Where to Find Schnoodle Puppies for Sale

Schnoodle Puppies For SaleAs you may already know the Schnoodle is a mixed breed combining a Poodle and a Schnauzer together. 

Being first mixed together in the 1980s, this is a relatively new mixed breed. 

This dog breed has a very loving nature and will make the perfect family dog. This breed will get along with other animals as well as children.

The Schnoodle’s appearance is more like the Schnauzer with a little bit of the Poodle parent. 

The Schnoodle was designed to be an allergy-friendly dog that rarely sheds. There are a lot of breeders that you can find that breed the Schnoodle.

In case you are still in search and can’t find any breeders selling Schnoodle puppies for sale, you are in luck because I have found three reputable breeders for you to choose from.

How Much Does a Schnoodle Cost?

The is a very popular mixed breed, and there are many breeders out there that you can choose from.

Each breeder has their own price point per puppy, and that can be a major deciding factor when considering a breeder.

Most breeders charge between $650 to $1,000. While some other breeders can charge upwards of $3,000.

This will all depend on the parents of the puppy’s linage and if they come from a champion bloodline, and whatever else the breeder is throwing in with the puppy.

These are just estimated ranges; to get specific prices on a Schnoodle puppy, you will need to ask one of the breeders we have listed below.


Where Can I Find a Reputable Schnoodle Puppy Breeder?

Here are three breeders that breed Schnoodle Puppies. Each one has their own unique price and they are located in different parts of the United States.

Pierce Schnoodles

The Pierce Schnoodles kennel is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Every puppy bred live in their loving home for the first month of their life then the pup is transferred to live in the nurse which is a separate building on the property.

The puppies get to stay with their mom in the nurse, where they have everything they need. The owners spend a lot of time with the puppies, and they try to determine their personality quickly to best match the puppy to a family. 

They have a few different female dogs and males so that they can have a few litters each year. If you are interested, you should fill out the puppy application and get on a waiting list.

You can check out Pierce Schnoodles here: https://www.pierceschnoodles.com/

Angela’s Schnoodles

Angela’s Schnoodles kennel is run in their family home which sits on nine acres of land. The dogs have plenty of room to run around and play in their big yard.

They have been breeding the giant Schnoodle variety for many years. The owner’s father is a retired veterinarian, so he checks over the puppies to ensure they are in good health before coming to you.

All of the puppies get their first round of shots and de-wormed before coming home to you. They will ship the puppy by plane if you live far away, but they do prefer you to pick up the puppy in person if possible. 

They have multiple litters per year, and they ask you to contact them to be put on a waiting list for upcoming litters. 

You can check them out here: http://www.angelasschnoodles.com/

Windy Hill Kennel

Windy Hill kennel is located in Utica, Ohio and their kennel sits on 28 acres of land. They have been raising the Schnauzer breed since 1988. They sell Schnoodles. Mini Schnauzers, and Poodles.

This kennel works hard to send home a well-rounded puppy to you that will be loving and friendly. The kennel owners have 7 grandchildren that get to play with all the puppies, so each puppy is exposed to great amounts of love.

They welcome visitors to their kennel at any time; just make sure you call that someone will be there to greet you. They have a variety of dogs that are both female and male, so multiple litters are happening each year.

If you are truly interested in getting a Schnoodle, then I suggest you contact them to send a deposit and get put on a waiting list.

You can contact them here: https://windyhillkennel.com/

Schnauzer Poodle Mix

Locate a Schnoodle Rescue

While I cannot find a specific rescue just for the Schnoodle breed I did, however, find two rescues that specialize in rehoming Schnauzers which is the parent breed to the Schnoodle.

They do come across some mixed Schnauzers, which can possibly be the Schnoodle. One rescue I like is the Schnauzer Rescue which is a general directory that shows the map of the United States.

You can then click on your state to see if there is one of these dogs looking for a home in need. It is very user friendly and gives you all the information needed to contact someone about that specific dog needing to be rescued. 

Another option is the Homeward Bound Schnauzer Rescue which mission is to rescue dogs in need and rehome them to loving families who will become their forever home. 

Not only do they need to find these dogs homes, but they also need volunteer foster homes that will take in the dog breed until they get someone to adopt the dog. 

I hope you found this article helpful in finding a Schnoodle puppy for sale. If you have a Schnoodle puppy, let us know in the comments below.

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