their protective nature and the tendency to be thought of as a Pit Bull. I have a 2 year old Boxadore name Guinness, who is highly protective, super sweet as well as being highly intelligent. His high energy nature keeps me on the go. He loves to fetch, swim, and learn new tricks. I am now a Boxadore lifer.

  2. We have a 4 month old boxador. He is a great puppy but he tears everything up. I didn’t even know there was a such thing as a boxador. I would love to send tall a picture of him if you are interested. He is white with Brown markings.,

  3. Just rescued a young brindle boxador that I named síla …

    her “owner” who was behind on rent for 4 months and left her and another dog locked up for what looks like 3-4 weeks with no food.. she must weight less then 30 pounds.

    From what I see this breed is extremely intelligent and well tempered .. even when half starved to death .. she suffers from separation anxiety .. don’t blame her but I hope to correct that

    The other dog will have to go to the spca since I now have 3 dogs in a 3 1/2 apt.. it too was in bad shape but is recovering

    • I too have a boxador, she is 4 yrs. old and a rescue dog. She was terrible abused previously and weighed 40 lbs. when I got her. She suffered terrible separation anxiety , andI had Vets, trainers, etc. trying to help. I fin ally said no more. I stayed home, no sociazling, had groceries delivered, no company in other words nothing but her for 4 months!!! As of 2 months ago, I can now go out, shop, and can leave her, but no more than 2-3 hours at a time. They can be helped with love, love, affection, I even slept with her, gave her baths in the tub with me right there. It is very hard but so worth it. The love she gives back is overwhelming!!!

  4. Pretty good description here of temperament etc…my girl was a rescue and I really hit the lottery, best behaved dog ever but still has lots of personality, knows over 50 commands (really smart, and great memory). Just wants to please. She destroyed my couch, a chair and the floor molding as a puppy, but really calmed down at 2.5 years…yeah, I probably should have left her in the crate more when she was a pups. She loves the water and will swim for an hour straight when out on the boat. High energy when in nature, but chill at home. Good guard dog and super loyal…great around kids and people, not so much with smaller dogs who growl when they see a giant crazy beast running circles around them, but maybe that’s just my girl. And I don’t know if this is normal, but mine’s very sensitive, all you gotta do is yell or give approval and she really responds. She’s also way bigger than the sizes they stated…90 lb. girl, all muscle, built like a tank, all shiny and clean. Can’t believe people are still buying pure breeds when all these great dogs are sitting there for (almost) free looking for homes.

    • Hi 🙂 I had to reply to your comment, hope you don’t mind! I have a 10 month male that’s about 90 lbs & he too was a rescue. I feel the same as you about hitting the lottery! We couldn’t have got a better dog. He’s very sensitive too. If you’re a little stern or praise him he responds right away. He’s very smart too and always eager to please. The things you said about yours I was like that’s Marley! They’re wonderful dogs. Hope you have lots of years with your furbaby 🙂

  5. We adopted our Daisy as a rescue two years ago. She’s about to turn three. She has SO much energy and loves jumping over 6 ft. fences, easily. She snuggles all the time – I’ve grown used to the feeling of 75 lbs. of dog asleep in my lap. Incredibly loyal and protective, but kind of aggressive toward other dogs. We have another rescue, a pit-lab, and still our boxador is the dominant one. She puts our other dog right in his place all the time. I love her!

  6. For 10 years and three months my boxer lab mix dog Jake has been my companion. He carries his 95 to 100 lbs. well. I want another one after he dies. The only issue he has is he is Black. One of our summer activities is drag racing. He doesn’t do well in the sun. Does anyone have any experience with these dog in another color in the summer?

    • My Boxador Baxter doesn’t do well in the sun either. He overheats after a few minutes, refuses to go for walks. He spends the hot days sleeping in the basement and only comes up when the sun goes down. Bax is brown and white.

  7. mine is chocolate with white chest she is 5 mo. Old boxador my sons lab was bred by a boxer and she had 3 pups one black , one tan with black mouth and kissy, I didn’t no any thing about boxers but I found this web site and love the info on it, she is very energetic I have 9 acrs for her to run and play I also have 2 other dogs black lab 110 lbs and a dobador Doberman and lab both of them r black they r getting old so I wanted a puppy and wallà there she was I love her very much,she sleeps with me and goes. Every where I go, I recommend this breed to any one who has a lot of time to spend on them .

  8. I have a black Boxador a little over a year and a half named Lady. I remember getting her from some boys who looked like they could attend my college which was down the street from the Walmart they were giving her away at. They did a horrible job in cutting off her tail (which I wish they didn’t because when she’s happy she shakes her butt all with her legs and her little stub) and I think they were a bit abusive to her because she’s very protective when a men come around her as well as me but she’s the most loving and energetic dog I’ve ever had. She gets along great with my pit lab mix I got from the animal shelter and she would live outside if I let her and she’s beyond smart. My husband often tells me she’s like my first child by how she acts when I talk to her.

  9. I’ve had Labs all my life and was without a dog for a few years now. Recently moved into a house and instantly was wanting a puppy, a Lab of course. I was looking for two months and was shocked at the prices of pure breds and cross breads. My friend found an ad online, 2 pups available, one male and one female, Boxer-Lab mix…FREE I called immediately, and picked up my baby girl the next morning. At 7 weeks old she was the most adorable, cuddly, lovable little one. She was my instant shadow. She’s 9 weeks now and still my shadow. She’s very curious about the cats and tries to play with them, they are starting to come around to her. We named our baby Bailey. She is very smart and alert to her surroundings. She lives car rides already, but doesn’t want to be held…she wants to be in her kennel in the van and she’s asleep within minutes. I’m very happy she’s come into our lives and look forward to my new companion.

    Just wanted to share that I’m a new proud owner/momma to a “Boxador” I didn’t even know there was a name for her mix breed until today.

  10. I adopted a 2 year old Boxador about 2 months ago best dog I ever had and I’m looking for another so if you know of anyone that has one feel free to Kik me @ tatted_princessss

  11. I’ve been married almost 3 yrs. Finally bought a house and am waiting to get a dog. Luckily for me a girl that works with my is giving these away for free. Lucky me ☺ I’m super excited to have another excercise/hunting partner!!!

  12. Hi,
    I have a year old boxador named Chase. He is a sweet boy who was given up 2 months ago by a family who couldn’t give him the exercise and attention he needs.

    I have been struggling a bit with how he plays. He wants to wrestle and has no idea his size (he is 75 lbs and still growing rapidly). Does anyone have experience with this? Is it just excess energy?

  13. I have a boxerdor she is 3 mths old Ihave had her 4 weeks and she is learning really fast it feels like she as been with me forever sshe’s very lovable and sweet natured I call her Bailey Ipaid £200 for her but she was worth it I love her to bits

  14. I have found boxerdor today and need in put other than from owner. How good of dog is this around other dogs and with children and is it good for a house dog. The temperment is so important to me for the neighbor kids and I have a shop where people come and go. I am small in stature and need a dog to be able to handle this breed. Please ASAP for I am going to look at breed today. How can I tell what to look for in features to be sure that this dog is truely a mix of lab and not pit.?


  15. We have a 85 lb. one year old black boxador named Jonah. We bought him for $30 off a couple in our neighborhood that had a litter. He has eaten three Bluetooth headsets costing me over $300, the couch, rugs, the hardwood floor, a bottle of tums, etc. Most of that happened in the first eight months. When I see him sitting on the couch curled up with my two year old daughter I’ve got to say, it’s the best $30 I’ve ever spent. They love each other. He is a good puppy. And so damn cute.

  16. We rescued Sammy, a black Boxador from a shelter on December 13, 2014. She is a little over a year old and is a sweetheart. She does get bored easily and likes to bark but she is protective of us. She does like to destroy her beds we buy her for her crate when we aren’t home. Sammy also thinks she’s a lapdog and I can’t begin to say how many bruises I’ve gotten because she thinks she’s smaller than she is. She is our first pet so we have yet to see how she is with other animals or children. Overall I’m very happy with our Sammy 🙂

  17. I just rescued my Boxador from the shelter this week. His name is Tonka. He’s estimated to be about 10 months old, I’m pretty certain that he was abandoned by his former owners. Wherever I go he has to be there no matter where it is. Brought him to work with me to get a little socializing and he was the star of the show for the day. He is very eager to learn and please. He’s kind of skinny though so we have to put on a little bit more weight( only 48 lbs). My daughter absolutely loves him and laughs because he snores like me. Tonka has tried to chew on a few things but a stern NO solves the problem. Doesn’t really like being in the crate but it’s the rules at night, even the Pomeranian has to be in hers. I have to take him to the vet on Monday though to get neutered. Tonka is by far the best rescue ever.


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